Sunday, February 27, 2011

can you say - productive

First we had a buffet breakfast at home, which simply means a little bit of everything was available - it was fantastic!  Yummy and fun... then we knew the sunny weather was going to be short lived and wanted to get outside so we went sledding downtown at Lebourdais Park.  We got to sled for an hour alone - hill to ourselves - great.  The guys had a great time.  We all took turns, or went together - awesome!

This afternoon Andy and I installed two new lights in our bedroom.  It took longer than I thought and now that they are up I'm thinking we might switch them.  Now that we got them up the first time it won't be as big a deal the second time.  And now since we took down the old lights we can move them to another part of the house - or possibly get one new one and switch out one old one.

Then it was onto dinner which was lasagna for the cheese eaters and a new recipe that I made up.  You see I really wanted turkey dinner tonight so I made it as a casserole.  Bottom layer stuffing, next layer cream corn, next layer ground turkey mixed with one package of turkey gravy, topped with mashed potatoes - baked in the oven for a little while and then enjoyed with cranberry sauce. Different anyways...  good different... definitely something I'd make again.

There is one more task to get through today, but it is getting late and I don't think we are going to take it on... need to assemble a closet... anyways - a fantastic sunday... sadly tomorrow isn't another day off... but it sounds like I might have some time off coming my way soon as we may just be lucky enough to have a few visitors at our house :)

Tomorrow is celebrate Canada's Gold Medal win at the Olympics day - so remember to wear your jersey!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


So it is roll up the rim time again and we are keeping stats in the office on it.
As a group we are up one stupid lame donut and down six coffees/teas/hot chocolates...

How are you doing?  Any winners out there?

Also - did you know that they have an online game that you can play daily for prizes?  Visit

freakin' people

I have my hate on tonight for vindictive, manipulative people! ROAR!!!!!!
Seriously - what is wrong with some people...



Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011


So I'm lame and watching the Grammy's.
Lady Gaga was ok - glad she wasn't wearing meat again.. yuk

Themes tonight - giant, honking, enormous heels - it is one thing to stand in the same spot in the giant heels and sing a song - it is something totally different to prance around the stage and climb stairs and on and on...

Missing the fun collaborations they've had in the past... Lady Gaga and Elton John last year was pretty cool - it is still early though.. maybe there will be more to the show... 

Monday, February 07, 2011


Max and I went and played some catch on the weekend... I know - in this photo - he looks cute and fun... two great qualities in a dog... BUT - there happens to be very little for him to destroy right now and yet.. he decided to eat my Mac cord today, eat my ear buds, pull a bag of paper towel off a chair and destroy it, find a roll of paper towel and rip it to shreds - good times... 

how much snow...

Well we didn't actually get much more - that said at about 12:30 my neighbour (the good one) got towed out of his drive way - so sleep was elusive last night.  I got up early this morning and now my neighbour is cleaning his driveway - he started about 20 minutes ago and already brought out his snow blower - buddy - it is still too early for that sound - even if I've been up for an hour...

vent - the stupid commercial on cnn with the women saying that there should be a camera on every street in america if that means one life is saved .... right - or it might be because then cnn would have all kinds of free coverage of the stupid things people are doing all over the usa... maybe...  maybe obama should get behind this - jobs for putting up the cameras, jobs at cnn to sit and watch the cameras and to report crazy things, bad things... cnn could even branch out into home protection at that point - so they could protect the streets and report :)

Sunday, February 06, 2011


it is midnight - and it is starting to snow again.. so much for thinking that the 8 inches was all we were getting - on top of that max is being crazy and wants to bark in my face at night - two nights ago he put his face on the end of the bed and just starred at me and then barked until i moved... arg!

good morning Paula

More moose!

a year ago

One year ago today I was in Lillooet as their official Olympic photographer.  I thought I'd share the photo book that I put together for them here.. it was so much fun - the community was amazing and the day was full of great activities!  (This is an 8MB file - so it will take a minute or two to download....)

Ps. it stopped snowing - looks like about 8 inches - it has stopped though... 

and now...

Well we have a few inches now... at about 2 pm the skies really opened up and started dropping big flakes.
I'm sick so I don't really care how much it snows.  It continues to snow though and it if keeps up at the rate it is now I won't be surprised if we have a foot by 8pm... 


So it is postsecret sunday ( and as I get to the bottom I see this...

Now I don't know if this is just how smart facebook is now or if this is coincidence... but I know two of the people in "922,144 people like PostSecret" box... anyways - I had to share.


It has been snowing since 9am - we've got about 2 cm...
It started snowing in Nazko at 4am... they have a foot...


Friday, February 04, 2011




I got beautiful, super amazing flowers from Paula today!  You totally made my day!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

sleepwalking - 2nd night in a row

Kyle has a bunk bed and so the slightest move you can hear from a distance - tonight I hear it going like he is playing jungle gym with it.  He is sitting up and babbling and then he is trying to get down from the bunk bed.  I tell him to sit down and take it easy for a second.  He is completely asleep though.

"are you crazy, v..., v..., v..., f..., v...."

Then he gets up and is trying to come down the ladder again.

-buddy - it's ok - go back to sleep



That was 20 minutes ago and now I keep hearing him mumble every once in a while...

good times. 

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


That's two... two sleep walking events tonight... ah ah ah ah

and ... what the hell does this mean....
I guess this is the weatherman's WTF....

Today's post was sponsored by the letters, W, T and F and the number 2


dry skin and other end of the day thoughts

Well the weather is definitely shifting and my skin is going nuts over it - plus my thumb is totally cracked and that is just less than grand.

How to make tomorrow a better day...  don't toss chairs in the office when people outside can see into your office and don't curse at the top of your lungs because while you think people can't hear you... they can...

Give away a few thank you's today... this will be good for you and you might even make someone else's day.

No matter what the groundhog decides is the timeline for the rest of winter - remember that today can be fabulous and so can tomorrow and the next - do not let anyone else decide what your day should be like for you...

Coffee has given me heart burn two days in a row.

And now it is after midnight - and I should probably close up shop and stop working and hit the hay...

(Fraggles - it appears that you can buy Fraggles in Calgary at Chapters I'm trying to find other places too)

Paula - I love you! I hope that today is happy pregnant day and that you are feeling great this morning... xxoo

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


In another attempt to get me to buy things I don't need but want because the kid in me totally and completely wants them I give you...

I heart boober!

Ok - seriously - I really heart wembley...

Available at Manhattan Toys - sold all over BC - Chapters is apparently selling some.. but not all... I wonder if Edgewood in Quesnel could carry these... I think it would fit with the book store... (Page 22)


My favorite cd right now is Eat Pray Love - it has a little bit of everything.  I also really enjoy the international songs - for some reason I calm down just hearing some of the songs that have some accordion in them...  it also has two new songs from Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam - lead) and classics from Neil Young.