Saturday, March 31, 2012


So the great purge is finished.  I've cleaned up and the only messy piece left is what remains of the yarn.  I tossed a pile of it today because, while I love my grandma and want to build things that remind me of her, I know that I simply won't use the wool and that some of it was just not good working material anymore as it has sat for far too long.  So some went to Sally Ann and some to the trash heap.  (Yes, Mel - I have slippers, and three toques.  Do you want me to hold them till the season is upon us again... or just send them out...)

I'm working on a blanket to use up most of the scraps and things are going ok on that.  I'm about a foot into - it is colourful and fun - exactly what I wanted.

I put up pictures and really feel like more need to go up but I ran out of frames and I'm not 100% sure where frames and photos should go.  So I'm taking a break from that, but it is nice to have a few things up.

And that's about it - I'm going to get back to working on the blanket and chill out for the rest of the night - I actually ended up busy and out of the house most of the day which was a nice break given that I've been in the house all week.  Cold is still not completely gone but it seems that the good guys have the upper hand right now.  xo.

ok - a couple photos... i couldn't resist - and needed a break

Salt and pepper (yuck) salt was pasty and pepper was likely dirt
Really.. this photo was taken because there are boobies in it - so it was very funny there. 

I figure that if you pull on this it would open up a black hole.
Or it could be a fuse for a large explosion that blow this beach off the map. 

Ok - a small - small sampling... more to come :)  xo - hugs - 


In an effort to find my 1998 Cosmo article I began to go through the boxes that have been sitting here since I moved in to the new place and left my other life.  Long night.

So sadly... no photos tonight.  I will post tomorrow night though - I'll have no more boxes or things to go through by then.

Many hugs and kisses - let's share them with everyone who needs them - xo.

Friday, March 30, 2012


So I actually printed photos and put them in frames.  Amazing...  of course some of the photos didn't work and some of the frames need larger photos, but I'm going to deal with that tonight as we've got a printer at home and I'll print a few custom ones off now.

And so tonight I'm hoping to load a few photos here... I know - promises, promises... but I have some picked out and just need to resize them to load here.

Hope everyone has something amazing planned for the weekend.  I'm going to continue recovering but feel far better than I did at the start of this week - minor pains and throat/jaw issues now - comparatively.  

show stopper

This is a sign on the sidewalk.  (ignore the gorgeous man standing on the concrete sidewalk blockers and focus on the pole on his right - your left)

This is what happens when you run full tilt into the signs on the sidewalk.

Note to self... stopping doing that... 

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Budget 2012 reviewed... I will open by saying that I completely appreciate that developing a budget that will please all is impossible and that Mr. Flaherty has one of the hardest jobs in the country.  Of course, I'm still going to run through it and make criticisms of it... that's what we Canadians do and if you want the short version on some of the cuts and changes... well now you can read it here rather than hearing it on the news or somewhere else :)

"This budget will make a lot of cross-border shoppers happy. As of June 1, travellers coming back after 24 hours away will be able to bring in $200 worth of goods free of duty or taxes, an increase from just $50. People gone more than 48 hours will be allowed $800 in duty-free goods, double the present $400 allowance."  That's from Global News... 

Message - Canadian's we don't really believe in our country so could you please go and piss away your hard earned money in the United States, it will make them happy and maybe they'll like us more then.  

From the budget:

Commit to bringing forward legislation to achieve the goal of “one project, one review” in a clearly defined time period. 

This means that we will either have a provincial or federal review on projects in our country. I hope it is the national version that survives, but this could also be a quick way to offload more onto the provinces.  There must be a Canadian (national) component to all reviews as many of these projects have an impact on the entire nation - on massive regional ecosystems and environments.  This is something to watch, but doesn't technically have a roll out date.

The penny will be eliminated this Fall saving us $11,000,000.

The Finance Department and the Royal Canadian Mint, in secret documents in 2008, said it was costing more than a cent to make a cent.  So it only took them four years to stop wasting money... awesome.  I think this is something easy for them to scrap and so they should and for the complainers - we also gave up exchanging silver coins, wooden nickels, etc and I'm sure we were attached to all of that too but we moved on because of impracticality and/or common sense.  While it isn't much, $11M, this could actually pay for the portion the fed's should contribute to the multi-centre in Quesnel - so maybe they'll toss the penny and toss us a bone on this project that our community deserves.

Make investments to assist more young people in gaining tangible skills and experience. 

And yet they eliminated the Katimavik program - the entire program was eliminated - it has been hit a couple of times with reductions to the program - use to run for nine months at a time, it was running as a six month program which really wasn't the same, but I can appreciate that reductions were needed.  I do not agree with the elimination of this program.  We have had a number of great youth pass through our doors as part of the program and they have supported hundreds of events in our community.  It is kick in the face of all non-profits in the country who made use of this great program.  For this I shame on the government for not doing their homework on eliminating something of actual value on a number of levels.  This is a mistake.

They also noted - in the budget that... Our Government is proud to continue to invest in affordable, effective programming that engages youth, including Encounters with Canada, Forum for Young Canadians, and organizations that support youth, like the YMCA.  Canadian Heritage will continue to invest over $105 million in youth programming to allow almost 100,000 young people to learn about their country.

The last time I checked (Statistics Canada) there were more than 4,000,000 FOUR MILLION people - youth - Canadians - that could have participated in the Katimavik program.  I find it shocking that they even bother to reference that and it is a continuing program - this isn't new money for youth - they are just zapping the money out of Katimavik with no reference to what level of support will be provided to any other group.  They fail to address that this program also supported thousands of non-profits across Canada - what are they to do - where can they go now?  This was a mobile volunteer workforce that transformed communities, what do non-profits do?  Close - that is what they will do.

Old Age Pension, once you get to 67

I'm not happy with this because now my Dad will have to work longer.  He has worked hard enough in this life.  
Old Age Pension isn't much - at most we are talking about $500 (or less) a month.  Hardly something to live on.  If you have no pension and this is your retirement plan I'm here to tell you that you better start planning something else because ... well my poor old Grandma has this and one other source of income and I don't really know how she gets by now.  Well I do - she has to live in low income housing for old people and that's the truth.  So if you think you'd like to stay in your own home and survive - well you probably won't even be able to keep the lights and heat on, oh and then try to eat, on that money.

By making Canadians delay retirement - I think - also causes our country to fall behind in innovation.  We need to be asking Canadians to have more babies and to grow our country and let the people that built our country, and continue building our country retire at an appropriate age.  I know there are some very smart 65+ people, I have met many, but the reality is that the innovations in industry are coming from the 18-55 age group and we should be looking for more people like this to ensure that jobs are created.  Innovation leads to employment, not asking our valuable country builders to work longer.

12,000 jobs eliminated, with a total of 19,200 jobs to be eliminated including all jobs not being refilled as people retire...

I agree with job elimination if it is appropriate.  If it is cutting jobs to look good for industries who are complaining about - hey, you keep raising my taxes to pay your people more, who aren't doing the job we need them doing... I don't agree - because you are losing your brain trust as these people retire or quit because of politics and other nonsense.  They also don't go into any details about where those jobs are coming from - no department information - nothing.   Going through the plan you can certainly see where there will be jobs eliminated, but I'd be hard pressed to find 12,000 jobs.. of course I don't know how many people answer the phone for Old Age Pension (those jobs seem like they'll be gone) - I assumed it was like all other call in places - must only be one person answering the phone since I sit on hold for more than 45 minutes usually... 

Canada Arm, let's stay in space till 2020

This joint project interests me - so that's why I noted it.  The International Space Station is worth more than $100B (BILLION) and the Canadarm will likely be operational until 2028, which means we will likely hang out in space for a while beyond 2020 - but what happens after that.  Why aren't we going to the moon?  If it was so "easy" to land there before why aren't we trying things there?  Why is NASA being pulled apart and not participating with the International Space Station and deploying their own craft for future use?  I'm curious about all of this and you've heard me rant in the past about the moon walk - but just wonder what others think.

And that's all - there is a lot more in the budget and I think it is our job to understand how our government spends our money and while governments tend to act like it is their money, it is all of ours and we should be interested in it. 

xo - my loves - happy budget thursday

ps.  JibJab's Junior app is wicked great - we love it!  It is definitely approved by me and the kids :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another day

So I'm still sick but that double dose of medicine definitely helped.  I actually had a conversation today and didn't sound as much like a deaf mute.

The upside of this whole illness thing is that I finally got a chance to start looking at pinterest - which I'm not entirely sure is such a great thing but - it is pretty great... and I get to see what my friends are looking at and loving ... sigh... so that devoured a little time today... now I'm going to rest some more.  

Here's me on pinterest... Follow Me on Pinterest

10 out of 10

I dared to try and eat cereal that had soaked in soy tonight and paid for that - my tonsils and throat retaliated.  I thought that was as bad as it could get and then about an 90 minutes ago the pain was so intense that I thought I was destined to pass out.  In fact I went in the bathroom with my phone just in case - I planned to leave out instructions for Kyle to call for help.. for some reason that crossed my mind earlier in the day... so I'm a wreck and - you guessed it - can't sleep because I can't swallow and I'm running out of fluids because I can't get much in... suck... suck.. suck...

My mom showed up today and was more interested in the tv then me - whereas one of my staff stopped by with tea and home made soup and hugs... I'm an emotional wreck today - I just want to get better and not have to worry about the terrible what ifs of this awful infection.  The double dose of antibiotics have been onboard for 12 hours and I can't say I'm feeling any better.. but I don't feel significantly worse either... hopefully I'll get a couple hours sleep and things will be better in the morning.  I know I'm getting hungry now... but the pain is simply not worth it - nothing is worth - just moving air is hard enough let alone trying to swallow anything.

Blah... alright - I'm going to try and sleep - my love to you... good night xo

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

stupid dumb sick

So I started getting sick on Saturday - mildly - now I still can't swallow properly and am in pain and now I've started coughing crap up... great!  So it is definitely an infection and I need antibiotics - I go to the doctors in a half hour and then hope this all starts getting better... blah... blah, frickin', blah!

And I'm home with antibiotics in the system... and I hope for improvement. My doctor is a bit worried at the severity of the streptococcal pharyngitis (strep throat)  and wants me back if there is no improvement because then it could be something really bad - and stupid me I unwisely googled it and I really, really don't want what he is worried could develop.. so he upped my dose for three days and then we see how it goes... this sucks... I was so bagged by going outside and I'm so light sensitive that it was a bit of a nightmare to even bother to be out.  My doctor also noted that I should have gotten antibiotics on Sunday in ER because it is one of the worst cases he's seen - that doesn't really make me feel any better either.

My doctor says - "so who is taking you home?"  I say me - pointing at myself.  He laughs.  "No really..." really... then he says - I'll call my wife and tell her I'm bringing my deaf-mute friend home to be looked after... this didn't really make me feel any better.  You see - when I do speak - that is exactly what I sound like - I sound like Marlee Matlin.   I think the best thing I heard was that it wasn't something I could share around - which is great news.. since both David and the kids have been around me - not to mention everyone at work and beyond.

And so now what... well food is out - I've lost five pounds - I'm on liquids, and popsicles and am pretty much miserable.  So I'm going to pick up the boys in a bit and then we will have a quiet evening and then I'm going to just book myself out of the office for the rest of the week.

xo my friends and family - I hope all of you are significantly better than I am.  I wouldn't wish this on anyone... 

one more note... I've been home two days and I can't believe the number of times people ring the door bell - of course I'm not answering because I have no voice and hate pulling out my note cards - yesterday the Witnesses were here and just now someone else came up - good grief... 

slept for 20 minutes and then...

So I fell asleep and then woke up and now can't sleep because the swelling is so bad... so I'm going to try and keep my mind off of it by doing... last week's Tuesday 10 from Roots and Rings.

1. Should we keep doing Ten on Tuesday?
I like doing the Tuesday ten - it fills up these kinds of nights... 
2. How do you pick out your sunglasses?
Well since my grandmother got diagnosed with some scary eye disease that they say can be avoided if you wear sunglasses I've tried to take up the cause- I had a pair of Maui Jim's because the eye doctor told me to and since those were destroyed I've gone from pair to pair quite randomly.. my latest pair are big and fun... 
3. Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
Not really... but I do wear green - or try to remember to - this year I planned to make cupcakes and even bought all the gear but the guys weren't' here and so I didn't bother with it.
4. Name 5 movies that you will never get sick of.
That's tough... hmmm... Tropic Thunder, Iron Man, You've got mail, Princess Bride, Castaway - wow I could totally go on... there are lots of movies that just like watching - more as background noise than anything.  
5. Name 1 book that you will never get sick of.
The Stand, Stephen King - I could read it over and over... 
6. Do you know any sign language?
Yes - and it has come in handy since losing my voice this week.
7. What is your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie?
I don't like Girl Scout (or rather - Girl Guide) cookies... 
8. Are you handy? (Can you fix or build anything?)
I enjoy fixing things.  I don't consider myself to be handy though.
9. In what form do you prefer your potatoes? (Baked, mashed, au gratin, hashbrowns, twice baked, etc.)
I've had some really good mashed ones at some events I've attended over the years... but I'm not really that in love with potatoes... less carbs the better... I say that and LOVE sushi, but actually don't enjoy rice that much... 
10. Do you believe the saying “actions speak louder than words”?
I think the spoken word is very important and in a world of texting it is being lost.. it is becoming Canada Post - in the context of politicians though - I think it is very important for their to be positive action and that words too often are thrown around like a bag of scrabble tiles... 
And now off to watch a film since sleep has now departed.. sigh.
xo my loves - I hope this is a bacterial infection - then I'll be getting meds tomorrow - if not... expect more whining.  xo
(I know - when was the last time you heard anyone say they hoped they had a bacterial infection - well I'm also hoping for that so that everyone else that has been around me the last three days or more doesn't get whatever awfulness has struck me. 
ok - good night

Monday, March 26, 2012

Holy Dina - I'm sick.  I went to emergency yesterday and am now home and just lying here.  My throat is so swollen that swallowing is very painful - I'm barely sleeping - last night I slept with ice on my neck to try and get it from the outside since nothing I'm taking for the inside is working.  I've got about 10 bumps on my neck which apparently are my lymphs crying out for help... I'm taking Advil and Tylenol and they don't help.  ER told me to wait for test results - which absolutely sucks - apparently they won't be back in until tomorrow - whatever is growing in my throat has to grow in the lab and that takes time.

I feel like a pile of uselessness since I really can't do anything - I can type, but not for long because I get light headed and my neck hurts so bad that I can't be upright for long because ... well it hurts too... I've been sick for more than two months now with different things - it freakin' sucks.

End whine...


one addition... have you had strep throat before - if yes, what did you do for it... any suggestions for calming my throat... I am not a fan of freezing my throat with strep-sils or whatever they are called... which says that I'm being stubborn about this whole thing, but I'm looking for other suggestions.  I'm going to buy a hot water bottle so I can sleep with that tonight - at the very least the combine effort of both tylenol and advil have lessened my ache - but nothing for my throat and slightly alleviated my headache... sigh

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Could a run be in the forecast?

Update - doctor said the same - thought he might diagnose me with PCOS - but said he'd hold off for right now... my anger subsided over night and I'm just working at not retaliating ... what I want is for the other person to feel the hurt I feel which is not right.. but I don't know what to do with my hurt... sigh... suggestions would be appreciated...

Everything else is good - kids are home tonight and I can't wait to see them.  Lots at work - too much, really - and I've had a good headache nearly all day...

ok - now time for home.

Monday, March 19, 2012


I don't really have much to write tonight.  Well nothing nice.

Work is a gong show and I can't believe what is sitting before me to work on, but I just keep picking away at it.  I finally felt caught up last week and then started planning for future weeks.  My doctor called me back in to review my ultrasound results, which I'm sure is totally fine, but bugging me anyway.  I haven't seen the kids in four days and only got to talk to them tonight - I guess I just need to call and stop thinking that I might get a phone call.  And there is a whole other pile of stuff that is bugging me right now, but for all that... well there is just simply too much cursing to bother posting.  Disappointment and cursing... that sums it up...

Wow - totally released the valve.... sigh.

And now I'm going to work on some slippers and continue to unwind.  I'm reading some very interesting books and articles and trying to work on some future planning - need more creative outlets - my work is great, but I'm definitely drawn to the creative outlet opportunities over everything else I do.

Now I will leave my problems here.. leave them sitting on the blog and hope that I'll get some sleep tonight - and that I won't be bothered by the problems and that sleep will take me to a beach in Hawaii where I will walk and collect shells and just be....

xo - good night

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I love Chatelaine magazine - love it! I have a subscription; have for years.

Today we made Ricotta cheese and it was super easy and we had lots of fun... 
I'm going to share the recipe but you should go buy Chatelaine for all the other cool stuff or check it out from the library - I got some great ad ideas for my 2013 magazine.

You will need:

Cheese cloth 
2 litres of 3.25% milk
1/4 tsp of lemon juice
1/2 tsp of kosher salt (we ended up using sea salt and it was fine - didn't want to buy a giant bag of kosher salt for this one recipe)
2 tbsp of 35% cream (bought whipping cream, tried to open it and found out that some other ass at the store had done that for us so we didn't use this part - but that actually makes the recipe better for you... )

Put the 3.25% milk into pot and boil it - it needs to get to 185 degrees on a thermometer.. no thermometer - well you want it to be on high on the stove for 5 good minutes... it will nearly start to stick to the bottom of the pot... remember - stir it over and over again

So once you've hit the 185 or the 5 minute mark you turn off the heat and add the lemon juice and salt and let it hang out together for 2 minutes - the milk will be pissed off that acid has joined the party and start to curd... it was AWESOME!  

Then once the liquid is yellow-y and it has been 2 minutes... you pour it into the cheese cloth and let it drain - it should drain for five minutes... 

And then - guess what... you've got Ricotta cheese - fantastic!

Here is the cheese all finished - we spread a little bit of this on some toasted baguettes, then topped them with the following:  cut grape tomatoes in half, toss with about 1 tbsp of thyme, 2 tbsp of olive oil plus salt and pepper - this little bunch of goodness hops in the oven at 425 and cooks for 5 minutes and then I just put 2 halves on each piece - it was super good.  The cheese on its own was lemony, but good... and what.. what... the no-cheese girl eating cheese??? what..??? Well I tried it because I cooked it... my body continues to be ok with the cheese tonight... 

And this is me and David... it was a great day - we are going to send in our photo to Chatelaine and show off our 'mad' cooking skills :)  Can't wait to show the guys how to make cheese too!  They are in Vancouver for a few days - but home on Tuesday - so I'm looking forward to seeing them and having fun this week and coming weekend.

Plus we made regular lasagna, a chicken vegetable lasagna (no cheese), and about 150 cookies... if you are in Quesnel I'll happily bring you some - they are monster variety - peanut butter, chocolate and no flour :)

And now.. off to the store to grab a few things :) 

xo - my love to you!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Tuesday 10... shockingly on Tuesday

Another 10 from Roots and Rings
1. What is the most exciting thing to see on a baseball field?
I like watching people make a great catch or run their hearts out to get home.  I loved going to live games in the US - they were completely and totally awesome!
2. What snacks do you usually get at a game?
Absolutely - you have to have beer, a hotdog and peanuts - it just completes the experience and be there on time - or they will run out - run out of hotdogs, run out of peanuts and yes, even run out of beer. 
3. Do you yell at the umps? Other players?
I don't - when you are at a real game you pay attention - those balls come really fast and you can definitely get hit at a game... well if you sit on the game side of the field - if you are in the outfield - well I guess you could be shouting and not care as much... I guess... 
4. If you could be commissioner for a day, what would you change about MLB?
I'd stop paying sports people the money and shift our world economy and pay the people who matter in our day to day lives - pay our teachers, pay our doctors, pay our people who work and not the people who entertain... oh wait - it said commissioner and not king of the world.
5. Which of the following have you seen in person at a baseball game:
a. a rainout? nope
b. a no-hitter? nope
c. a grand slam? nope
d. your face on the JumboTron? nope
e. a squeeze play? nope
f. a fight? nope
6. What do you say to people who claim that baseball is boring?
They are absolutely and completely boring on tv... as is Nascar - but to see it in person - holy - it is life changing!  It is fantastic! 
7. What do you think of the recent trend of singing “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch?
I actually didn't know about this... so is it really a trend... I mean really - if I don't know about it - how can it be a trend... 
8. Old school “knickers” or full length pants?
Full length pants
9. What do you do about the obnoxious drunk guys/girls sitting around you?
I take photos and post them on Facebook - and then hope that someone ID's them... nah.. I usually ignore stupid people... this goes for meetings and general life... if you are mean to me... I will ignore you... that's just how it is
10. For a game you’re watching in person, what’s your limit on extra innings? How many before you just bail?
I would stay forever - the game is the game and after you've sat through Nascar - you can sit through anything...

I had something really witty to write tonight and I've completely lost it... maybe it will come back later.  
Kids - Michael is complaining about back pain now... this is causing me to worry and I'm going to take him to the doctor - kids don't have back pain.. do they?  Things I need to know... if you know.. it is kind of all over... he doesn't seem to have an exact spot but he seems like an old man when he moves and complains about pain on his spin.  
Good reading - I'm reading - Food Matters by Michael Pollen - it is great - read it - do it - it will make you healthy - you don't need a diet program - just read his book - over and over - leave yourself notes around your house that remind you to eat like the book says and then walk for 20 minutes every day.. done - healthy - live longer - contribute - make your life and the lives of the people around you better... fast, easy, simple.. it cost you nothing... nothing then a little time reading a book...
Work - holy could I vent about it... but I won't... let's just say that the stupid people comment is for many... 
Photos... I'm working on it - the new computer got hooked up tonight - it is GIANT and great! But loading photos is taking longer than I expected ... and going through photos is more hurtful than I'd imagined... it makes me tear up to think about it... blah...
Ok - end on a high note... I met someone from the Canadian Forces today and that was cool - we talked about tanks and planes... I know... what the hell kind of high note is that... I'll play an F on my flute... that will be my high note :)
xo - my loves - sleep well - xo

Monday, March 12, 2012


Winnie the Pooh stopped by my office and advised that today is going to be a very blustery day - and it really really is.... I'm surprised that we haven't lost power given the gusts.

I'm sorry this became a weekly blog over the last little while - I keep meaning to write and then don't get to it.  I did actually take a few photos of Bali so I'll post some of those - I'm going to load my new computer at home with photos tonight and hopefully post - yes - there is a new large computer that is going into the house and I'm a little excited about it - it means the start of some new exciting projects for me and that is great... love the creative stuff.

The kids are good - Michael has been off the last little while - just not his usual happy self - the other day I actually found him (after looking) standing in his closet in the corner just looking out of the room.  The rock collector suggested that it might be his special spot to get in touch with spirits (I know... gawd).  It was just odd - he was just standing there looking at me and not saying a word.  We took him to PG for the day - alone - so Kyle went to grandma and grandpa's and Michael got a mom day and some fun... but he just isn't himself... separated/divorced parents - is this a side effect?  I know he is growing and things are changing but this surprised me.

Kyle is good - moody -but good... he catches me off guard sometimes with his moodiness - and how quickly he can be happy... but he has always had an up and down kind of character about him.

And I guess that's it for right now - I have a doctors appointment this afternoon to see what is wrong with some parts - again... and then lots of meetings... and while I don't feel like I need a break - I do feel like I need a break.. not sure if that will make sense but - I don't know... I feel like I could just spend a life time in the tub just reading and doing nothing else... but the other part of me is like - move - do it - get going...


hugs and kisses to you - I hope you are managing to stay in a warm place today while the winds pick up and throw around BC and to my Calgary family and friends.. watch out - I'm sure it will come up over the mountains and cause you havoc tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Another Tuesday 10 on Wednesday and the teachers...

Chores. These questions were provided by Molly at Considering Campbell!
1. What are your designated chores in your home?
I don't really have any designated chores... 
2. What is your least favorite chore to do around the house?
I don't really have a least favourite... chores are part of life.
3. What was your designated chore growing up?
Hmm... well I would get dish duty, sometimes, but we didn't really have a chore list either.  Cleaning our rooms - oh... I know - my dresser - I hated my dresser - my Grandma Martin (when she visited) would give me HUGE shit for the state of affairs in my dresser drawer, she'd pull everything out and make me re-fold it all and put it away properly...  
4. Did you get paid to do chores or was your allowance connected to you completing your chores?
No.. I did get paid to pull weeds out of the lawn though - my Grandpa Martin use to pay me to pull the prickly ones out of the yard and then we'd walk to Frank's Supermarket and get ice cream bars - hooray for ice cream bars.
5. If you had a bit of extra money, would you hire a cleaning person or would you save the money for something else?
I'm fine with cleaning - rather save the money for something else... like a good holiday :)
6. What chores will you make your kids do around the house?
Well I just ask them to help out with things that I know they can help with... no set schedule... no special requests - just hey - can you help...
7. How frequently do you do laundry? Wash your sheets? Dust?
Laundry is when it needs to be done... again - no set schedule
8. Do you have a designated “chore day” during the week?
9. What is your favorite chore–if such a thing exists?
I actually like getting wood - like going out and cutting wood and taking it to the truck and unloading it - didn't really love it as a kid but I don't mind it and it is good exercise... crazy maybe... I like chores that bring people together, but also like to power clean alone sometimes... 
10. Do you do anything to help pass the time while doing chores (music, TV, etc.)?
Music... I'm a singer - not really a good one - but a singer, nonetheless

Alright... what else... there must be more - well I've had a pretty emotional week and feel a wee-bit drained from some of it but it will be good and fine and as Dory said 'just keep swimming'.
Teacher strike - I fully support the strike and am against Bill 22.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about it and have read and re-read the Bill and am disappointed that our Province is acting in the manner that it is acting in.  What to do?  Well I think Bill 22 will happen, unless parents rally - the teachers are few when you looking at who gets to vote and you can be darn sure that all political parties take that into account when they are dealing with anything.  There are hundreds of thousands of students and if all their parents and grandparents said - hey wait - province you can't ram a Bill in place and say that is making education better - you can't do that to people - to the human beings that teach our next generation - that is wrong - you can't bully people.  I was thinking that the parents should call a day of strike - that that might have a larger impact on the province - what if the public said no to this Bill - said that we need to negotiate in good faith and not 'mediate' with a Bill that actually sets out the terms of mediation and doesn't really mediate anything.  
A day of strike for education - a day of strike for our kids - a day of strike for our future - this Bill sets another precedent for how our province thinks it can manage large employee groups.  I'm not a unionist - I'm not a lover of any union but you can't do this to people - to our most important people - teachers, nurses, paramedics - I was just as pissed about the paramedic situation and continue to think that all of our uber valuable people get little compared to what they have to put up with - stuff that many of us as parents, as the general public, would never ever want to do - ever... 
Footnote - I really think that the teaching situation in our province needs some work - but this Bill doesn't do that.  You see I don't like that there are teachers who don't teach, teachers who do not upgrade their skills and then still teach our students, I don't like teachers who don't care about their students and while I know there are many teachers who are fantastic and great - there are some that plain suck and I think that there should be a way to pluck those ones out... and then pay and thank the people doing the work - the hard work of raising our children, helping us when we are down, helping us when we are hurt and injured.