Friday, September 30, 2011


Today was a long day.  The course material was not great - one low point included the prof introducing a you tube clip - this lengthy opening was followed by loading time and then... get this - the clip was him... seriously - he couldn't just talk to us... he was there... sheesh!  Maybe I should start paying half of my course fees up front and then say I'll pay the other half if I actually get to learn something - or maybe tip the teachers that actually engage the class... I don't know... long day

Tonight we checked a Louisiana restaurant - it wasn't great - we were all pretty disappointed and on top of that we all had to wear our coats because they wouldn't shut the door we were sitting near... so we all froze and weren't happy... and then I left and came back to the bed and breakfast.  Tomorrow is going to be another long day and I'm pretty tired tonight - so I'm going to close with some photos and send you my love and kisses. good night.

This is the view from the patio I had lunch on - I had this amazing soup - it was great.  All while working on a file for work.  Hooray for technology!

A beautiful bloom on the deck of the patio.

Leaves on the deck of the patio.

And the clock tower from Downtown Peterborough.  I managed to check out a couple of shops at lunch today, but spent most of my time at the patio - taking in the sights of Peterborough and enjoying that yummy soup.  

Good night my loves.  Many more photos tomorrow... many many!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


The view from my fantastic bed and breakfast - living way outside the usual for me. The hotel everyone else is at was booked up months ago and I looked around and finally found this... it is a pretty suite and fantastic.  Angel's Rest Bed & Breakfast - definitely recommend it - it is beautiful and... it has also kept me away from the hotel and I'm actually quite enjoying the peace and quiet - no drinking, no gossiping, no anything... might keep doing this based on this trip... 

Yesterday I did a brief core circuit in Calgary before I took off to Toronto and really wanted to get out and run tonight.  I picked up a trail guide and it seemed very simple.  There was a 5.5 km loop around a lake in the downtown core that actually ran near the place I'm staying at - so off I went... and here are some of the sights...

I like the ducks in this one.

And then there was this fence. I spent enough time looking at the map for the trail today to know that things were really going wrong on my run when I found this fence.  It did not open.  What appears to be a gate on the left hand side of this photo - is not - and so... I climbed it - I crammed my foot into the edges of it and then did a pull up onto the top of those concrete pillars and then tossed myself on the other side - trying not to impale myself on the tops - as they were sharp and pointy.  Oh and this was in a cemetery - yep - you see the entire trail was SUPER poorly signed - the trail I was taking that was in the guide book and seemed popular according to the guide had zero signs but what I knew was that I had to stay on the edge of the lake.  Well the cemetery is on the lake (actually a very beautiful cemetery and yes I can say that with some authority - I've seen three).  It was well treed and the sun hit the area very nicely as I ran threw.  

So what was supposed to be 5.5 turned into 8.2 - which I didn't prepare for - brought no water, no gels, because I'd usually use a gel for that distance... but it all worked out - I don't feel sore at all tonight and just felt really good about getting out to see Peterborough.

The downtown core is nice, lots of interesting shops, lots of brick and beautiful clock tower, they have all the big box stuff too.  The downtown sits just off all the trail networks and it is just a very pretty place, especially now as the leaves are turning and falling.

Well - day two of my course starts in nine hours - so I should probably get some sleep. xo ~ sweet dreams

(Mel - ps - I feel better - thank you for the advise - I think you were absolutely right!)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

toronto and the 401

On the way into Toronto. It was beautiful.
Then we hit turbulence - again - and it dropped the plane a bit and thought they might ask us to all lean to the left to try and correct the situation.. but the pilots had it all in hand and it was fine...  :) 

We arrived in Toronto and four us carpooled to Peterborough - initially in the sun with rainbows and then in the rain - pretty much the last hour - I'm excited to see this place in daylight.

And here is the 401 - not as bad as I'd expected. It was definitely slow going, but once we got to the outside of the city we cruised along...
Then we saw this beauty - it actually arched across the whole sky. 

More photos tomorrow - hoping to get out for a run in the morning and maybe a walk in the afternoon - depends on how the classes go... and then hopefully a splash of adventure this weekend... 

Note: angry toronto residents - you don't need to be angry - life is too short - just because my luggage happened to be in your way for two seconds doesn't mean that I was trying to hurt you or cause you any more discomfort in your life - I'm sorry that you have to be so angry and feel like you need to take it out on everyone around you... (see how I didn't even curse - I totally wanted to curse one lady out this afternoon but she actually looked like she had enough pain in her life and didn't need more and just needed somewhere to vent... )

Well it is late here and I'm settled into my cute little place - that I will have photos of in daylight - xoxo - love to you.

for five cents

Um - yeah - four hours on the couch - that sucked.  I had a terrifying nightmare that really scared me in the middle of that four hour stint and now I'm up.. we need to be at the airport in about 90 minutes and there is baby stuff to do between now and then.

More sleep tonight... I hope...



Today I felt awful half the day - I don't really know what turned the tide on whatever is wrong with me but by late afternoon I was on the mend and then I took Nicholas out for a walk and things got better.

And here we are - out on the trail - living it up!  It was fun - he got a bit cranky half way but I just packed him and pushed the stroller.  Wanna see something kind of fun... well fun for me...  this is how much he and I have both changed in six months... 

Kind of funny that I happened to wear the same running shirt tonight... I couldn't really believe it tonight as I downloaded all my photos to Mel how much we've changed.  Mel and I gabbed for hours tonight - it was fantastic and makes me desperately sad that we don't live closer together.  I couldn't sleep tonight - the wind is blowing and my mind is all over the place.  I fly to Toronto tomorrow and then drive the 401 in rush - wicked - but it will all be great... and then I'll have more photos to share and things to be thankful for.

Ok - so tonight I'm going to end with new photos and wish all of you sweet dreams, wherever you are - xoxoxo - love you!

Monday, September 26, 2011

definitely not magic monday

I flew out during the wind today from Vancouver to Calgary - lucky me - I passed out in take off and woke up over Calgary where it was equally blustery and bumpy.  We went out to dinner with Carmen (mel and me) and of course I spent time playing with my cute nephew Nicholas who has grown so much and is quite the character - photos tomorrow - I'd share photos tonight but I'm so damned barfy tonight that I've gone and bought gravol and now have it on board and am just waiting for it to kick in and let me rest.  I thought I was getting better and maybe it is just the travel and the lack of proper eating that is causing me the grief... back to the shakes in the morning and some tea... definitely need to find some good tea.

Mel had some cute presents for me when I arrived - so that was great - need to find a dress for the event... turns out the dress that I was planning to wear is too big (hadn't tried it on to check) and I definitely need something that looks nice - so hopefully find something tomorrow.

Alright my loves - good night to you - sleep tight - xxoo 

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm totally sick. I should have been taking cold fx or something every day for a week before I started travelling.  Last night I started to freeze and now I'm hot and can hardly swallow and of course, my neck has been hurting for two days - but I'm pretty sure that is yoga related and not being sick.

Anyways - not much to report.  I have to be tradeshow ready in an hour so I'm going to work on feeling better and go from there....


Friday, September 23, 2011


I didn't think I'd be doing as awful as I am this morning.  I leave the office for the funeral in 90 minutes.
And that's all I have to say about that.

And I should totally be working... dang.

Alright - I'll work - need to pull a cheque run together, maybe that will keep me focused (HA).  Paula did you read that... that accounting might keep me focused - good grief... I've totally lost it...

xxoo - hugs greatly appreciated today.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well I feel like I blew a tire tonight - I've put in a couple of five k's in this week and couldn't generate enough to do more than 3.5 tonight.  sigh.    Enough of that though.

I will share some highlights from parenting - or rather.. low lights..

An open letter from Kyle... (lord)

I'm sorry for calling *lateesha* a swear word.  I'm sorry because it's prollbly (god, can't they teach them how to spell) her hurt feelings.  I will never use f, a, b word (um - holy shit) again.  But (love that he put but) she was calling me things and making fun of me and that's why I said it.

*names changed to protect the innocent/evil

Um - yeah - so f, a, b... really... turns out he called her a bitch - a word I hardly ever use - I mean - I'm guilty for saying the others but I really try not to around them (well most of the time).  And so I bust out a story for Kyle... you see - back in the day in a little room of our house called cold storage (we left all the canning and the freezer - and sadly the place I had sex for the first time - sorry Mel - it's freakin' sad and GOD - I'm such a loser for that... seriously it sucked but whatever - first time, first time.. - ok I'll carry on) and me and my brother were standing in there shouting at each other - we were probably eight and ten - and we were having fun and then one of us says 'bun of a snitch' - really - we didn't curse... but this outburst led to more rallying of close to swears - and maybe we even said it and then the door flew open and my Dad snapped - I mean - F&$#ing snapped - who the hell did we think we were, what the hell did we think we were doing - the wrath of my dad is something NO ONE wants - he came completely unglued - he shouted - how dare we say such things about our mother (son of a bitch... see how that was insulting to mom - except we totally weren't insulting mom) and so we had to apologize and apologize ... probably spent a full day in our rooms without food/water for that routine. (Well I would have spent the day without food or water - Steve started hoarding non-perishable food in his room (top drawer) for just such an occasion and I hadn't figured that out.)

Bottom line - I told Kyle grandpa would be SUPER mad if he heard about this and he'd probably never take you hunting - 'nough said.

And now - I'm going to clean up and pack - I leave for Van pretty quick and want to make sure everything is in order.

Oh - and today's shake of the day - one cup soy, protein powder, 3/4 banana, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 4 ice cubes... it was ok - when I'm craving carbs I turn to a banana with peanut butter on it - I'd probably reduce the peanut butter if I do this in the future.  And now - back to packing.  Totally need two bags - damn near need one for shoes... such a girlie girl now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today was a long day.

And so - rather than vent and whine and complain I'm going to share a short recipe.

First - take out blender - very good - I'm proud of you for getting that far - 
mine is permanently on the counter
Then pour in one cup of your favourite white liquid - milk, soy, almond milk - this is soy
One pear - cut up a little and skinned (cored - of course - unless you like all that stuff in your drink)
Some protein powder - vanilla flavour (I say some because every pack of that stuff is totally different)
1 tsp-tbsp cinnamon
3-4 ice cubes 
Then blend the crap out of it - 30-60 seconds

Pour into glass of choice

Voila - c'est fini! 

I have extra pears right now, so that's why they are hitting the mix... Michael loves pears so I bought a box, but he hasn't gotten into them as much as I thought he would.

It is pouring here tonight - supposed to rain for a few days - love listening to it rain.

good night my loves - good night and sweet dreams

monkey see, monkey do

Well my dear friend Carmen, over at My Life in a Nutshell, has started posting a Tuesday feed and I thought I'd follow along - for one week anyway... just for fun and because I didn't really have much else to say - other than I had a kick ass meeting last night followed by some sad news about my aunt passing away. 

And now... 

Today it's Twenty-Six on Tuesday (the alphabet series) (yes - it is Wednesday, but I was busy last night) and thanks to Chelsea for hosting!  (And technically - this is 25 because the L one is missing...)

Age: 34
Bed Size: Queen
Chore that you hate: Don't really have one that I hate... I don't mind chores
Dogs: Not any more
Essential start to your day: Computer
Favorite Color: Red
Gold or Silver: Silver
Height: 5'8"
Instruments you play: Flute, clarinet (a little), oboe (my love), piccolo, learned bassoon but haven't played in years (like 20), a little piano and trying to learn guitar
Job Title: Super sexy economic development officer (no, really - it's on my cards)
Kids: 2 cute ones
Mother’s Name: Rock collector
Nicknames: Ape, ape of the jungle, others that have swears in them :) - ok maybe those aren't nicknames
Overnight hospital stays: I've done a few - two surgeries, plus kids - 6 total nights in the hospital
Pet peevePeople who obsessively use 'like' (not the Facebook one... but that is annoying too) 
Quote from a movie: "What you need is a champion."
Right or left handed: Left
Siblings: Brother (middle) and beautiful younger sister who I get to see in a few days (woohoo)
Time you wake up: between 6 and 7 (sometimes before 6 - depends on the morning)
Underwear: Yes - a little bit of everything
Vegetable you hate: I don't know if I 'hate' any vegetables 
What makes you run late: The kids needing to go to the bathroom as we are trying to run out the door
X-Rays you’ve had: Neck, back, shoulders, left hand, head (jaw/teeth), hips, all kinds of ultrasounds and one CT Scan (liver/kidneys/the downstairs - all that fun stuff)
Yummy food that you make: lots... 
Zoo Animal: I like giraffes and moose - I like learning about all the animals and agree with 'binders' comment that I like zoos when they treat the animals well and it is about awareness

xo - have a great 'hump' day...

Monday, September 19, 2011

not a little, or small, or minor

Under the category of best sign EVER - I give you...

Not kidding - this is totally on the side of the road at the "really big slide" just outside of Lillooet (between Lillooet and Lytton) - love it!

Marble Canyon - north of Lillooet

To give you some scale of the canyon - it is a beautiful area - NASA is also doing testing on the lakes that are in the valley - it is pretty neat stuff

So yes, this means I made it home for a few days and then I'm back on the road starting next weekend for two weeks.

Not much else for tonight - long day of driving (more than 700 km) and I'm going to be like a vegetable for the remainder of the evening.

Hugs and smooches to you! xo

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Ok - I had to share photos - and I'm procrastinating on some other work I need to do... sharing with you is so much better than doing work.

The guys - getting ready for another day of school - Kyle decided to get dressed up for Thursday (I say dressed up because you can't see his pants - he went to all this effort to look cute and then throws on a pair of camo pants - I laughed pretty hard... but he likes it and that is all that matters --- Michael went with more of a rambo option.

The guys in blue are selling super duper blenders - they are actually quite amazing! And they make a funny team - they even gave me some pointers - like don't be nice to people when they come up to your booth and just want your swag (stuff we all get) - so I started asking people to sing a song about Quesnel in exchange for a bag - one lady busted out an african hymn - so - I got entertained too.

The show was very busy yesterday - people could hardly fit in the aisles.

Mr Rob Feenie - I was able to take this from my booth and if you look at the previous photo you can see that I was a bit of a distance from the stage (that white square is the stage in the above photo) - yeah for a big lens :)

one more day

So I'm heading for a run right now but wanted to update you very briefly.  The tradeshow has been busy - the weather has helped with that.  I did manage to squeak in some time to visit with Paula last night (yeah) and we reminisced about life and how things can sometimes dramatically change in just 11 years (seriously - did I just say 'just' 11 years... getting old...)

It is raining this morning and I'm just going to hit the treadmill and see where I go this morning - I really need a core day, but we'll see.  Sorry about the lack of photos - last night I got lost (how unlike me) on my way back from Langley.  Just took the wrong turn - three times - and then finally found a cross street that I recognized and was able to correct my course.

Our new magazine made it to the show - it is pretty exciting to see it in print - it is also overwhelming to have a project finished and hold it in your hands.  Of course for me there is also the - man I wish I'd designed that a little different, but it is only a few pages that I look at and think that - that's good in a 32 page piece.  All in all it is good, our team did some great work and I'm proud of everyone that contributed to the project.  I'll post a link to the web version next week.

Alright - I'm delaying running - better get going... love to you. xxoxxooo

update - man - that run was killing me - I just wasn't there this morning - took me a mile to get into it - then did another mile and a bit and then biked out two more miles... two hours until I have to stand at the booth for six more hours... yeah! And then I have to clean up - hoping to distribute most of my stuff today - I know I'll be able to hand out the rest of the Quesnel bags and I wisely didn't take all of the new magazines into the show and have been taking in a box as I needed them - so there is really only one large box to pack out plus supplies... and then hit repeat for next weekend when I'm at APEX in Burnaby.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I'm at the Eat Fraser Valley Food Network tradeshow this weekend and - you guessed it - I'm unable to sleep right now.  I'm working the show alone which is making for some challenges and I'm definitely not happy that I'm not featuring anything - it makes it very slow.  I was supposed to be showcasing a product with a local company, but that fell through Friday morning... but that's ok - I've made two good contacts today and likely one of those will make this show worth our time.

My hotel room is giant - it even has laundry - it is wild.  I'd definitely stay with Sandman again.  In all my years of travelling for work, this is the first time I've stayed with them and I've been very impressed - ok... except for this... upon arrival I walk in with all the crap in the free world (really it was three bags) and a crazy looking guy is at the front desk getting coffee and chatting - apparently to no one other than himself.  Once he sees me his attention changes and he starts asking what I'm doing at the hotel and how are things are - you know - run of the mill crazy shit.  The night clerk is in shock - he whispers to me - ignore him - and all I can think is - yeah - cause ignoring him is going to work.  He continues to ask why I have so much stuff - I said I decided to run away from home and made it as far as Abbotsford.  He laughs.  He is a crazy person that I can see has a switch.  I don't laugh.  Then he keeps talking away and says that he was just released from prison after doing 12 years - wicked - love Abbotsford.  The small crowd in the lobby now seem to be interested and start asking him questions and the night clerk is taking his sweet freakin' time checking me - and re-checking me in and all I can think of is how many steps to the elevator - please can't I just go lie down... no.... the clock ticks forward and I stand there with all my crap waiting... 'why 12 years' - I killed someone - f&*^ check, please... gawd! - and then he goes into a long story about how he did it, why he did, beating up prison guards and other people and on and on and on.  In the middle of the story he decides he's shared enough and starts to walk out - but the crowd wants to know more because they are STUPID and then I exit, stage right.

Inside the elevator my blonde hair causes me to forget how to get an elevator moving - stupid key needs to be swiped before you can go and I can't get it to swipe - I'm looking and looking and nothing is working and ... no panic.. (that was later) don't panic, it is ok and then after three minutes of standing there I press a button hoping that the elevator gods will just let me in and realize - I'd done whatever I needed to do (hold card over card reader not swipe) up I went.  End scene.

And now - I'm waiting for the gym to open in two hours so I can go and run. I will try and sleep but it is elusive - long day tomorrow, long day Sunday and then drive home on Monday.... I'll post photos from the show tomorrow night.

My love to you - xo

ps. I was so sad to hear about the beluga dying.  We were there only a few months ago celebrating the whales and everything at the aquarium - a very sad day.  I know - it is a whale - but it just pulls at my heart to see that happen.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what's that... stay home from work you say (a delayed post)

My staff has definitely influenced me because over the past eight years with my job I have rarely taken sick time.  I would rather bring it to the office and share it around like a jerk.  My staff have been sick and I'm the first one to be on them saying- look - you don't need to be here - things can wait - I want healthy, happy staff - go home... and so... in that vein I'm keeping myself home today because if my staff were as sick as I am this morning I'd send them home... shocking - a truly shocking revelation for me... (update - this lasted until I finished writing and then totally went to work for the morning... I'm such a jerk)

Side note - while I was at school yesterday morning one of the teachers says - oh yes, it is that time of year,  all the germs ru nning around again (yes, she meant real germs and was not calling the kids germs... at least not in this instance) -  my daughter was so sick this morning, but I just gave her tylenol and sent her in.  To this I said nothing and knew from that second on that Michael and Kyle will likely both have colds by the end of the month - as this was Michael's teacher and kindergarten tends to be all hands on.  (insert expletive)

Jen - did you like that I totally kept spelling kindergarten like a moron the other day. I've left it that way so other people can mock me for incorrectly spelling things.  The way I was spelling it makes me imagine this great garden somewhere with kinder surprises, something akin to Willy Wonka's factory, and you just sit there eating chocolate and making little dumb prizes that get tossed.

Michael and Kyle got hair cuts today.  Michael looks like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory - I'll post pictures tomorrow - it is pretty funny.  Of course, Sheldon is totally my favourite so it's all good.

burns, cold and life - oh my

First - Quebec :)

This was on the lawn of the art gallery where a special performance was made for all the officers - I got bored though and went outside to take photos and then walked myself the 2 miles home because I didn't feel like waiting for a ride... 

Ceiling art display in gallery

Massive mural in old Quebec - there are many to enjoy

And good old junk highway 

Tonight we tried to burn the house down while I was frying onion rings for the boys - I will likely never do that again - it was stupid hot that the oil instantly burned the onion rings and then I decided to try and deep fry my finger and yeah - that totally sucked.  It will heal and didn't burn as badly as my last burn.  I know - I need silicon wrapped hands in the kitchen.. 

The cold - well I took the afternoon off - sort of - worked from my bed and slept a bit.  Slept through one phone call - so I definitely was conked out for a bit.  Today there was a photo shoot in the office and I was disappointed to not be there but knew everything was in good hands.  I'm heading to a tradeshow tomorrow - or trying to - still have issues with where the guys are going to stay tomorrow night but the weekend is taken care of.   I did manage to squeak in a small run tonight so I'm feeling ok - I wasn't dying during the run and really thought that I could try and sweat this pesky cold out of me.  I may even hit yoga before I hit the road tomorrow.  Ahhhh yoga.  I totally love it now. 

Alright - I think I'm going to try and sleep.  Maybe. Need to get up early and get packing.
xxoo - love to you!

and yes, Mel, you are a highlight of my trip - definitely! Can't wait to see you.

lmao - ok - so there are lots of highlights - Paula & Makena, Carmen (we are sooo tying one on - or at least part of one), the jacuzzi in my fancy suite (YEAH), and maybe some cool stuff that I'll get to take home and have photos to share... woohoo!!!! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yesterday I noticed that I wasn't feeling great but it actually felt like allergies, but by 1pm today I sent myself home fearing I might hand out whatever is attacking my system to the rest of my fantastic staff - one of whom is pregnant and I don't want her sick!

Being sick doesn't really mean you get a break though because today was immunization day.  I took Michael for the kindergarten treatment... I love that they think a sticker might make getting jabbed by a needle better.  There are four stations - vision, hearing, dental and immunization.  I know my plan of attack - deal with the worst last.  First we do vision - Michael does the testing so fast they are surprised (totally has my eye sight), hearing - ok when you hear the little sound you put up your hand... good, good,  ok - perfect hearing, dental - so has he been to a dentist before - yes - lots - alright.. well thanks for coming... and then we walk into immunization.  We are smiles, Michael knows what is coming and he isn't happy about it, but - well what are you going to do - he is dealing with it a million times better than Kyle.

Enter the screamer.

You know those kids that scream at everything and anything and really really scream.  This is the kid that arrives and from the moment they sit to the moment they leave it is on.  The poor nurse that's with us looks at us like... wow - this couldn't be going worse right now but we try to laugh and just get through.  Michael cries for a minute once the shot actually happens but he is brave and pulls through - when we left he even went back and thanked the nurse.  Then we went and got slurpees for him and all the after school program kids.

And then I drove myself home and slept. I had alarms set up so that I wouldn't miss picking them up - I didn't have a huge window for sleep - but I squeaked in a few minutes.

It has been a year since Quebec and tonight I was supposed to be boarding a flight to North Carolina.  I backed out of NC though and have a trip to Ontario in a few weeks (and I know I will have amazing photos to share from there... the place I'm staying at is on the river and BEAUTIFUL).  I thought I'd share some Quebec photos this week to celebrate being there last year - Quebec City is beautiful and well worth the visit! So yes, this means that if you haven't been you should - please note that random making out is common in Quebec City and if you don't like that.. well - then maybe I'm telling you to go to the wrong place - I didn't have anyone to make out with and I still had a good time :)

They also make the best chocolate mint martinis! I mean, you really just can't believe how good they are.

Random acts of dancing

Beautiful streets

Good night my loves, sweet dreams - xo

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just another magic monday

Last night I saw something amazing - something I haven't seen since I was a kid

These are the beautiful Northern Lights - they danced in green.
points for naming the constellation in this photo (gotta click on it to see it)

More gorgeous Northern Lights

The moon was amazingly brilliant last night and 
I was able to capture this beauty - 
moonlight pouring over this mountain range... 

Another beautiful skyline

Cute kid #1 - 2nd day of kindergarden

Cute kid #2 - 1st day of Grade 4 and yes - I'm well aware that these boys need hair cuts... 

And with all this heat and the return of summer my roses decided to take one more kick at the can this year - hooray! They are beautiful.