Monday, September 17, 2007

good evening

A little Cariboo wildlife... no moose sightings - one bear but he didn't want his photo taken.

Kyle is enjoying kindergarten and learning new things every day - good and bad :) The joys of other peoples children. I was waiting with Kyle for the school to open (there is a sign that says - parents must stay with kindergarteners until the school bell goes off... I'm apparently the only parent who can read...) so this other child comes up to kyle like he is going to fight - like he wants to fight kyle and makes this comment - kyle push me so i can punch you... GREAT - can you say home school? What the hell is wrong with people - who teaches their kids that! So needless to say I'm keeping my eye on that one...

Michael is adjusting to going to daycare without Kyle. They've never actually been in the same programs at daycare but they usually get to spend some of their day together. He gets quite upset about Kyle going to kindergarten - there are tears every day. I'm sure it will get better... he does like daycare now so that's a positive thing :) He is one of the big kids now and I think he likes that. His language skills are improving all the time - he is starting to do two word sentences... more often when he really wants something.

And now I need to do some work... lucky me :) nightie night

Monday, September 10, 2007


So here are a few from our holiday - I'm definitely missing my holiday now... today was my first day back in the grind and I'm darn near ready for another holiday...

Here are the boys listening to the pan flute man at Granville Island.

Kyle at his first day of kindergarten. And yes, that means he is turning *gulp* five next month...

Andy and Kyle were part of Derek (Andy's brother) wedding the first weekend of September. I've got about 200 photos now and this is part of my top five fav photos. I would also just like to say that the music they chose for the wedding party to walk to and the music Wendy came down the aisle to were perfect. Some may know that I love the Princess Bride... the theme music from this film (see it if you haven't...) was the music wendy walked down the aisle to - I've listened to it about 10 times since the wedding and have fallen in love with it all over again. Sadly I can't take credit for this photo. A family friend took it on my inlaws camera.

Here is Kyle as the ring bearer. He was a true champ all day and did a great job!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

where did i go?

well i went on holidays and just stopped posting... so sorry to all - i'll post photos tomorrow
so its september now - here's what we did - short form

- went to vancouver
- watched a beautiful bride walk down the aisle
- picked blackberries
- walked through steveston a tonne of times
- spent a night in PG - BLAH
- went to granville island
- was told by a snob in richmond that charm bracelets were no longer in style
- got dressed up twice in the same day and managed to look a wee bit hot
- took kyle to his first day of kindergarten
- pinned kyle (48 lbs) while he got a booster shot and a chicken pox vaccine... blah
- ate sushi - a couple of times
- began living with my husband again after five months apart

I'll post some pics tomorrow - i hope everyone else had a good summer and preparing to roll back into the fall grind... I'm not - but I'll be wearing a smile tomorrow when I return to my office. Sweet dreams and good wishes to you all :)