Thursday, June 30, 2011

CN Rail bridge fire

There was a good deal of smoke leaving Boston Bar today, so we pulled over to look and then decided to drive a little further down the highway - then we climbed up on an edge on got these shots of the bridge fire - this was about 4pm this afternoon.

Hey, what's that? Looks like a Michael fish in the lake :)
Yep - we had fun today!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

crack-o-lacking rant!

Today was the last day of school. I wish that I was having a summer vacation for two months - this much I know.  Rather than being excited about the weeks ahead I'm now looking at a report card that I just have to rant about.

First - I appreciate that all teachers are SOOOOO not the same and that we are dealing with a special situation - I actually watched other teachers give our teacher shit during assembly today because she couldn't be bothered to give out awards in every category... frustrating and sad!

In any case - here I go...

What is the point of a report card if it is received on the last day of school?  When there are comments about things that are issues doesn't that warrant a phone call home, or a note home, or a freakin' text?

I'll preface this by saying that I've had a complete and total shit day and this has just been stacked right on the steaming top of it all... so I'm mad and a freakin' anxious wreck!  But seriously... if something needs work - then let's work together - let's be a team in education - I'm not an asshole (to everyone) - I am understanding (mostly) and I want the best for my kids - the absolutely best - but when I can blatantly see that there was definitely a class favorite and that 12 other students got nothing - I just have to shake my head and write these kinds of rants because talking to this teacher has done nothing.  We specifically said we were open to talking and hoped to hear more about education and opportunities for us to engage - we want to be part of this and we get NOTHING!  Has the education system changed that much in 20 years that my education and the time and love given by my teachers and principals is gone?

And now I'm going to finish cooking dinner, drink some wine and cry.  I've wanted to breakdown all day and it is now time to get on with the falling apart.


ps. I heart good smart fun teachers - where are they all hiding? Please let our grade four teacher be that... please

Monday, June 27, 2011


Ok - I'm going to complain... here it comes...

First, stupid summer time drivers who aren't paying attention - PAY ATTENTION - today while I had a beautiful pregnant lady in my passenger side seat you nearly and I mean really really nearly hit the passenger - I can't even believe how close it was.  LOOK before you start backing up into traffic.

Second, I think it is time to put the ban on smoking in cars.  This has nothing to do with health considerations - NOTHING - this is about paying attention to the road.  If you can't have a hand on your cell phone and talk how can you light a smoke, and smoke, and butt out while you drive - WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE! I don't see one.  Oh wait - I do... you can't get taxes from a cell phone - the government can't tax the crap out of the use of cell phones, but cigarettes - hell's yes - tax the ever-loving crap out of it.  And that is where safety trumps the bottom line - and our public safety loses next to something that is killing the people that use it and the people stand in the way of the people that use it - bull shit, all the way around.

End vent!

Wait - if you flick one more of the GD'n death sticks at my freakin' car I'm going to hit your car because - seriously - what the hell is wrong with you! STUPID!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

can't sleep

That's all... 
I know - how boring... 

point of interest - a small tornado ripped through downtown two days ago - I watched it run through a parking lot and then turn over in the safeway parking lot and tear all of the garbage out of the back of a truck and throw it all over the lot and at people - and then keep running towards the river.  It was taller than the buildings and then dissipated as it run to the edge of the downtown and over the bank to the river.



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

garage sale

This weekend we are clearing out the house and getting rid of stuff - this is long overdue - we wanted to last summer but never got to it... so this summer - it is on...

what else...

Well I still have the blahs...  and frankly, nothing fantastic to share - except a few photos

Lily of the Valley - yep, my favorite

Grandpa and the boys puddle hunting!

This photo is a few months old - 
Kyle was writing out Star Wars characters... good old Hungg Solo :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

nose bleeds, life and summer vacation

At this point I wish I had booked significantly more time off at the start of summer.  I need a vacation.  That said - the boys are heading on vacation.  I'm taking them to Vancouver next Thursday and then we are hitting the Canada Day events in Richmond and then I'm driving home on Saturday.  The boys are staying with Ni ni and Ye ye and living it up for a few days.  Then Andy and I are heading to Van the following Thursday to pick them up and spend a day in Vancouver and head home.  I think we'll probably take some more time off in August and go out again... we'll see - if (when) the house sells then I'll feel a lot better about travelling.  (Please send your positive energy towards this cause - I need that house to sell - need it - need it!)

Nose bleeds - I had a whopper tonight - I'm tired lately - and just not feeling great - lost my get up and go... seems like I've just been off since the "race" in May... I went for a bike ride this weekend - did 10 km - and couldn't believe how bad is screwed up my knee - three days of it being swollen - awful!

And now I'm going to call it an early night for me and try to get some extra sleep... xxoo - love to you!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things I like on Etsy

West Virginia Glass Co.
Aqua Blue with Gold Band
$24.99 USD

Custom Wedding Anniversary Necklace Brass and Copper Plated
This could really be for anything or anyone - doesn't have to be wedding
Made in Raleigh NC, USA - and she has a great little blog/website,
(plus I thought this was funny... I mean really - s & m since 2010 - love it - lol)

POW signs, Colorado Springs
I was thinking I could use for all the times I need to do some ass-kicking - I could simply walk into a meeting with this tacked on and everyone would know that I meant business :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

a rant

Ok - since our province - if not our nation - has seen the power of social media and that it is very apparent that people shouldn't do bad things I would like to ask a question - why can't this translate to the every day?

Why am I pissed?

Well tonight two little shits walked by our driveway and lit all the cottonwood fluff on fire - I ripped my deck door open and yelled at them - and then chased after them down the street - trying to get their photo to report to the police.

One girl - white skirt - 16-18 years old 5'6 - black top, male - same age, height - white shirt, black shorts with red stripe!  I didn't get a clear photo of them - and proceeded to call the non-emergency hotline and got freakin' voice mail and that I could leave a freakin' message - WHAT!  I'm not going to call 911 over this kind of shit - but what it says to me - is there is a large group of the population that just doesn't give a shit about anything and it doesn't matter that they were seen at the riot because they'd do it again because in one of their friends eyes they are a "hero".  It is ridiculous!

Let's start a movement to stop this ridiculous behavior!  What can we do?  I'm tired of my lawn getting set on fire - one day it will catch and run right to the house or my car and cause all kinds of damage - two years ago it nearly lit a field on fire - it was awful!  Poor behavior in general needs to be stopped!  If I see them pass by the house again - and I know they will - they walk by all the time - I'm going to take their photo with my big lens - then I'm going to post it online - is that the only way to stop people - if it even does stop people...



Ok - on top of that my sinus is completely plugged from all the stupid cotton fluff and I'm just not feeling great! BLAH


Ok - I'll go away for a while - looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

What do you think of me posting photos on facebook of all the drug dealers that frequent the back house - that traffic is doubling - it is TERRIBLE too!  TIRED, MAD, ROAR!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Why do I let email bug me sooo much? ROAR!
Just got another super annoying email from one of my "favorite" people and just have to shake my head... I deleted it just so I don't have to look at it because the continual review of it is awful and doesn't help anything...

Why do things bug me ages.. I can pinpoint things that bug me and are red button that are many many years old... why pack around the luggage - maybe if I learn how to let things go more positive things will come my way...

Anyone have any pointers or books they'd suggest on the plague of packing around old mind junk?

xxoo - love you!


And so tonight we made the decision that Max needed a new home soon and final.  It has been so tough - while we've had a tough time with him and there have been huge issues we kept putting up with it and have adjusted our lives to try and make his better... but it isn't working... tonight he bit Kyle because Kyle was picking up a toy - on top of that - he chewed through our screen door, destroyed the garbage again, and on and on and on - so we are trying to find him a new home.  Michael is sad, but I know this is the best decision for all of us - Max needs a family with time.. it is awful... but it is better than lying about it and telling the kids that he died or ran away... or anything else...


So if you know anyone - seriously - we hope to find him a new home by the weekend - I'm willing to travel with him - and drop him off in Vancouver if anyone down there can offer him a great home - I'm going to 100 Mile this weekend and Vancouver at the end of the month...

Monday, June 13, 2011


Tonight on my walk with Max I had to gear up with my cute rain coat from Old Navy - I love it - but hardly wear it - it is pouring outside though - so I (at 10:45pm) head outside for our walk with an umbrella - I know - it really really was raining and I get to our first spot for wandering by Max and up comes a car - now are street is a dead end and no one usually goes past our house - certainly not at 10:45 at night - and it is the cops - he slowly comes up to me - like I was going to join on the hood or something and says...

"are you walking your dog?"

um... actually this is my pet bear, I know, he looks really small - but really he is a bear - he is also a trash compactor and a destroyer of valuables....

I kind of laugh and say - yes - and off he goes.

Turns out the new quiet neighbours aren't really that quiet - two nights ago they had a battle royale in the back of the house which I heard parts of while I gardened - and now - two cop cars are in their drive way... wicked!

The action never ends around here.

loves... I totally love the "extreme makeover weight loss edition"  - FANTASTIC - I can watch a whole season of biggest loser in one night - and feel some kind of positive motivation at the end of it for healthier living - great job, ABC. :)

And now off to bed... LOVE falling asleep to the sound of rain! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Likes - oh wait - and some dislikes...

I upgraded my cell phone last week and found out what it was like to go through re-loading and dealing with terrible email problems... and now it works and tonight I found something on it that makes my day... you see I was having to re-enter my calendar from my office to my online calendar to my phone.. and then there was duplication and issues... and now - fancy that - I can sync my phone... hooray!

And... Patrick Swayze in Too Wong Foo - he made a beautiful woman and I miss him!

I hate the drug house! HATE - HATE - HATE!!!!!

what's going on

I know - I haven't written in the month of June - terrible!

Well I've been swamped and attended a conference and on and on...  long days.

The boys are well - getting taller by the day, it seems.
Our summer Saturdays are back to what they usually are - this means that we hit a bunch of garage sales we see what kind of stuff we can find - we are having our own garage sale in two weekends - woohoo!  Today we found some great storage units, which we needed for the basement and a GT snow racer for this winter. Then we have lunch out and then play and have fun in the afternoon.

Our house is going up with a realtor on Monday - hooray - so we are doing a yard clean up tomorrow morning (bought some hanging baskets and plants to freshen up the yard) and then heading out to my parents for dinner.  I got the "we'll be there on Friday night" and never show up - I'm smart enough (now) to realize that this means they won't show up and not to build plans around them...

Vent - when you work at a restaurant and you serve food/make food - wash your hands! While it is fine for you to "wash" (run them under water quickly) between different orders or different exchanges in your job - it is not ok that your hands look like you've been working in the garden in the morning, started to work on the truck and then remembered that you needed to be at work and just up and went to work - throwing on your clothes and then preparing food... yuck!