Thursday, January 31, 2008

bring on the illness

I've been stressed. Too stressed.
I procrastinated as long as I could on the course I've been taking for my bachelors and amazing as it is - I actually finished it tonight and sent the last paper in. At work I've submitted all of the proposals and I should have my year end completed tomorrow. Andrew starts his new job tomorrow. All of these things are loading up against me... the bugs always like me most when I'm finally feeling like I can take a break and enjoy the other parts of life. It's been a year since I had pneumonia and I really don't want that to come back. I know, I know - I'm crazy. Bugs can't think. I know. Alright I'll go and just sit in my general anxiety disorder...

And how flamin' sad is it that someone decided to drop there baby off in a stairwell. What the hell is wrong with people? And those poor little girls in the cold in Saskatchewan - lord. I just wanted to cry when I saw it on the news. First - what the hell is wrong with the media that I should have to see that and that my kids should have to see that. What the hell is wrong with some parents? Stop hurting your babies. Stop it!

It's 11:30. I'm hungry, but I know better and I'm going to have a glass of water and get into bed. Good night my friends.
Sweet dreams.

Wait - speaking of dreams, since my stress level has begun shifting I've started dreaming again. I might have had three dreams that I recalled in 2007. I've already had that in the last week. How's this one? I'm walking with a group of people along the edge of swampy area. People start panicking as small spiders are noticed. The spiders climb on me (shiny), and inject something into me. I'm the only one this is happening to. Then we are at a camp and something is crawling under my skin. My skin breaks and I'm able to pull out six inch long creatures. Now you'd think - spiders did this, must be spiders coming out.. nope the creatures were sea scorpions (these are from Kyle's Chased by Dinosaurs movies). The oddity to all of this is that I pull one out and my dream carries on. I knew that I should have woken up, but I kept pulling these creatures out of legs. Different spots on my legs, never the same spot and there was always a building up sensation to them being pulled and it really felt like I was pulling them out. Then I think I heard something - Michael giving me the 6am hello and I woke up. But I woke up wondering what the hell was that about. And there you have it - a little bit of everything tonight - if you have some insights on my dream I'd love to hear it. Yes, I know I'm crazy... that insight is obvious. :)

Wait, one more - and this is for my aunt - if you still read here - my crazy mom tried to pull another fast one on me. The other night she told me that a family friend (gran's "man friend") had had to get an amputation. Like telling me they were sick wasn't good enough and the shock value wasn't there - to up the anti - this addition needed to be made. Now I was a little skeptical, but also saddened by the news. Tonight I get a voice mail from grandma and its sad. She says she is sad and things aren't going well. I call back, immediately, fearing the worst and hear that she is doing well and that the sad was that she hadn't had time to catch up with me. No amputation - there was a scare, but medical science prevailed and the amputation wasn't necessary... Oh and she's (mom) also started talking with "ghosts" in other homes. She had a client (client implies payment... please accept these three shiny rocks, and as a tip for this service I'd like to throw in a nice magic bean) who had a ghost living in her house. The ghost was starting to cause problems - could my mom get her out of her house. She apparently telekinetically (wrong word/right word - no idea) got herself to this women's house and after a lengthy discussion with said ghost, the ghost chose to move on. So there you go. Maybe that explains those crazy dreams... crazy begets crazy.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

to do in the cold

Ok so tonight I'm looking for the answer to - what are you doing to get through all this cold, miserable weather?

Right now I'm procrastinating. I have a 1,500 word paper to write (finish) tonight for the course I'm taking right now. I'm not interested in the topic and I'm having a hard time focusing on what to write. This part of the last four courses I need to graduate and actually have a real BS after my name. It will actually be a BGS which I think will really stand for bachelors in general shit.

Ok - so lets hear it... what are you doing to get through the cold... and who had it the worst today? Today it was -27 at its coldest this morning - right now we are up to -20 - near balmy conditions. :) This doesn't include the wind chill. I don't know what it was with the wind chill - I didn't stand outside long enough to see if my nose hairs were freezing or not. It's the high speed shuffling to the house with everything the kids took to school, plus kids, plus my crap.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

um, frickin' brrrrrrr

Alright so I was whining about a little -13 earlier this month... and now it is -25 and likely to get into the minus 30 territory - BLAH! -32 and there will be no school... which means I could probably stay home from work tomorrow... come on - bring on the cold - what is the shut down situation in the lower mainland - how cold before they shut schools down... ??? anyone know? I bet its a heck of a lot warmer than -32...

Ok - I'm going to go warm up - it's weather like this that really shows how poorly your home is insulated...

Friday, January 25, 2008

a break from work


Remember those 17... well they needed some extra content - it was actually completed in a team effort this time, which is nice and they were all just whisked off to the right person... hooray! I might actually get to do some real work done next week!

I hope everyone has a stress free weekend. I'm going to go and cook some dinner and clean up... hey maybe I'll even post some kitchen reno pictures tonight... what a treat :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

sick, cold, sick

Michael is still struggling with whatever he has had for nearly three weeks. I think he is on his second cold though as we thought he was getting better and then is got worse again. Terrible cough - blah! Kyle is much better - a little cough, but nothing else - now the corner of his mouth has cracked and he got some kind of infection there... so no daycare.... blah...

And what else... well of course I'm coming down with something. I can just feel it looming - working its way in - trying to find somewhere to hang out for a long time... lord. That's about it - work is... well you know. I just can't believe that January is nearly over. My to do list is too long and every time I start one task I'm reminded of something else I'm also supposed to be working on.

Well now I'm going to go and work on sleep. I hope everyone else is well - you can post on here... I don't mind reading something other than my blab.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Paula turned 31 on Thursday, finally catching up to me... I decided to ring in the first day of her 31st year on earth with an excellent round of food poisoning. I don't know what kicked it off... I bought some deli salad from Safeway and I think that is where it came from because I'm the only one that ate that stuff and... fancy that I was the only one that got sick. Yesterday was pretty much a write off, but I wasn't throwing up - hooray! This morning I'm just sore -ribs, back, general muscle ache... blah...
So there - wasn't that a great blog update... aren't you glad you stopped by... ha.

Well I better get back to life around this house,... time for dinosaur king and then I'm hoping we can do some crafts. I did manage to make one half of Michael' bedroom curtains yesterday - so it wasn't a complete write off.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


One word answers - from Carmen's facebook page :)

1. Where is your cell phone? upstairs
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend? married
3. Your hair? flat
4. Work? pee-on
5. Your father? loving
6. Your favorite thing? lots
7. Your dream last night? none
8. Your favorite drink? slurpee
9. Your dream car? tundra
10. The room you're in? office
11. Your ex? unknown
12. Your fear? loss
13. What do you want to be in 10 years? thinner
14. What you're not good at? limbo
15. Muffin? cranberryorange
16. One of your wish list items? travel
17. Where you grew up? qtown
18. The last thing you did? stairs
19. What are you wearing? tank
20. What aren't you wearing? watch
21. Your pet? cats
22. Your computer? lifeline
23. Your life? complex
24. Your mood? itchy
25. Missing? lots
26. What are you thinking about right now? photography
27. Your car/truck? CRV
28. Your summer? maybe
29. Your relationship status? married
30. Your favorite color? red
31. When is the last time you laughed? recently
32. Last time you cried? recently
33. School? ongoing
34. Dinner? wrap
35. Piercings? 2
36. Tattoos? 1
37. What are your plans for this Saturday? homebody
38. Biggest regret?
39. Pastime? whatever
40. Where have you always wanted to go? newfoundland
41. Food? yes
42. Breakfast? smoothie
43. Books you read as a kid? dr.z
44. Show you watched as a kid? gadget
45. If you could be/do/*have something/someone* for a day what would it be? astronaut

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Alright one more thing to share and then I'm hitting the hay. I made agedashi tofu at home. Sure, I'm lame because I photograph food, but I'm ok with being lame.

How do you make this? What is it? Well if you don't like tofu you might want to try this. I really like and I will state it here and now that I am not a tofu lover. I bought an extra firm piece of tofu and then pressed it between napkins. I put something heavy on top and all the extra water/soy liquid came out. Then I cut the tofu into cubes and rolled them in corn starch. Then they were placed gently into a nice hot fry. I used my frying pan, but I guess if you have a deep fryer you could probably use that too... Then you fry them until brown. I took mine out of the frying pan and let them drip any access oil onto some napkins. Then you can eat it with tempura sauce or oyster sauce. I dip mine in oyster sauce too.


Ok - now bed - night night.


This is from a photo I took while on our sleigh ride. I've adjusted it a fair bit in photoshop.

ok, 2nd times the charm

now I'm done.... hooray!

I know I shouldn't even write anything about finishing - but the deadline has come and gone and there is nothing I can do to change any of them now. We have some research to complete, but nothing like I've been through for the last two weeks.

And here is a photo of the cute guys. Michael has been sick for a week... blah.. coughing, fevers - it wasn't really much of anything but daycare said he had fever. Now it is a cough. I think Kyle is coming down with something now. He was pretty out of sorts today and just wanted to cuddle. He's a cuddly guy, but overly cuddly. Outside of the health stuff, Kyle is enjoying kindergarten. Lots of new friends and stuff to learn and his teacher couldn't be nicer.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Did I say finished 17 re-writes... bring on the re-re-writes... ARG!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Ok so I've been a busy beaver for the last week. Two websites (full sites) that I've been trying to complete, 17 proposal re-writes (this might sound easy, but HA it isn't!), my office has been renovated and I tried to get myself set back up... I, at least, had my computer and tech stuff working - two offices are pretty much completed... mine still needs work, but I'm well past halfway...

In any case I'm finished the 17 proposals and just needed somewhere to sing it on the mountain - hoo-frickin'-ray. I know that the work will only get piled on next week - year end (BLAH) and everything else, but at least that chunk of work is completed.

Now I'm going to go and play some boggle... yes, sadly on the computer, but hey it lets my brain take a break :) Happy Saturday.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Yesterday it was a beautiful plus (PLUS) 5, in the last hour I've watched it drop 3 degrees and now we are at -13 (MINUS). I knew winter wasn't over, but come on....

I'm working on a website right now and I'm totally struggling with it tonight. I had this great site designed and then I started looking at it on other platforms and it fell apart - so I started over with something more user friendly for all platforms and now I'm not happy with it... I better get back to it - I want most of it done in the next couple days.

Here is a picture from one of our recent adventures. A friend of mine invited us for a sleigh ride. The boys and I went and toured around her property (same size as stanley park). It was a little cold, but very fun and something very different for us to take in.

Friday, January 04, 2008

birthday, birthday, birthday time

Here is Michael on his 2nd birthday. I, rather unwisely, let all his presents in the living room and so he needed to open everything before we did anything else... I also bought a cake that he didn't want to eat and enjoyed an orange instead... plus some chocolate.

mmmm topped with whip cream, you betcha :)

An Ape-tini

3 parts Intellect
2 parts Ambition
1 part Sexy Momma

Splash of Courage and sprinkle of chocolate shavings

Finish off with whipped cream


Today is Michael's 2nd birthday. We are having a small family party. I'm writing a little in shock, because I can't believe that two years have gone by. I'm looking at the clock right now - it says 3:45. He was just coming into the world now. I still need to go and pick up a birthday cake (I know - for shame, I didn't bake one...) and then pick them up to come home and play some birthday games.

I'll post some birthday pics later and hope that everyone is having a good start to 2008!