Sunday, October 29, 2006

no locusts


After 48 hours I took Michael with me to get my stitches out. As I was getting them out I asked about his rash and my doctor seemed to think that it might have been a reaction to the virus he was fighting on the weekend. I'm not sure if I believe that or not - but the bumps are gone and they didn't develop into anything else.

My stitches were painful to remove, but they are out and my hand is pretty much healed up - well the hole is healed. My doctor pulled one stitch out and says - oh I left some in there - it'll come out eventually - have a nice day... I'm like - WHAT?

So I got in the car and pulled it out - I don't know what the heck is wrong with him... like spending 30 more seconds trying to dig it out was putting a cramp in his day.

My hand is not what it use to be. I'm feeling things on the tendon that I didn't before - hopefully this is all part of the healing process. I see the surgeon in December. I might just call this week to ask because if this is the cure I might be looking for a refund... I guess I shouldn't complain too much - I don't have a claw for a hand... :)

Andy has been gone for two full weeks. I'm definitely going a little crazy. On the days that I'm really losing it I put the kids in the car and go for a drive. This way I don't have to chase them or listen to them yelling at each other as they both like the car. I don't drive for long but 15 minutes gives my mind a break.

I've started yoga and if I could find the time to do it without the kids I think I might actually enjoy it.

I've moved Michael into his big bed. I've had enough of the crib and he likes sleeping on a real bed. Every time he moved in his crib the mattress crinkled and I'm sure it woke him up on a number of occassions. Tonight is the first night he will sleep on the big mattress - I hope it goes well. He had his nap on it and that went fine. I've gated him in so he can't escape later tonight. Sleeping walking runs in the family :)

My grandma is worse. I think I mentioned that my grandfather changed her DNR status to a coded one, which means that she is getting treatment for everything. Her body is starting to give up the battle though. As a result of the status change they reset her arm and since then she has been getting sicker. Her bowel became obstructed earlier this week and they were going to perform surgery on that today but they can't get her temperature under control and so they gave up on the surgery. As a result of the obstruction everything is trying to come back up on her - so she has a number of tubes and equipment trying to keep her alive. Her kidneys aren't working very well right now and it doesn't sound like she will make the weekend. I'm hoping to go and see her tomorrow while Kyle is at school - we will see...

Anyway I should go clean up and get ready for bed. Hey, did the time change make anyone else's life terrible today... Kyle and Michael got up at 6... then they wanted meals all at the wrong times... arg! ok - good night.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm sure that locusts will be next...

So if things weren't bad enough it looks like Michael might have chickenpox. Last night I had an AGM and left the kids with my mom... it was my only choice as Michael has been sick and I couldn't turn him loose on another parent with kids. I got home to him crying his eyes out. Nothing appears to be too terrible though. She goes to play on the computer and that was it.

This morning she says she wants to go feed grandma. I say go for it, you can take my car. Just be back before 9am because Kyle needs to get to preschool. I got the kids ready at 8:40 and we went outside. At 9am I came inside and at 9:10 I called my cell, as I'd given it to her as a clock and reminder to be on time. 9:15 she rolls in.. 'sorry about that'. I told her I would drive her home... did I mention it was snowing... first day of snow here.... Anyway it is 9:30 before we leave town and I don't get to her house until 10:50. The entire way there I had to listen to the healer speech... I wanted to put my head through the windshield. It was a nightmare. I'm trying to be supportive, but it is becoming weirder by the day. She actually tried to tell a radiologist that she is telepathic and that radiology and telepathy are similar. I can just see the radiologist going... um sure... whatever... the crazy ward is upstairs...

I drop her off and zoom back to the daycare. Kyle finishes at noon. I made it there for 12:05... and 10 minutes of that was crossing the bridge into downtown. So I'm frustrated by all that and then we get home and change Michael. He has a rash all over his back, and stomach/chest. I called public health and they figure it is chickenpox. I called the rn hotline and they thought it might be more like an allergy. I just have to watch and wait now. If it blisters, it's chickenpox... if it doesn't do anything it is a rash or allergy and we can go see a doctor. Why the story about my mom and her sitting last night... well I can't be sure about what she fed the boys and maybe he had an allergic reaction to something she gave him... she didn't mention anything... although - everyone will recall her not mentioning that she pinched his chin... which is still visible on him.

I'm getting my stitches out on Friday - hooray. My finger is working pretty well. I'm not waking up with the claw. It is only bothering me when I try to use the tips of my fingers. This is supposed to be six weeks recovery... so I've got a ways to go before it is 100%. All that said I'm happy I went to PG for Emergency now... I can't imagine having gone through the weekend the way it was.

Monday, October 23, 2006

how many times can you go to the hospital...

I will start by saying this has been the worst week of my life. The last seven days have been a nightmare.

As noted previously, I had trigger finger surgery last Tuesday. By Friday I couldn't open my finger. I could get it to a point but nothing further. It was terrible. I was fearing the worst. Friday afternoon Michael had his 9 month check up. We got there 10 minutes early and waited another 40 minutes before we saw the doctor. Then he just went through a stupid list and then weighed Michael... he hasn't gained any weight, he is now just under 22 lbs. He didn't check his height - it was a waste of my time... of course I had to ask about my hand. I asked if it should be open by now, should I be able to straigten it.. 'I don't really know' 'you should go back to your surgeon' - I tell him that I called on Wednesday because I knew it was going well and they didn't call me back. I called on Thursday and was told that there office was closed until Monday. FABULOUS! My brilliant doctor says 'you should go back to PG, go to emergency - they'll be forced to call your surgeon in' - I have to drive back to PG with two kids and a terrible hand. So I call the PG hospital... why drive up there if they can make a phone call to him and ask. I get a bitch on the other end who won't help me. I explain that I'm trying to lessen their work load by calling, rather than just showing up... nothing... she continues to be a complete bitch. I hang up on her. I call the Quesnel hospital and call the health hotline. After going through the survey questions with the RN she says I should go back to PG. So I call the Quesnel hospital again and ask for th PG ER number - direct line - allowing me to skip the bitch. I accomplish this and they tell me - you should just come up if you are worried about it.

So at 3 in the afternoon I pack up Michael and Kyle and go to PG. We arrive at 5pm. We then sit in emergency until 6pm. ER doc says I need to wait for the oncall surgeon. At 6:50 the surgeon comes in and says 'the other surgeon should have told you to be stretching your finger' he pulls my finger as far as it would go on a good day. I want to cry, but I'm being strong. He says you have to do this. It feels like something kind of pops in my hand. I keep moving my fingers back and forth. It was painful... not childbirth painful... but it was enough.

After all this I decide I should go visit my grandma (backtrack - for whatever reason the decision was made to move my grandma to PG and get her arm rebroken and reset) She is upstairs and so after 20 minutes of hunting we find her. This was probably the worst part of the last few days... and it has been bad... she was lying in her bed with IV's and a white cloth with IV's on her head. She looked terrible. She didn't look alive. I asked how the surgery went. 'It didn't happen, she was bumped. She'll be staying with us until she is placed in the schedule.' She hasn't woken up since she arrived. I didn't try to wake her. After I left I wished I had. I wished that I had just gone up to her bed and told her I loved her. Seeing her like that broke my heart. I'm still choked up about it.

I took the kids back to the car. We had a pathetic dinner at Wendy's. I grabbed a crappy drink from starbucks and we drove home. We got home at about 9:30. Saturday was the beginning of Michael getting sick. His temperature started to go in the afternoon. It kept going. Sunday he was completely out of sorts. He didn't want to do anything. I took him to the walk in clinic, where the doctor didn't bother taking his temp. just decided that I was doing the right things and to keep doing that.... great... except that it wasn't helping Michael. At 5pm I gave him Tylenol and by 5:30 I didn't want to touch his skin it was sooo hot. He was 40.1. I took him to the ER and then he had a blood test and urine test. Everything came back fine. So there has been no resolution on whatever he has. I'm just hoping he cracks through it soon. Tonight he cried for more than an hour. His temps are still high but not into the 40's - thankfully.

Aunti Jenni that was why had to go so quick last night - I'm sorry we didn't get to chat. I will try and catch up with you again sometime this week.

I'm grumpy and tired so I should just go to bed. What is the upside? Well my finger is straight. Well mostly... my stitches make it pretty hard to straighten the right out, but it feels and looks better. My stitches are itchy, but that is very minor compared to everything else. I hope this week is better but I'm not holding out much hope on that with Michael being the way he is. I just hope Kyle doesn't catch whatever Michael has... I think this just might be him teething - both his top teeth are just poking through - seems a little much for teething though.

Good night lovies...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

not for the squimish

So here is my gimp hand before the surgery.

Here is the mess they left me with. You can kind of make out where the stitches are not doing there job and the skin is pulling up and apart... frickin' fabulous

So here is today - Day 3 - now you can really see the mark that will be a life long scar for me... I will cry like George about not being able to be a hand model later ;) I, of course, called the surgeon and was told he would get back to me - I called today and his (of course) office is closed until Monday... so hooray for me... I am not feeling too bad today, however I'm still unable to do most things....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I had hand surgery yesterday. Right hand - trigger finger... not very confident it fixed it this morning. I've placed a call into my surgeons office because I'm so concerned. I've been told to give up putting my hand in water for five days- which I guess means the kids can't have baths... so I probably won't be able to do that... I've already removed the crappy bandage they put on yesterday as it was falling off and so thick that I couldn't do anything.

Yesterday was a miserable day. My mom was supposed to be here at 7am so I could make it to PG for 8:30. She showed up late and then decided to come with me. So I had to pack up the kids, get all the gear for the day and then drive like the wind. I was late and my mom didn't seem to care about any of it - being late and being annoying. ARG! I get to the surgery - they do their thing - a student does some of my stitches - which are NOT pretty. I'm definitely going to have a scar. Then I find mom and the kids outside the surgery room. We walk outside and she says oh I left the lights on - teehee - I wondered what that beeping sound was.... WHAT! Of course my car is half dead. I tell her to wait - my car likes to heal itself, hero style - but she is so inpatient that she keeps trying it - I finally get so frustrated that I just take the kids and we leave for a walk... of course she comes and then I have listen to more of her cult crap... 'i'm a healer, i'm going to get my naturopathy doctrate online... BLAH BLAH BLAH' I fumed all day... we get back to the car and of course - it starts and I laugh in her face because she was queen of 'it isn't going to start... blah blah blah... naturopathy' - we went to costco because I needed to do shopping - i knew the surgery wasn't going to kill me so I had planned a quiet day for myself - fat chance of that... ffff'''eerrrss.... anyway - I do my shopping - we grab lunch and then she says she will drive home - not that I can't - I had driven us from the hospital to costco because I was so mad... so she can't drive - she drives with the gas on hard and then kick brake! AAAAGGGGGGHHHHH! I couldn't wait to get home.... I get home and within five minutes of getting in the house she says well I better go I have stuff to do... I barely choked out a thank you for helping because SHE DIDN'T! I might as well had three kids yesterday... oh and (sorry for not telling andy this on the phone last night) she pinched michael - like HARD! She caught his chin between the buckle on his car seat... first let me say that accidents happen, i accept that but... - I'm outside the car when it happened and all I can hear is him crying - she's all - oh maybe he needs a bottle but momma april knows the cry of her injured young... I'm like - Um no he isn't he's hurt... 'no,no'.... then I see the welt on his poor little chin and I'm all 'um he's got a welt - he must have been pinched...' nothing - no - hey I'm sorry, hey I did it - nothing - no admission - she just goes on like nothing happened - AAAAHHHHH! It was the worst day... and then I had to deal with the rest of the night - I was so tired and sore that I just bought McDonald's for Kyle - which I was really try to avoid - me and Michael had left over wonton soup

well kyle will be done preschool in a couple of minutes so I better run - sorry about the rant - today has already been better - even with a swollen hand...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

a letter

Dear Previous Owners Of Our Home,

Thank for selling us your house so quickly and giving us a discount on the price with one simple request. You asked no questions and we thought it was grand.

Thank you for leaving the mice behind in the cold room. It appears that they had a real feast in that room. Thank you for making us fear that we had the hanta virus. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to brush up our skills on bleaching wood and reconstruction.

Thank you for making sure that every wall and floor line in the house is not square. The 'Alice in Wonderland' feel should help us in resale value.

Thank you for cutting a whole in the countertop and covering it up. We also would like to say that the color purple everyone is a great added bonus. You, so cleverly, matching the grape wallpaper to the countertop was genius!

Thank you for deciding that insulation was not a necessity in exterior walls. We enjoy paying through the nose on gas bills. What a great way to ensure that I will never get to go on a vacation.

Thank you for giving my husband the opportunity to purchase numerous tools. He enjoys all of the tasks that now lay ahead of him. The list grows everyday and it always makes us smile.

I hope that you found an equally pleasant home and wish you the best.



Saturday, October 14, 2006

oh what a couple of days

Kyle's 4th birthday started out nicely. I had to take Michael to a 9am check up and was just walking out the door when the phone rang. It was my grandpa. He was crying and struggling to get out that grandma had fallen out of bed and she was hurt. Andy took the kids and I ran out the door. I live about a kilometre from them so I drove over and called 911 on the way. When I got there I saw a car in the driveway and felt better because the health worker was onsite and must have arrived between the call and my arrival... right.

So I walk in the house and I start to think that maybe I didn't get a phone call, maybe I made it up, because they were sitting having coffee, looking normal. So I ask, is everything ok? The health worker says she fell out of bed and I think she hurt her arm. So I go to grandma and ask, but I can already see. Her arm is twice as big as it should be and the cress where your hand mets your arm is black. I ask her if she is in pain, 'no'. Then I see she had also hit her head, the skin is scrapped and bruised but not broken.

I tell them that the ambulance should be here shortly and we wait. She is in no pain but should be. I would be cryin' my eyes out if my arm looked like that. The ambulance comes and I tell them about her alzheimers. They do the history and then ask when did this happen. I pipe up with, well I was called 20 minutes ago so within the last 25. The health worker then says, well it happened before I got her at 7:45... (WHAT!???) and then my grandpa says it happened at 12:30... I ask again because I figure I've heard wrong, nope - 12:30. He says he was in the chair and heard her roll out of bed. She didn't really complain so he picked her up (he's 82) and put her back to bed. I can't believe what I've heard. I can see my grandpa going, oh she is ok - maybe it's even happened before, and putting her back to bed. I don't understand why the health worker - who dressed my grandma - didn't think - gees that looks really bad and her head looks pretty bad - maybe I should call 911... nope she tells my grandpa to call family. I don't know what she should have done so I'm reserving judgement until we find out.

They cart my grandma away who is now complaining of hip and back pain and I follow her to the hospital. (Grandpa didn't want to come.) Long story short they find her wrist is broken and won't be getting surgery as she is DNR, and she is probably bleeding on her brain as a result of the head injury. They won't perform a scan of any kind as it is extraordinary care.

So all that happens - I call my dad and tell him what has happened. I talk to my mom at the hospital as she is working in xray and then I go home to finish Kyle's birthday cake. Kyle had two little girlfriends over for dinner, cake and presents. It was fun. He really liked having friends over. We went to a kids concert after and then called it a night. The kids went home from the concert.

Needless to say I was beat. So then Andy left today. I was a basketcase. Between everything that has gone on in the last 48 hours and now him leaving for Vancouver I just wanted to have a permanent breakdown. It was a short meltdown. I've done well all day. I had a season ending event for Rocky Mountaineer Vacations tonight and I think it was success. Good turnout for a Saturday night. My mom told me she was going to take the kids for the night... HOORAY... of course - like the cheesecake - it did not happen. No worries - the kids aren't crazy and we just hung out. Michael, unfortunately, was sick. He threw up and was just generally cranky. They are both asleep and I can only hope that I will get six hours of sleep in a row.... oh how great that would be.

So there you go... sorry for the depressing blog entry. I'm going to go and make my bed (yes Andy I'm putting sheets on it ... mmmuh ha ha hahaha), watch whatever trash is on tv for a half hour and then go to sleep. Tomorrow is clean up day - work clean up - I have to return the gear for tonights event and write a press release.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I subscribe to monthly updates from Today they sent their monthly thing out and it said it had a height predictor. I decided to punch in the info on the boys and see what it came up with. It takes into account the sex, current age, current height, weight and height of mom and dad to calculate the prediction. They go onto say that this method is pretty darn accurate - it will be right with 3 inches by 96%.

My (laughable) results:

Kyle at age 18 will be 7 (yes seven - one two three four five six seven) feet tall, and 2 inches... in case seven feet wasn't enough.

They can't calculate Michael's as you have to be at least 2 years old. So for all of you with two year olds I suggest you give it a try and see what your results are.

Height Predictor

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

four hours well spent

I bought a cake decorating kit for Kyle's birthday; so I could make some cool designs on it. I wanted to make sugar cookies so I made a batch and decorated them... then I decided to make some more... this batch was nearly 150 cookies. I think it probably took more than four hours in the end, but well worth it. I need to practice more - so everyone should expect similar ones at Christmas.

do you see anything?


Michael enjoying some chocolate chip pancakes.

Kyle standing proudly beside his fish.

A little tub time for the boys

Sunday, October 08, 2006

gobble gobble baby!

Well my turkey is defrosting right now and I'm looking forward to a feast of bird, tatoes, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, mmmmm! My parents have told me they are coming, but you never can tell with them. Many a time have they said we will see you at X time and many a time I have sat waiting only to get a phone call saying - oops sorry about that. Anyways I will showcase some photos after the weekend of the food and fun, even if it is only the four of us.

I hope everyone has excellent turkeys/ham and other family foods for this turkey day!

I had so much to say before I started typing and now it has been farted out of my brain like some can of beans - I sat here for a minute trying to remember what brussel sprouts were called, remembered and then everything else was gone.

I will go and finish my kitchen cooking project. My request goes out to all of you again for any remedies for dry hands. I've tried all of the lotions that say 'for dry or extra dry hands' and have no success - I had a sample lotion from the 'Basketree' in Quesnel and it cleared my hands up for a day but they are closed over the weekend and she probably won't have the same stuff again.

Oh - here is some of what I wanted to say - (hooray I remembered) - we bought the little mermaid - one of my all time childhood favorites - as I've mentioned my sister, brother and I used to take roles from the film and then repeat their lines word for word - my sister was usually ariel and I, the ugly ursula... I still cry about it :) Anyway - I put it on this morning for Kyle and he loved it and funny enough - I found out he really loves someone else. We are sitting there and he is babbling about Ariel, mermaid, Prince Eric and then he starts talking about my sister. Now this is pretty weird - he talks to her pretty often but it was out of the blue and I don't think I mentioned her name before hand. Anyway he says, I'm going to marry Aunti Mel. He repeated this again to Andy this afternoon. He has never said he wants to marry anyone, it kind of made my heart melt. So watch out Sean, you've got competition. Ok, there is my turkey day story for you. Off to the kitchen, fast as a speeding turtle.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Today was the first day of soccer for Kyle. He had a great time and I will post footage soon. I just have to figure out how to load to youtube.

Michael said up to Andy - twice. We were quite blown away by it. It could well have been a fluke as it has not happened again. I will keep you posted. He is walking around the coffee table, but does not feel at all comfortable in letting go. Our little baby is 9 months old today (Oct 4). Kyle turns four in a week... where does the time go?

I will also post pictures of our kitchen reno. We took one side of our cabinets out to put in a new stove. I've been without an oven for too long now and it was time to get something else. We had a wall oven, mickey moused into the "cabinetry". It was a hell of thing to see the way they put the kitchen together. I should have photos loaded in the next day or so.

Thank you to everyone who completed the 50 question survey on their blogs. I had a good time learning more about each of you.

That's it for tonight, I need to go and apply moisturizer to my poor hands. The winter weather is coming and cracking my hands... any advice on curing this or helping it will be greatly appreciated!

Good night my beautiful friends!

(Oh wait - here is my complaint for tonight - every year I have done a big turkey dinner... well every year for the past ten... this year we aren't - why? Well no one wants to come to our house - my grandma came over today and said she was doing her own thing - well good on her but, and I know this is selfish, I was hoping for some of her good pumpkin dessert.. my mom is working, but my parents have had the 'puppies need us' excuse for everything since they got them. Should I care? Why hasn't anyone invited us out?.... It is ok to tell me that I'm being selfish - I am -, but it also feels like I'm at some kind of ending... a cross roads and I'm sad about it. I like people over, I like the family being around, I like the chats about past holidays and family members, I like the meat, cheese, pickle and cracker tray that we put out for the afternoon, I like my holidays and this one will pass us by without so much as a dinner with more than the four of us... not that there is anything wrong with just my little personal family but... you don't need 10 lb, let alone, 5 lb bird... - ok I will stop complaining... it sounds more and more like selfishness and less and less about what I'm really trying to get at - I miss my family and friends being closer and more interested in time together.)