Wednesday, April 27, 2011

on the road again

Well we hit the coast for some family time with Andy's family from Taiwan and now I'm at a conference in Chilliwack.  I know - it isn't Halifax or Columbus or Quebec City... what the heck!  I'm here for a business improvement area conference and then we head home on Sunday.  The boys are going to Victoria tomorrow - they don't know it though - it is a surprise trip on the ferry... sooo wish I was going and just taking the week off... oh well - we will have a longer vacation soon enough... a quick trip to Vancouver will have to be enough to get us through to the summer.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

made it

So we are in Vancouver - I'm attending a conference and the guys are hanging with family.
I'm in no mood to write anything tonight - just wanted to convey that we had arrived.

Migraine - only it feels worse - I've had all the drugs I can take without going to the hospital.

Hopefully sleep will take away the pain.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what are we doing?

First, look here -

If you are busy or don't feel like looking the link leads you to aerial photography of polluted sites - noted "terribly beautiful".  What will it take for our societies to stop and look at what we are doing to the earth?  I am not a bleeding heart - I get that our cultures (industrial world) need industries to survive now - you stop production on something and people stop working, people stop buying, enter sad music - but when I look at these photos I can't help but wonder why we aren't trying to control ourselves - even a bit.

What can be done? How can we make positive steps forward to create change?  Is no one watching Japan right now - while nature wiped out communities - the mess left by a tsunami can be cleaned up - but the mess we create as humanity in the form of nuclear waste lasts many lifetimes.  Sure, we create these things to be more efficient, we don't create anything expecting this kind of dramatic failure, but we know what happened in Chernobyl - we know what happens when nuclear power goes wrong - and yet... here we are... I guess we can't have the scientific amazement and change without failure - it just makes me sad that one day we might not have water because we used it all up in the name of progress and the ability to live our lives quicker and "better" - *sigh*

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

33 days

On May long weekend I'll be back out running.  I've been training for a short run as part of the Barkerville Rush Relay.  We have a team of 11 people who will be busting out 100 km's together - each of us gets a leg with the longest leg at 12.5km and shortest at 8km - then there is a team dinner in Wells.

The team is excited and getting ready for the race.  My training has been tough lately because I've been sick and just not into it. Tonight I ran 2 miles and had a stitch so bad in my side that I just gave up - well I actually tried to walk it off and then ran and then couldn't get rid of it and bailed... we head to the coast this weekend and I'm hoping that I'll be able to clock some quality km's for a few days.

I'm starting to think about other races later this year - set another goal or reason to stay in running.  I was so disappointed that I stopped over the winter - I love the activity and how it clears stress - but I totally need a goal.  I heard about a race in Vegas in december - 1/2 marathon... not sure about Vegas but I'm thinking of something between 10 and a 1/2 marathon - I've taken the 12.5 for this upcoming race and feel pretty good about that... hopefully I can continue to feel better this week.

Hope everyone is doing well - hugs to you!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Congratulations to Paula & Dean! Today marks their one year anniversary!

And to celebrate... a few photos from the beautiful wedding.

Ahhhhh, love! Fantastic!  The most beautiful and fabulous wedding ever!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


the debate - BLAH

I like politics and I can't even get into this one.  I mean really - four old looking guys fighting about the same old shit.  What I like - I like that all the parties are thinking about agriculture and the important role it plays in our society and our cultures.  Tonight the leaders looked down, old and they are all missing passion - make us believe - I want to believe in Canada - I want to be excited about our future and our direction and right now... 'meh' is the only thing that comes to mind.

one year ago today

Me and beautiful Paula

Gotta say that I miss being in Hawaii so much it hurts. It is the best place and I can't wait to go back and share that with my family and, with any luck, return with Paula, Dean and their new little bundle of joy...


Yesterday (amere four hours ago) was a terrible food day for me.  I missed meals because of meetings and then ate a pasta salad at 9:30 at night... what I failed to do was really know what I was eating.  Stupid jalapeno dressing - I mean I got that it was spicy but sheesh... so I'm waiting on my tums to kick in so I can go back to bed for a couple hours.

I know - whining and complaining - but writing here seemed to be a better option than watching tv... and now the heat is kicking on because it is minus 4 outside... mother nature has forgotten to press the spring button to on - it appears to be in a half on/half off position.  I heard that Fort McMurray was getting minus 18 as their daytime high for today - madness!

And since I'm on here and it is now April 12 - Happy Birthday to Andrew and Jen!

And now back to bed.

Monday, April 11, 2011

the guard

Three weeks with a guard, three whole weeks - it made quite the impact on me - my jaw stopped cracking/popping/grinding - while I couldn't eat anything tough or crunchy, or well there were lots of things that just weren't working - I had considerably less pain and then...

"So April, we are just going to take the guard away today and give it back to you with alterations on Wednesday."


And so I've been guard less today - well since 1:30pm and I can't believe how useful it was.  My jaw has already started popping again and I've had headache after headache since I took it out.  It is disturbing that I need this crutch that causes me other problems... I guess the discomfort and loss of foods is worth it compared to this battle of pain and hurt.  So I get the guard back with alterations - which means they are making it easier (maybe) to eat... and then I don't know what follows - they've mentioned braces but it seems that the next guard is going to last for a while.  Never thought I'd say it but I can't wait to have my guard back.  I'm kind of scared to go to sleep tonight because I know that I've been grinding and clenching my jaw... sigh.... here's to tonight...

good night my lovelies!


Sunday, April 10, 2011


The good old Carib Theatre was running Hop at the matinee today and so I sucked it up and took the guys.  Over the years I've given up on seeing movies in the theatre - why - well I usually get nausea from the movie, or I feel like I've really, really wasted money and I'd rather sit at home and waste money than sit in a theatre.

Hop is a kids movie and is probably the best ones I've had to sit through in recent memory.  We sat through Alpha and Omega and I would have to say that was a new low.  The animation was fine, but the story, characters, - issues everywhere.. but Hop had an ok story line - something a little different and throw backs - like 'the Hoff' (Hasslehoff) participating in the film - a kin to the use of him in Spongebob Squarepants - but for a longer period of time.  As an adult there are significant issues with the film, but the guys enjoyed and Michael was asking if we could watch it again tonight - so it is a hit.

And that is about it - I'm still sick - I get the coughs at bedtime and when I get up - today wasn't great either, just not feeling great.  Oh well - still have to train - have a race in 6 weeks - ran a 10km yesterday and should be doing a short run tonight, but I'm bailing and opting for a lame night in front of the tv.


Thursday, April 07, 2011


Michael went to Ready, Set, Learn tonight, which is basically a starter program to kindergarten.  He is past this as he has been going to daycare for years and has been to strong start a few times.  That said, it was nice to be in the room where he will go to kindergarten and meet his teacher (even though she didn't bother to introduce herself and didn't wear a name tag - I know.. I'm complaining already).

Tonight's session (which was happening during dinner time - which is just PLAIN STUPID) was about... of course, food... we've had a long day, we haven't gotten dinner because I work until 5pm and the thing started at 5pm... anyways... we sing some songs and then she asks about food.. what is a food that is good for you - Michael says - shockingly he says salad - a food he has yet to really eat because there are vegetables in it... then she asks what is a food that is not yummy... well it is the usually foods that kids don't like... but not Michael - Michael has to be wayyyyy outside the box.  "Michael, what is food that is not yummy?"  Chocolate soap.

Now that might sound like a shocking answer - where would he come up with something like that... well it just so happens that one of my co-workers gave us chocolate soap for valentines day and one of my other co-workers fed her husband one and it became legend for the guys (they watched her do it) - we even went to her house and she had them in a bowl and offered them to the boys and they absolutely would not take any - knowing that she was a trickster... so that whole situation really had an impact on him...  :)

Anyways - I don't think we'll be back at it - during dinner time is just a bad idea and then he is pretty adjusted to life with other kids and learning and fun...

Growing up... *sigh* - how can he be going to kindergarten in just a few short months...

Sunday, April 03, 2011



This represents my thousandth post on blogger.

I thought you might be interested in knowing... 

I've managed to get a good case of what the boys had.  I haven't actually had a cold that makes me cough in ages.  It is a nuisance.  I ran out of cold fx and am trying out airborne tabs - they had an immediate effect this morning (they really don't taste good) and plan to have another tonight.  Hopefully it will pass quicker than what the boys suffered with.

It is Sunday - which means if you are reader it is time to go over there and read.  There are a few good ones this week and of course, some crazy ones.

It is also Daffodil month.  Love to hear your thoughts on this. I know there is some anger that they stole the poppy idea and it might impact poppy sales.  I back the daffodil campaign because the daffodil's are cute and brighten up my day, and now that they are tied to the cancer fundraising campaign I get to wear them in my favorite month :)  If you don't know what I'm talking about or don't know where to get one - go here for information on the cause and then for the daffodils - well we are hosting them in my office, so if you want one I'm sure I can send you one... I'll make a small donation for you and mail you one.

Friday, April 01, 2011

i heart craig ferguson

that's all
nothing great to share tonight - tired - long day
working tomorrow

and so - life goes on....