Thursday, April 29, 2010


I made it home.

There will be photos soon.

I suck... but you still like me :)

More soon.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

is it possible...

Is it possible that anything could have gotten better between the last post and this... ah... well as it turns out I hadn't seen the last of the barenaked ladies. I was in the Halifax airport this morning and I'm sitting with someone from the training, when it looks like she is choking, but then I realize that she sees something behind me and then she shouts out "Ed". I kind of laugh and then jump up and point at my shirt - cause I was wearing it - and shout that it was a great concert.

Ed and Jim - just walking through the airport - awesome!

And then... I decide to get going to wait for my flight and get through security. Halifax goes through my bag extra thoroughly - xray and then by hand (see how I didn't say hand job... oh wait, and then I said it anyway... lol) and I make my way to my gate. Well I've got time, my flight is delayed so I walk through the airport and who do I see... Jim - sitting all by himself - and so I say "Hi, can I be an bad fan and have you sign something..." - sure - he has a sharpie all ready to go... AWESOME
I don't want to be a pain so I'm thinking this will be quick, but instead he strikes up a conversation - asks where I'm going, I ask where he is going. He tells me about his next concert - it was wicked. And then I said thank you very much and off I want - damn near flying away... awesome!

Ok - so now I was in Halifax at 6am at the airport (that's 2 am BC time) - I am now in BC and it is 4:45pm and I'm bagged. I slept through most of the flight from Calgary to Vancouver and then had to deal with an arse at the YVR check in to fly home... arg - should have just stayed on freakin' west jet... she actually gave me a speech on my luggage - I know - my luggage is falling apart - but it is falling apart because of the jack asses that chuck it around at the airport - I'm certainly not destroying it at home. In any case she labels all my bags and repeats a few times how bad my bags are... for five cents! Anyway - I was fully prepared to get crazy because I'm tired, but I just shrugged it off and carried on my way. Now I sit and wait - my flight to finally get home is almost two hours from now... booooo.... but at least I'll be home :)

And no... and I didn't get a photo of Jim, I felt like I'd ask for enough and was just pleased that he would sit and talk to me for a minute. It is, however, etched in my memory ;)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

last night

Alright my fabulous family and beautiful (sexy, even) friends :)

Tonight I went to BARENAKED LADIES - and no, this doesn't mean I had a hand full of dollah bills, it means that I got to see my favorite band.. and I got to be in the 6th row on the freakin' floor and sing and sing and sing - it was fantastic! And I'm not talking a little fantastic - it was giant, exploding fantastic!

So here I am after the show in my hotel room - dawning my new shirt - hooray!

Today I had some free time and got to see Halifax - there is some pretty cool shopping and the best farmers' market I've been to in all of Canada! Unbelievable! I'm all about markets and that place is amazing!

So what else... well I took a few other pictures... (just a few... lol)

Ok - so I will share one more little story... so I went to get something at the drugstore across the street - drop off some more postcards - and walk around... ho hum... walking, walking, walking... um hold the freakin' phone - that is Tyler from Barenaked Ladies - I kid you not... but just to be sure... I walk by him again... and again...

I say nothing, because what do you say to celebrities... I know.. just a week ago Paula and I stalked Adam Sandler - but he was in a car and he totally could have done up his windows and ignored me... Tyler was actually shopping and really looking for something... so I didn't want to be a jackass and bug him. So then I take my time buying stuff and yes... friends - he totally joins the line - so I'm standing in line with Tyler - aaahhhhhhhhhh! Alright - so I go outside and tweet about my experience and then take my very sweet time walking out... I let him catch up... then I go outside and off he goes for the show... and then I see him on stage from my sixth row seat - well where I was standing from. And now it is nearly midnight here and I've got to catch a cab at 5:30am. Love to you - love and hugs and smooches.

Oh wait - one addition - so the ticket clearly said - no cameras or video equipment - so I bring nothing - I know - I'm retarded... but I haven't been to a concert in a while and I don't want my camera taken away from me - so I'm stuck using my cell phone for photos... and of course - we get in there and everyone has GD'n cameras... so here is one photo from the concert - but it sucks - it was, however, unbelievable to be soo close.

Ok - wait - one more story from the show (this isn't G-rated). This nice older couple sits next to me - late 50's/early sixties... they are nice and chatty and talk about other concerts they've been to - then the woman swears a bit - which I just roll off... people swear - then the older guy starts dropping the f-bomb .. ok - so I'm listening a little... they are just having fun... about 20 minutes later a "cute couple" (like the ones on my flight to Hawaii) are taking photos of themselves - lots and lots and lots of photos - I mean - at least 50... and so the old guy next to me says - wow that guy is so getting a BJ tonight - so I totally start howling - because - who says that... not old guys at a BNL concert - so being the arse that I am - I agree... because it made it funnier... I'd share another story from someone else we heard talking at the concert but it has waaaayyyyyy too many curses and terrible things to share... nearly embarrassing to repeat :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

day 3/4

Today is project day and I'm loving it. This is what I love to do - we get a problem and we need to solve it and we have a finite amount of time to get it done. I'm on a short break right now and then heading back.

Halifax has finally brightened up - it isn't what I expected, but there are some beautiful places... if you needed to go to a place with pubs and friendly people everywhere I couldn't suggest a better city. Our hotel is in heart of downtown Halifax and there are lots of shops and pubs in walking distance. Best thing so far - we went to a fantastic restaurant called the Wooden Monkey that serves organic foods and has amazing staff. If you ever come to Halifax or if you are here, it is the place to go.

So that is it for right now... I'm going to grab something to eat and head back to our assignment.

Why couldn't I get this excited and interested when I was going to university...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

day 2

Nothing very exciting to report today - long day in class... had a good dinner and went for a run.
I'm heading to take more photos tomorrow - so there should be something far more exciting tomorrow night.

Hugs and kisses :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

day 1

Well after three hours of sleep I made it through the first day of training. We got out before it was dark and I managed to walk around downtown a bit. It is 11pm here and I'm totally not adjusting to the time change - it still feels like 7pm. Not much to share.. just some photos tonight.

Here is the streetscape overtop Toronto as we departed last night. I've always liked these kinds of photos.

This is the Citadel in downtown Halifax - I walked up to the top to take some photos of the harbour. It was super windy... as you'll see in the next photo.

Sorry I haven't started back combing my hair - it was just this windy :)

Last but, certainly not least, I went and walked over to the churches and on my way, passed this mannequin who had the largest mannequin boobs I've ever seen... this was a block from the church.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


So I don't have a dramatic story to share with you today - no time line of events.. it has been a long long day! I woke up in the beautiful hotel room, packed up quickly and made it through check in and security in under 15 minutes. I met another ec dev officer and then we boarded the flight to Toronto - flight was good, but the landing - well it was a little worrying.. but I'm getting used to this whole flying thing and seriously - I zipped across a canyon on a rope - why am I worrying about flying...

Got off in Toronto - grabbed my second coffee and then got back on the plane - then we found out that there was a delay - so add an hour and then add two more for the flight. Then - because someone is playing a joke on me - I come from 75-80 degree weather to minus temps and snow... awesome - there are inches of snow here and it is cold - and I have my great Hawaii clothes and no sweaters... great...

So I had two cups of coffee and a granola bar today, so once we arrived we found a pub, grabbed some food and now I'm back in the hotel room and figuring out how to get some sleep - it is 2am here and my class starts at 8. Yep, tomorrow is going to be fantastic! I'm going to unload some stuff, and then try to get some sleep.

Halifax first impressions - cold, sad that there is snow, saw a rat within 15 minutes of walking to pub, pub was nice and the people here are loud and fun, hotel room is nothing like last nights but I knew it couldn't be that good.... although - it was actually cheaper in Vancouver at that beautiful place than here...

Ok - I'm going to clean up and get some shut eye - photos tomorrow night of Halifax :)

in Vancouver

I made it back to Vancouver. Arrived at 10:45 ish - made it through customs quickly - and made my way to the hotel. Coming to this hotel was a great decision. The hotel room is the best I've stayed in and is beautiful. I'm bagged, but also adjusting to the time change - since I just lost three hours. So what happened on the flight... well I thought I'd share another story of my flight - so I took notes :) This starts this morning while I was still in Hawaii.

So we knew this week that there was a film crew on Maui and I guess I'd been keeping my eye out for the cast... a little...
Paula and I went out this morning for a quick jaunt that turned into a paparazzi job :) We were driving along the ocean and I see a green shirt and then I take a closer look and I blink... no... can't be...

I say to Paula - "um, I think we just passed Adam Sandler"
Nah... can't be... but Paula being a true celebrity hunter pulls into the middle lane and pretends to turn. We sit and wait since no one is coming - and then he passes us and I say "I think that really is him." But we really can't tell for sure - but there are two cars in procession - one in front of his - they are the same vehicle and we start to think - maybe this is security... Paula knows the road better than me - for sure - and says - 'ok, let's follow him to where there are two lanes - if he stays in the right lane we can pass him and see... so we get there... giddy... is it him... and then we pass and it totally is - we pass and see security - security can see it is a bunch of goofy morons and so they just smile at us - and then we sit and wait at the turn... so here are the photos of Mr. Adam Sandler.

Alright - so that was pretty cool and it gave us a story for a while :)
But what else happened...

1:15pm (Hawaii time) - getting ready for flight back to Canada, can't believe we say freakin' Adam Sandler
4:40pm (BC time) - on plane - rescue gum, check, sitting with another cute couple - with any luck they will control themselves till we get to vancouver
4:46pm - Kahului Airport - looking at sign - flight attendant just asked if any of us wanted to stay... 5 hours and 17 minutes to get home today... and we are leaving early...
4:50pm - tired - wondering if I can sleep or rather, if I should sleep - crazy schedule ahead - hopeful hotel tonight is amazing and I can get a good nights sleep - though to sleep without crashing waves in background - it will be sad... oh... crying child alert - please hand out the drugs - please...
4:55pm - moving - hooray
5:16pm - in the air, 16,000 ft - got some good photos of haleakala, 435 mph
5:18pm - "ain't no rest for the wicked, till we close our eyes for good"
5:21pm - fill out declaration card - yawn, tired, coffee isn't helping - it was lame starbucks - missing cafe des ames in pa'ai - mmm soy latte - soooo gooooood!
5:26pm - thought bug climbed down my top.. turns out it was my ear bud for my shuffle... yep - I'm that tired... at least I didn't shout
5:37pm - sleepy - trying to read - was going to watch another movie but nothing I wanna see is on. New love birds are sharing a sandwich... great... maybe I could sleep for a little while.. wait those great cookies are probably coming soon - ha ... mmmm - popcorn would be good right now
5:45pm - I love the string piece in 'as time goes by' - one of my favorites
5:47pm - gum is now stale - need tissue to toss - no sign of less than fantastic cookies - can't believe I saw Adam Sandler this morning - still laughing about that
5:49 pm - completed photo assignment - must remember to mail to magazine
5:53pm - couple update - male subject is going through bag of mixed nuts and picking out his favorite and leaving the rest behind - turns out they just got married...
5:55pm - I see the crappy cookie cart - woohoo!
6:01pm - still waiting for crappy cookie - couple is watching twilight
6:06pm - ok - so the twilight guy just peeled off his shirt - holy moly - yes, I'm being nosy... again
6:10pm - ah.... juice and crappy cookies - hooray
6:15pm - much better after snack - much, much better - 36636 ft, 527 mph, 4 hours and 10 minutes till vancouver
6:58pm - alright - I'm caving - I'm going to try and sleep, 52 pages of book read... need nap...
7:25pm - yeah for me, I slept, and now my jaw is locked, for five cents, and I'm cold. brrrr - ice on windows, 38,000 ft 525 mph
7:30pm - queen of style that I am - I just tossed my water bottle between the seats like a moron - nice person behind me gave my bottle back which gave me the chance to consume tylenol to aid jaw and ear - thank goodness I packed some in my bag
7:34pm - couple is cuddling and watching burned tv shows - smart - I could get my laptop out, but if I do that it will lead to work - trying to avoid till vancouver - ok - so I answered emailed while I was away - but I didn't actually pack my phone with me - well most of the time - I know - it is shocking
7:52pm - turbulence - I see burnt people - many, many burnt people - I was so good - lathered up on my sunscreen - only burned one spot that I guess I didn't get... but it is all better now...
8:07pm - starting to notice sky change - ear still hurts, a lot, didn't know I needed to keep receipts for stuff I bought - great - didn't buy much so I should be good
8:13pm - didn't mention that I was the lucky winner of being screened more thoroughly - the guy was nice about it though - he also gave me $10 after - is that normal? (lol)
8:17pm - pilot is in our part of the plane - when did they start getting breaks - who's flying us through the turbulence - great 38,000 ft and he's having coffee
2 hours and 10 mins left - that was good turbuance - yeeha - and pilot is still gabbing
8:20pm - zip trek guide had going to Calgary stampede on his bucket list - he was pretty excited that our group knew country music - well my friends did - me - well I know some, but not lots
8:25pm - more crappy cookies - orange juice - awesome - 578 mph, 37000 ft
8:36pm - pretty sure my left hearing is gone - I can hear the roar of the plane but everything else is dull and not really making sense - very garbled
8:42pm - definitely not hearing correctly in left ear - pilot just came on and I had to take out right headset to hear - just got the canucks score - love that.. 2-2 tie
8:44pm suns going down - intense cloud cover nearly the entire flight - 577 mph, 37195 ft... ah, princess bride music that's nice with the sunset
9:15pm - I see a star, time to make a wish
9:26pm - bored and jaw continues to hurt
9:45pm - hooray - the satellite is working again...
10pm - wow - 15 min of SNL - my day has come full circle - got to see an SNL cast member and now I"m watching an episode - a crappy one.. but SNL nonetheless - we should be landing soon - hooray for that - I'm hungry
11:02 - luggage has arrived
12:00am - food
12:30am - bath
1am... alright - need to get ready to sleep for a while... stupid time change

What of the hotel... ah... well a few pics...

So the tub was about 6 1/2 ft long and super deep and amazing - and when I left the door open I could lay in the tub and watch tv... awesome!

So tomorrow I'm off to Halifax. Just four hours ahead of Vancouver (that's seven hours change from Hawaii) - good times!
I'm sure I'll have something to share tomorrow night...
Hugs and smooches to everyone! Love you.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

last full day...

So tomorrow morning I head back to the main land and the real world. I've pretty much avoided the news this week - other than to look at CNN once and start hoping that volcanic ash will head in this direction so flights will be cancelled out of here.. :)
Not really though - I'm a little home sick and I've still got another eight days to go.

Today included more fabulous coffee, some shopping (first I've done this trip), beach hunting and a look at a nice church. We went to dinner at the Outback and not australian and had terrible service. I had six shrimp and they weren't that good... then we went to a sushi place late tonight - which - I gotta say - didn't hold a candle to the sushi in Quesnel... which was good to know but rather disappointing...

And now for some photos...

This little flower was smaller than my pinky finger nail...

This plant was bigger than my hand - it was HUGE!

Friday, April 16, 2010

quick photo - more later :)

Paula had a professional photographer shoot at the wedding - this is one of my favorites from it... yes.. steeped in hotness :)

more photos and updates

So yesterday I went zip lining/trekking... and I thought I'd better back that up with some actual photographs.

What did today have in store? Ah... well we got up at 2:09 am and drove for an hour to a pick up point. We then got on a shuttle and drove to the top of Haleakala Mountain - from its base in the ocean it stands in full height was one of the top three tallest - higher (in total) than Everest. We got to the top of the mountain at 5:30am - ish - it was about 9 miles before we got to the top that our drive announced where we were riding from. We were riding bikes down the mountain side. Get this... he says - ok - so here is the check point where you will get your bikes - from here back to base it is 23 miles... yes, my friends - that's 48 km and it is by-far the longest I've ever been on a bike. So what happened - well when the sun rose a woman sang and then she yelled at another Canadian for walking it the wrong spot - it was great - I wished he wasn't wearing a canucks hat.. oh and did I mention that it was 24.3 F (that's minus four - yes, and it was still in Hawaii) and the wind was blowing... there is such little water at the top that when it is cold like this the ground water actually points up out of the ground.

The view was spectacular... then the decent... well initially I was scared because I was braking a lot - but about 10 miles in I eased up and got into it. It was a very easy ride with very few spots where you had to actual try to pedal - gravity took care of us most of the way.

Alright - so we finish biking - we've been up for 7 hours - we haven't eaten - so we go to this great town 20 minutes away and it is here that I enjoy the best cup of coffee that I've ever had. Yes, it was sooo good that I took a picture of it. I want to drive there tomorrow just to experience the coffee all over again... and we might - there were enough coffee drinkers there that we might just cause a mutiny if we don't go tomorrow... (if you look really closely you might also see that there was something extra special about my cup of coffee... - you'll need to really really look)

We did other stuff today but I actually haven't been to sleep yet and didn't nap this afternoon and I'm pretty much running on that coffee from this morning... Tomorrow is my last full day here - then I fly back to Van on Saturday afternoon.

Hugs and kisses to everyone... likely more photos tomorrow :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a few photos

Introducing Dean and Paula Dykshoorn - yep - they are married. They were married by Reverend Al on the beach, with waves crashing and hump back whales jumping - it was unbelievable. The ceremony was beautiful.

I went zip trekking this afternoon - I'll have photos of those tomorrow.

Ok - and now a few more from the wedding.


Alright - there are a million things I want to write about tonight but I'm super tired and just done... I will say this - Paula is married - it was amazing and beautiful and fantastic and wonderful.. I could actually feel their love... sick - but completely and totally true - Paula was beautiful, I was a good side kick... I will have photos late tomorrow - or very early tomorrow depending on how sleep goes tonight... last night I got five hours - not bad...

So definitely more to come - about 800 photos taken today... and that was just the wedding - wait till they set me loose on the island tomorrow...

Good night everyone - sweet dreams :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I'm not the best flier.. I'm definitely better - but not great.. still paranoid - we haven't even taken off and I see this... yep - very helpful

Then we get about 30 minutes into the flight and see this coming at us....

From this point on things got better though...

It rained most of the afternoon - that didn't stop us from checking out the beach - I forgot how salty salt water was.. and how dried out it makes your skin - but I don't care - I'd be sleeping on the deck tonight or out under the stars if I could.. but apparently you can't sleep on the beach because it is against the rules and the deck doesn't have anywhere comfortable to sleep... but I'm sleeping with the door open... tomorrow is the big day and I'll photos tomorrow night from the big event.

My love to all of you! Kisses and smooches... :)


Paula is getting married tomorrow in Hawaii and I arrived here this afternoon. I had a six hour flight today and since I couldn't blog on the plane I wrote all the highlights and the tour down.. and now I'll share with you my day. If you don't want to read the whole thing I will just open with one amazing thing - when we got to the beach we took 20 steps on to it and I saw a hump back whale jump out of the ocean and splash back in - that moment made the flight worth the ride :)

And now - the things I wanted to say as I was flying from Vancouver...

- drugs for kids on flights - okay - 15 minutes of screaming, kicking, clawing - is not fun for anyone
- ah.... see the tic tacs as a reward should have come out much sooner - instant silence - amen!
- flight attendant could be ricki martin's brother or twin

7:15am (10:25am BC time) at this point I rolled back my watch - nausea - right - didn't eat... must eat... mmm lemon fitness bar
7:30am - much better - hooray
7:32am - I am on a plane to hawaii - 533 mph, 35204 ft
7:39am - amazing circular rainbows on cloud tops
8:07am - anxiety snuck in for a few minutes - reading to get past issue, may take stress gum if creeps back - stupid anxiety
8:27am - ate rest of fitness bar - feeling better - plus orange juice - $6.00 for a sandwich - didn't buy - I'll survive - brought a few snacks for flight - might do a pay per view movie - not sure $5.99 for a movie... feet are cold - not wearing socks though - this isn't a complaint - rather be cold than hot
8:40am - 492 mph - 36369 ft - 2 hours into flight
8:50am - quietly dozing when they turn on the heat - blah - feet still cool - phew
Ad on Westjet screen - tell your stress to take a siesta - yes!
mmmm... blueberry brown sugar cookies - note to self - fiji water is over rated

Cute couple next to me is playing scrabble - how awesome is that... I will continue to read my magazine and smile... hawaii is closer by the minute...
9:00am - jaderal - first letter group - yes I'm being nosy but I'm mildly bored and would rather be gabbing than reading - options - jade, lard, deal, read, jar, real, lear, ear
radaes - round 2 - fade, fades, rad, rads, sad, far, sea, dear, dears, ear, fear, fears, safe, fare, fares, - great now he's rubbing her back - love birds
9:06am - eshyaov - vase, shave, have, hay, say, hoe, hoes, yeah, has, hose, ash, yes, shy, ovey :)
- can't believe I'm on a flight to hawaii - I've been daydreaming about what it will look like.. 9:09
Alright - I'm playing scrabble too quickly - need something else to do - more reading..
9:16am - finished only reading material - now love birds are hugging - 3.5 hours till hawaii
baldes (plus free letter) - yes, I'm back to scrabble - bald, saddle, blame, lame, same, age, ages, sage, bless, drab, sale, ale, ales
hmmm.... maybe I should watch a movie ... ok so seriously she hasn't played scrabble before - now there is lame crap on PPV - worse than scrabble - sheesh.. mmm something smells good
9:26am - and she still on the same letters - 10 min - WHAT? - aunti jenni would kill me if i took this long to play a word
9:30am ... still no word...
9:32am - AMAZING - she played
9:37am - can't sleep - too excited - and now they have given up on scrabble - lol - didn't even finish
9:39am - half way there - 461 mph, 38156 ft
- wow - someone just chucked on some perfume - nice... confined space and now we have to smell you - at least a fart would dissipate - this smell is sticking around - blah!
9:45am - I was totally wrong about perfume - it is the love birds - she is massaging his hand with smelly cream - seriously - just go join the mile high club with your smelly cream and be gone... please!
10:05am - slept for 20 min - hooray - couple now has blaket covering up pants - wicked!
10:30am - PPV it is - wanted to watch 'up in the air' - am stuck with sherlock holmes - lol - glad I just watched it - ha
10:36am - still watching holmes - thinking about my feet in the sand... 2 hours 15 minutes...

-wow - more blueberry brown sugar cookies - not better the 2nd time - had water to stay hydrated
11:08 - jaw bugging me plus headache - great.. 1 hour and 40 min left
11:17am I'm still on my way to hawaii - a smile crossed my lips - I can't believe it - hooray for hawaii - 1 hr 30 min -
Ocean and beautiful clouds in all shapes and sizes and puffiness - ah... and some turbulence - great! no seatbelt sign so all is good
11:33am - looking out the window is like looking at an illusion - the ocean mirrors the color of the sky and the few wave tops could be white stasr in the heavens - as if peering through a looking glass - alice might say
1 hr 10 min - an hour and ten whole minutes - and now the lovebirds are doodling together about their vacation - all together now... aaahhhhh...

one hour - it is 11:50am - hooray

50 minutes - 5-0 like hawaii 5-0 and I took a pee break and feel like I'll survive the remainder of this flight
12:22 - yep - closer - the screamer from the start of the flight is looking at me - must be 2 or so.. and she is wearing pink nail polish - sadly she chews her nails and is obviously eating the polish - people save the nail polish for their older years - please!

Landing time - 12:53 - 4 minutes early - multiple children crying... so glad I just took two tylenol - it is 12:27

Nail biter is playing with shared window now it is a game - sheesh - and another is sounding like a trapped seagull while he cries - awesome - 24 minutes - twenty four

12:40 - I just got welcomed to maui - screamer - still screaming .... tylenol starting to work.. mmmm and now it stinks like barf - wicked - nasty - sheesh

12:44 - I see land - I see land - I see it - I see it - I'm really here - we are close - I could swim from here - ok - maybe not... still smells like barf - and we also get to hear the wretching - this is the best flight ever

12:55 - on the ground - hooray! - palm trees... palm trees everywhere...

And about 15 minutes after this I was greeted by Paula and she gave me first Hawaiian lay :)
And now I'm going to load my camera up and share a couple of photos... didn't take much today... well not hundreds.. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010


Soooooo much to share.. I will write a pile tonight... OMG - I just can't even believe this place... can't believe it.

More soon.

Love to you!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

the pain of tmj

Today I had my stupid lame dental check up. For 40 (FORTY) freakin' minutes she cleaned and polished and made me want to cry - my jaw throbbed - it was absolutely terrible! Then my asinine dentist says that I should get another appliance (that's dental talk for bigger badder mouth guard) - that an appliance would make it better. I say how disappointed I was with the first guard and how it only made my life worse... but with that he had nothing else to share. Ok then - teeth look fine - see you next time. So because I'm not spending more money on my teeth I'm basically treated as a useless boob! ARG! I have so many curse words I want to throw around - I want to fill a bag with curses and throw it at the window of his office and then I want to get a couple of bottles of ketchup and pour them on his car and then pour jelly belly beans on top - then tie cans to his car and then on the top I'd tie the damned mouth guard that he gave me - I know.. then he could ID me with my teeth... don't care... I would argue insanity due to a lack of professional care - I'd lose - I know... but I'm just ranting.

I need sleep... I'm sure I'll have stories tomorrow - I'm taking the guys for their appointments... let the good times roll!

So good night to you...

"Good night sweetheart, it's time to go, good night sweetheart, it's time to go, I hate to leave you but I really must say, good night sweetheart good night" - love to you :)

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Tonight was pretty uneventful - we watched Sherlock Holmes - it was decent - I sat through the whole thing - so that should say alot - but wait... what would this place be without a story about the guys... what could have happened today... ahhhh...

Um, so April there was an incident here today.

"Oh... Kyle (pause) what happened to your face?"

Well April, you see Kyle was bugging Michael and he grabbed his toy, and well.. then Michael kicked him in the face.

Wow - that is some brotherly love - Michael kicked him right on the cheek bone and his skin is a little roughed up there and he'll probably get a black eye. Good times.

Oh and on the girly girl front, I got gel nails today. This is something totally new to me - they look pretty special but they actually hurt to put on. I kid you not, that they apply one coat of stuff, then you stick your nail under UV light and then the light causes a chemical reaction that actually caused my fingernails to feel like they'd been dipped in lava - it freakin' hurt - now I didn't cry, but it hurt worse than my tattoo.

And there you go, I'm heading to bed - I'm beat... hugs and kisses to you :)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

triangle rain

Seriously, that kind of rain could take an eye out - I think they should have a better warning for the public if this is the kind of rain outside..

a bacterial cold

So Michael is getting over the cold he has... we took him to the doctor today and they said if he looks good for a few days then let's let him just get better on his own, if it returns we'll get some antibiotics... and of course, now Kyle is sick. His cough is louder and he is a bit miserable, but he isn't that bad. This seems like a fairly minor cold compared to some of the stuff they've brought home.

And now for some news about my smart seven year old. He has created a club. Initially I didn't really get what he was talking about, but I made him explain it all and now he is pretty serious about it. He has decided that the school yard is too messy and that some kids are littering an awful lot. During class they have time for everyone to share ideas and he suggested that there be a club of kids that do clean up and that they will write down all the acts of littering and also clean up. Now there are lots of clean up crews and litter crews at school, but this was his own little idea for cleaning up. What I think is really amusing is that he put out the call in class for people to join his little clean team and it was all the girls that agreed to help out. So now he has a posse of girls that he gets to hang out with on clean up days. Helping the environment and meeting the ladies... I know I know, he TOTALLY isn't there yet... he gets upset when there is any kind of kissing in movies... but I don't think we are that far away from it... then he'll be growing a moustache and I'll be laughing at it, and he'll be asking to borrow the car and I'll say sure you can if you paint the house and then he'll be telling me about how he proposed to this beautiful girl and I'll say well that is nice, but I met you first so make sure you know the order around here.

And I'll leave it there tonight - good night my friends, and family! Love to you!

Monday, April 05, 2010

a quick laugh

"Mom, look at that, there is a liquor store here. Just like the one in Quesnel."

I laugh a little, why yes, there is a liquor store. Do you know what they sell there?

"Well, tongues, I guess."

Yep... I love being a parent.

(Note: Yes, I did explain what a liquor store was after.)

Sunday, April 04, 2010


"Mom, are we doing the easter egg hunt?"

Yes, but later.

"Why later?"

Well it was minus four this morning so the Easter bunny asked me to put the eggs out for him once it warmed up - he said it was too cold for him to put the eggs out and too cold for you to go hunting.

"Really, but I didn't hear you talking to him."

You were sleeping.

"oh... ok."

So that was our easter - this year I really didn't get a lot of chocolate - some but not tonnes and then the guys got some new lego - which is really a lot better for them than chocolate and they certainly appreciate that more. In fact, I don't know that I'll even do an easter egg hunt next year. I know the history of the easter egg hunt and why it started, but it doesn't need to be a big deal... or for me it doesn't... I like doing scavenger hunts with the guys - they love it - but it can be any time..

Today we also moved the guys room around - Michael asked for his bed to be moved. So I did that and then we purged toys. It is funny how I'm more attached to some of their toys than they are. There is one toy that both of the boys have enjoyed. Thomas the truck - why thomas - well I named the toy that because I didn't get to name Kyle Thomas. That's right - that was the name I really wanted. I told this to my father in law and he repeated it but when he said it, with his accent, it sounded like 'dumbass' and so that was the end of naming Kyle Thomas - I still really love that name though. Absolutely top five favorite names.

Tomorrow we are going on a short road trip - then back to work on Tuesday.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

where is the celebrating...

Just kidding...

Tonight I've been hunting online for the perfect bustier. I know, you were totally wondering what I do on a Saturday night - and there is the pathetic truth. I need to get two things this week - 1) a bustier that is amazing and 2) a bathing suit. I haven't bought a bathing suite since university - I still have the same one that we swam around in at the PG pool... it is too big and it isn't great... plus it is 15 years old.

Yep - that's my Saturday night.

And now I think I'll have a cup of tea and go to bed. I'm reading a Deepak Chopra book right now. It is ok, but not outstanding. I'm looking for the next outstanding book.. if you have one - let me know.

Friday, April 02, 2010

30 days of April

That's right friends and family - it is time to celebrate - yesterday marked the first day of the 30 days of April... I accept flowers, cards and phone calls :)

Today I spent nearly the entire day on holiday - I can't actually believe it. We trimmed the hedge, played outside, made crafts, watched a movie and just hung out together... weird :) Oh, and we also jammed out to rock band - it was wicked! Kyle on drums, Michael on guitar (muitar) and me belting it out on the mic... it is weird - I can sing with the guys like there is no tomorrow, but put me in front of people and forget it - I get scared. So it was great. I had fun and so did the guys - Kyle was asking for more tonight... but that was enough for today. And now I'm not sure what I will do with the rest of my night. I have some sleepy time tea at my side right now, but it isn't making me sleepy - maybe it will be a movie - last night was 'Day after tomorrow' one of those ones that I probably know all the words to - so I just have it on the background while I made cards - something else I haven't done in ages.

Alright - well happy weekend - love - hugs, smooches - hugs... love... good night