Sunday, July 29, 2007

Here's Kyle as the great Harry Potter. This display was in Kelowna on the day the book was available. There were only signed copies left for $80 a crack... so we passed and bought our $27 copy at wally world.

Here we are on the beach in Kelowna. The sunsets are always amazing. It was a beautiful evening and we had a great time.

Here are the boys lounging at Andy's place in Kelowna. He bought the hammock for $10 at a garage sale.

A rainbow circle around the sun in Kelowna.

Here is Kyle monkeyin' around last night - he asked me to take this photo for him.

Here is Michael on the slide. He loves the slide and went at least 20 times on our visit last night - pretty good for a sick kid. :)

Here was the price of gas yesterday. To fill up my car it would cost $49,995...

Here is my sexy grad. Andy is finished the in classroom sessions and is now working on car and at the hospital in Kelowna. We are very proud of him!


Last night the boys and I went for a walk - probably 2km (ish)... I left with the sprinkler turned on because my raspberries were parched. Kyle put on his helmet and then decided he just wanted to cruise with Michael in the wagon... so we end up at a school park and had a good time (great time considering how Michael has been feeling... this helped tire him out again...) we get back to the house and about 30 minutes later I go to turn off the water... I left the water on low so it wasn't like I was wasting water and Quesnel hasn't actually put any restrictions in place this year. So I go outside and no water... no raspberries either... so some a-hole saw the water on and wanted to eat - so the turned the water off so they wouldn't get sprayed and then gorged on our jam berries. This is the third time it has happened - with the theft of the berries - not with the water. We've talked about building a fence but I just don't think I should have to take such drastic action (we back on to a fire lane) I'm thinking of planting a line of lilacs nearest to the raspberries and hoping for the best... other suggestions would be appreciated... my parents suggestion is 'fix the kitchen and sell the house' - they hate us living here - of course their idea of perfect living is out in the boonies - I love their place but wouldn't love the commute as much as they suggest they do.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

the weekend

It's Saturday, but I feel like I'm in a time warp now. Michael is sick and didn't sleep much last night. He sleeps for a while and then wakes up sad. It started on Thursday night, little bit worse yesterday in the day and then last night and today its gained momentum. I took him in today and the doctor said his lungs weren't clear and his throat is a little red. So now I'm just trying to keep him happy.... of course this has all flared his eye up so he can hardly see out the one eye... Hopefully the medicine we were prescribed gives Michael a break.

Andy went back to Kelowna yesterday - we got to have lunch with Carmen (her last weekend in good old PG) and then Andy flew back.

So now it's about three hours after I started this post - Michael is playing a little so that is comforting - he still too hot and not himself but hopefully the worst is past us. Now we are sitting on the deck trying to cool off because the house is out pacing the outside for temperature... blah! I guess maybe we will go sit downstairs... hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend.

---- scary moments -----
Now this didn't scare me until after but today when we went to the walk in clinic Michael ran out the door - it is set up in a large building with multiple businesses - so he ran into the corridor - I got up and ran after him - as I got to the door a man came in and ran towards us and then past us - I went after Michael in his direction and picked him up - from the other end of the hallway I hear - freeze it's the police - I look up - no fear - I actually didn't even get scared or think twice - but when I looked I could see it was two safeway employees - they were chasing this person. He took a look at us and then ran out the back door. They kept following and everyone around us were looking like - holy shit - that was scary. It wasn't until we were sitting in the back room waiting for the doctor that I realized that could have been a terrible situation. Of course I started to play the 'what if' game and soon realized we were probably lucky today. So I'm giving the boys extra hugs and I'll pass along hugs from all of my family and friends who I know will read this and think about hugging the boys.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

h p

um - I confess - we bought a copy of potter - please don't share your potter wisdoms on here - I really want to finish it - but have no intention of reading it for weeks because I don't have time.

Overhead conversation
"Holy that lady is hot." (14-17 sitting at table in food court - they were totally and completely cougar hunting - the lady was easily in her late 40's) They had a few other less tasteful things to say about this woman and they repeated their comments for a few others that passed by... then... "Hey you guys I'm readin' potter - " "Oh I totally want to read that - I don't usually read, but I've been waiting for this... man... it'll be awesome." Head nods all around...

So I guess asses can read.. no, what I wanted to say was that I'm glad someone wrote something that appeals to so many.


Back in Kelowna for Andy's graduation. The celebration begins at 1pm and as things happened I will have to bring the kids with me... which means that I'll be short changed on the festivities afterwards, but I'll live... I think I'll take the kids to the beach or something; if the weather holds. Weather was pretty blah today... warm - but blah and I did get to go to Farmers Market - so hooray for that. Kelowna has a great farmers' market - I've made a point of going to every single one that I can get to and I would say it is the best one in BC. (Ok - I haven't been to any in the Peace or the Kootenays... so maybe there is a better one - tell me - is there a better one?)

Please begin searching for veg and fruit records - I had a huge blueberry and as I was eating it I cringed and thought about how I could have measured that one and seen how it compared to last years big ones. It would have been close... of course we aren't just looking for blueberries - biggest and best fruit and veg - all categories open... I might even make a pic you can load on your blog to say that you found the biggest one... whatever you found :)

Well it's nearly 11pm and I'm actually going to go to bed - earliest in weeks. Oh - and the rooms in the house are painted - my room has been reloaded - new bed and everything :) So we get to go home to a painted house - now I'll just have to clean - Andy is coming home with me for a couple of days - so I will definitely be putting him to work :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm definitely in a funk. I don't think I'm getting enough vegetables... we've missed nearly every farmers market with travelling to Kelowna and last weekend we had our garage sale... I'm so used to having veggies from the market - this week has been bleak for veg - dribs and drabs really. I guess I just have grumpyitous. All from one person and then stemming off like some kind of terrible pyramid scheme - effecting everyone connected.

What's bugging me?
- stupid people
- extra stupid people
- loud people walking by my house at 11pm - SHUT UP! - go to bed - this is not a hotel or part of downtown
- kids who have no manners and eat the raspberries I was saving for my boys... I'M PUTTING UP A FENCE! - you're right - I'll put up the fence and it will be vandalized... I was thinking of putting up a sign that says - poisonous - sprayed with rat poison and little boy poison!
- home-based surgery - thank you andy for making me paranoid about spots and moles - my attempt at removing a spot failed dismally and now I'll likely have a scar - now I'm stupid... is that new...???
- people who think they are working hard, when in fact they are hardly working
- people who think that compromise is for losers
- big brother - what the hell is jen's problem... kick her out

So how are the projects coming - the boys are spending their first night together - Michael's room is crammed with stuff and Kyle's room is empty. Me and my brother put up the border tonight and then Kyle helped decorate with the extra stickers. Michael was grumpy all night too and just crashed - we'll see if he sleeps throught the night tonight... hopeful... no guarantees....

Tomorrow Kyle is going to Billy Barker Days with his class - there is a great Act Now province display - 9,000 sq ft - very cool - if it comes to your town definitely check it out - I got treated like a VIP when I showed up with my province jacket - full tour and everything... crazy! So Kyle is going to the park to sing and have fun and then I'm picking him up (Michael too) and we are heading to Kelowna for Andy's grad. Then Andy is coming home for a couple of days - as long as he doesn't pick up any more shifts... now I'm going to have some yogurt and pack a little...

Monday, July 16, 2007


Last week my brothers girlfriend (11 years) offered to paint for me. I was surprised and not sure what to expect, but agreed, because I put in some time and with the kids my success rate was really failure on a brush :)

Today she and my brother came over and I really can't believe how great a job they did. Not only did they paint the room (top color completed and bottom color needing one/two more coats) my brother mowed the lawn, cut the hedge, cleaned the deck, washed the kitchen floor, did all the dishes, cleaned the living room, while his girlfriend did a great job on the bedroom.

It totally took a load off - especially since my first course to get me to graduation arrived today. (I know, I know.. what the hell am I doing... but I need that damned piece of paper and I'm getting it... so I'm hoping to graduate (all things going well) by next christmas...)

So there you go - my brother did something amazing for me and they are going to finish tomorrow and then continue to help me to get the rest of the job done... so hooray! Alright - back to the rest of my work - night night my happy readers.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

looky lou's

Well it was garage sale day and it was perfect weather for it. It got hot at 1 o'clock, but it was manageable. I sold nearly everything I wanted to - the only thing that is left is the king size head board and I figured I'd end up with that for a while yet. The guy who bought the bed just didn't want it... I should have made it non-negotiable... I sold Michael's crib and they woman who bought it rejected the mattress outright... I was in a giving mood and I didn't want to take it all back in the house - the mattress is terrible... but - well I guess I will just get rid of it myself.. my garage is actually looking like a garage now - awesome.

I got way too much sun - I'm pretty pink - I did manage to drink a lot all day so I don't think I will have heat stroke or anything like that tonight... I hope... I do have a knawing headache though - heat related I'm sure.

My brother brought two loads in his element for the garage sale and he went home with one of those larger trunk size rubber maids - so he did really well... they are moving to Port Hardy in a month and they've got an excellent head start on packing now that they offloaded all that stuff.

So since people must comment about me after I leave a garage sale here are my comments about some of the looky lou's that we had to do...

1) If it says sold on it - it's sold
2) If it is more than $5 it works - why would I sell something that didn't work
3) If I'm sitting in one spot and the table stops 5 ft in front of me - the stuff behind me is not for sale... it is behind me for a reason
4) If I put $20 on something I will negotiate - I will not be taken up the you-know-where for $5... I did pay for it at one time and that's just insulting...
5) 1+5+3 does not equal $4
6) No my children are not for sale
7) Yes - it is plenty hot enough for me and thank you for commenting on my pink skin - I don't think I've ever heard that before
8) Asking more than three questions about something is like saying you want to buy it - don't leave me hanging
9) Just because you've seen me in passing doesn't mean we are best friends and that I should give you everything I own
10) If the sign says 9am - arriving at 7:50 is not going to make me happy... and when you ask - is this all and I'm still pricing stuff I am allowed to give you the finger

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Oh - I didn't mention that I went for a checkup today. It was terrible, it also taught me a lesson. Lesson 1 - go to dentist more often so scaling doesn't feel like that... LORD - I had to take tylenol tonight for my jaw and for my gums... could she have dug more - Lesson 2 - make sure the boys take care of their teeth and love the dentist - I witnessed a 10 year old have a meltdown today and it was very sad. The dental assistants could not get him to go back in the room to get the needle for the cavity. I actually wanted to cry because his pain and fear was so intense - where was his mom? She went shopping for an air conditioner and wasn't answering her cell. He sat there for an hour and the whole time he wouldn't change his mind - then the mom comes in and says - go to the van... he leaves and she says to the dental assistants - sorry he was such an ass, i can't believe how big an ass he is - and the assistant heard - he is such an ass - and thought she meant the dentist - the looks that started to happen were funny - then she said - wait - I mean my son - which didn't make it any better because - what the hell - you don't need to publicly embarrass your children. So I learned that I need to be there for my kids - and that situations like that need to come first even if it is 35+ degrees. Love your babies... hug your parents, love your family and keep them close.

the bed

Crazy madness has landed on my house. My mom asked to rent a room from me to run her "practice" this fall. As a result of that we are shifting all the rooms in the house to try and accommodate her... it is crazy!

What it means... well I sold my king size bed... that in itself is crazy - I can't believe we sold it and I can't believe it is gone. It's the bed that Kyle and Michael slept in and I was actually quite sad to see it go. My house feels quite empty with out it - (what am I going to do when the boys live.... don't get me started... must be hormonal) - anyhow - my bed is gone - I've bought my brothers bedroom suite - queen size - and I'm setting that up in the boys room once its painted... then the boys (both) will move into our room and Michael's room will become a new spare room - the bed downstairs for guests will go in the new spare and our treadmill/gym will move to there the bed is now... this will free up the space for my mom... this is totally like the ernie (sesame street) with the sugar that goes to the fish bowl and the fish go to a pot and now they cook in something else... and why did I buy my brothers stuff - well he is moving to Port Hardy for his girlfriends work and they leave in a month - I've seen him more this week than I've seen him in a year...

And of course I have to ask - is it hot enough for you? It was over 35 degrees here and the house is only now starting to cool off. That said - the boys went to bed - of course Kyle has a fan and Michael seems to deal with the heat quite well. I'm not coping that well - my office air conditioning has been farting out on me - yesterday it was an oven - today it was the freezer... I asked for it to be fixed and got told - maybe - well THANK YOU very much - maybe I'll do some work then...

Monday, July 09, 2007

as promised

home again

We made it home from Kelowna - 7 hours - had lunch in Cache Creek and waited 35 minutes for a (one) sandwich - not impressed - especially in plus 30 with two kids who were mostly patient. Now I'm sitting here unwinding from trying to Michael to bed. I started at 9pm and he finally went to sleep at 12:15. aaaahhhhhhhhH!!!!!!!!!

I initially was just staying in his room and not laying with him but just being there. I gave up after an hour and half. At 10:45 I started telling him he had to sleep and put him back to bed over and over again. After an hour and half of that I put him into bed and stood in the room for 1 minute and he fell asleep. Because he cried and stomped his feet for so long I keep hearing it - but he is definitely sound asleep. Tomorrow will be lots of fun - I will be tired, and grumpy on account of tonight and trying to - in the middle of this sentence I hear someone walking - Kyle has gotten up - LORD!... he went back to bed. This last week has been murder for their sleeping schedule and now trying to get them back on track is going to be BLAH!...

I guess I should just go to bed. Tonight's Andy's first night on car (in the ambulance)... I'm nervous for him and part of me doesn't want to go to bed because I keep thinking about him and how things might be going. I'll hopefully have an update on how the first night went tomorrow... or rather later today... since darn it anyway it is now july 9.... night

Friday, July 06, 2007

where did I go?

Sorry for not posting in a while. I've been crazy busy and we are still on the road.

What have we been up to? Well the kids and I came to Kelowna on the 28th. On the 29th I asked Andy if he wanted to go to Vancouver - because - hey - why not? So we drove down - had sushi at Richmond Sushi....mmmmmm! (? not sure if this is what made me feel bloated and blah since....hhmm???) surprised Paula and Kyle spent the night with her - the next day we IKEA-d it and that night we all camped at Chateau Paula - I camped on the couch and spent most of the night on the bathroom - blah! Oh we also went to Granville Island because I can't seem to get enough of that place... (suspect place for getting ill though) Sunday we drove back to Kelowna because Andy had his first hands on day - that's right folks - raise your glasses and say it out loud Andy passed the first part of the paramedic program. He is completed the in class stuff and now has to complete a list of stuff in the car and in the hospital. He's completed two shifts and has a bunch more lined up for the next few weeks.

On Monday me and the kids drove to Calgary... my sister thought it was a four hour drive (377 km) from Calgary to Kelowna - a little off - it took us 9 hours to get there... very long! It was worth the trip as we got to see my sister, the calgary zoo and the science world. We cut the trip a little short because her box - they call them apartments in Alberta - was a little over heated for us and I couldn't put us through another night - sorry to my sister for us staying short, but thanks for letting us stay and have some fun - good time, not a long time :)

So I drove back to Kelowna (7 hours back... I learned how to drive like an Albertian while I was there) on Wednesday and we are here until Sunday. Yesterday we took it pretty easy because it was 36 degrees outside. We went out in the morning and didn't dare go out again until 7pm that night. It was still damn hot, but cooler and we headed to the beach which was nice and refreshing. Today we drove to Vernon and took in the Okanagan Science centre (I bought a pass to Exploration Place in PG and it gets you free access to all other affilated science centres in Canada and US - it was paid for itself about 5 times over now...) and say the dinosaurs - for a small town it was a good exhibit - don't go with Vancouver/Calgary science centres in mind - it was entertaining none the less. We also took in the mall and I managed to get some nice tops at Weiners.

And now I'm here - looking out over Kelowna enjoying a breeze and waiting for Andy to come back with some pizza and coolers for us to enjoy. Tomorrow is farmers market and garage sales and then back to Quesnel on Monday.... I'll have photos once I get back to Quesnel. I hope everyone else is having a good summer and I look forward to reading about your adventures on your blogs... and on damned facebook.