Monday, March 31, 2008

Near my 300th post

I was thinking of giving away a bunch of scrapbook stuff that I'm no longer using or don't plan to use for my 300th post. It made me think of the following:

In high school I received a chain letter. I believe it was my friend Angela but I could be wrong. I had a number of pen pals throughout high school and even early college so I do mix up where I received stuff from. In any case I opened the letter (isn't mail fabulous) and it is a chain letter with a twist. Send a pair of underwear (this was before I knew what sex and sexual stuff was about - I will admit there are more years in my life when I was clueless then when I had a clue...) to the people on the list. I bought some gonch and sent them off expecting to get hundreds of pairs of underwear because who wouldn't get in on this - free underwear - AWESOME! Ah, the mind of a young teen. No, I didn't get any undy - but some girl did.

Ok - well that wasted a minute of your time.

Crappy television - what is up with the bachelor this season - I can't even try to pay attention to it - 1) I don't find him attractive 2) the women are all whiners, 3) it is lame! I can't say I've ever really paid attention to these shows but I just watched (kind of) 5 minutes and.. well maybe I'm just not in that place in my life that I'd think that was a good use of my time - watching that

Lame - wanna hear lame - well I just watched an hour of council... it's official I'm a political junkie and a freak,... night.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

when I said snow... I meant snow

See the roof - there was a solid 3 feet on that roof and all the roofs around town - they'll probably have snow until late May...

Friday, March 28, 2008

frozen toes

Today I went to Wells ( twice. First time was for work - long meeting, lots accomplished... I stopped in to see Andy for a minute on my way out and he mentioned that he'd forgotten his shoes to work out over the weekend. I made it home, picked the boys up and packed up to go spend the night out there. We got out there in an hour (saw 4 moose together - the most moose I've ever seen together... it was great) hung out and then ended up coming back because spending the night was going to cost $70 plus everything else and really I just wanted to get Andy his shoes, the boys did get a great tour of the ambulance truck and the shop... so we turn around to come home and about 25 minutes out of Quesnel I have a tire that went flat... it's dark (very), it's -5 or more... and there is a tonne of snow - so I have to change the tire in snow on the side of the road - BLAH! On top of that Kyle is doing this - "mom, aren't the bears going to come, mom aren't you worried about bears, mom I think the bears are hungry..." on and on and on... now I wasn't worried about bears, but having the chatter and the mind starts to wonder - I kept thinking about coyotes or some other furry animal watching... the tire came off ok, but it did not want to go back on - it took me an hour to change the tire - didn't help that my toes were freezing - actually frost bite set into my feet and a couple of my fingers - so then everything was burning as it warmed up... now I'm home and just trying to warm up - very glad that I know how to change tires and glad that we made it home and no one was hurt when the tire went :)

Ok - I'm going to go and get a blanket to further warm up.... I hope everyone else's start to the weekend has gone far better.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Willie

Movie review.

First let me say that I love Will Smith. When I saw the previews for "i am legend" i could hardly wait for it to come to DVD for us to watch. All I heard was how fantastic it was, some of his (Big Willies) best film, oscar worthy. Now I don't know if any of you have seen it, but I just spent the last 90 minutes of my life watching and I don't get it. What the hell kind of film was that? MAN! 90 minutes long and they could have trimmed it to inside an hour and maybe I wouldn't be feeling like I just wasted my time. I don't watch a lot of movies any more and I really pick the ones I do watch and now I've wasted 90 minutes that could have been spent doing nothing on facebook. Did I miss something? Was that really a great film and I'm not getting it... tell me - what did I miss - have you even seen it? I guess I'm just not into monsters, long periods of silence in film, gore, blood, violence and an attempt at blending in God...

Ok - now I feel good and vented.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

nut allergy alert!

Happy Easter... not really - please check the treats the Easter bunny is leaving for your kids! This isn't a joke - I saw a little blurb about a recall tonight and new that we had some cadbury in the house... I took this off of which is part of Global.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning people with hazelnut allergies not to eat Cadbury Mini Eggs because some packages of the perennial candy-coated chocolate might contain traces of the nut without saying so.
Early Saturday, and after one reported illness, confectioner Cadbury Adams voluntarily withdrew 39-gram packages of the sweets, which were distributed nationally. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is monitoring the recall.
For those with allergies to hazelnut or hazelnut protein, eating the chocolate could cause a serious or life-threatening reaction.

Packages of Cadbury Mini Eggs.

The recall is of Cadbury Mini Eggs, regular milk chocolate, UPC 0 61200 08021 6, lot codes 02457T and 02357T.
For more information, call Cadbury, 1-866-782-3267; or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, 1-800-442-2342/TTY 1-800-465-7735.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

happy first day of spring

Welcome to the first day of spring! I don't know if you were feeling spring or not today. We still have more than a foot of snow where it is largely shady and about 6 inches where the sun gets to more often. The willows are starting to get ready for spring though. Long winter this year. There have been a few recent years where the crabapple trees near my office have started to leaf up this weekend.

We wish everyone a Happy Easter and good luck in hunting for treats on Sunday.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today has been a long day and I'm getting a terrible case of terets. I'm not kidding. I'm talking to myself in four letter words and blending them into regular words. I'm doing well with a better healthier lifestyle but tonight I just wanted to consume - I didn't - Andy says to me - just go work out - I blurted more profanities and stomped downstairs - it took me two Bon Jovi songs to calm down and after that I found a good pace and made it through my workout. I'm not feeling as full of f-bombs now. They are lurking, but not manifesting.

Thank you to my husband for being courageous enough to tell me to go workout when I was full of madness.

Now for my runners - I know lots of you who come here often have run at one point in your life and some who continue to run. I run sideways - to the left actually - have all my life - I run into things - I know this sounds like I'm a little retarded (I know... I heard you... you are... ) but I'm not kidding. Right now I'm on a treadmill so when I start steering left I can make a quick correction but the middle of my foot - right below my middle toe is throbbing. It doesn't hurt while I'm running but walking in regular shoes the following day isn't great. Plus my knee on the left retarded side is also blah. Any suggestions.
(Please note that this wasn't supposed to offend anyone when I said retarded - I don't mean that in some kind of evil or mean way - I seriously think I have an impediment and am challenged when it comes to straight running - every word more sounds like a stand up routine, but sadly it is true.) Ok - so tips - suggestions - are there doctors who look at how you run and tell you what can be done to correct it... or is there no cure :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

have you seen this?

As good Canadian consumers you've probably seen the campaign that Dove is putting on - "campaign for real beauty". I was watching biggest loser - my tuesday night love affair - and saw a commercial for a free sample... well you know me - I went to check it out - of course - only for Americans - but I thought it might be on the Canadian site and I ended up finding something else... Dove Canada is giving away (ok - you have to pay shipping and handling..) free pj pants. Ok - so they said free but then you also have to buy two of their products - kind of like the cereals of old when you saved up your UPC codes and then mailed them in for some piece of crap toy. I write this because maybe you are consuming dove products (shampoo, conditioner, skin lotion, etc) and this won't be an added expense or you can make it an added expense and switch brands for a while to get in on the free pants... Anyways - you send in your two product receipts and your pants order form by April 11 (3 weeks away) and then you get free pants - why pants? Well they want people to host sleepovers for self esteem and they want everyone to do it on June 7. If I've sparked some interest check out their website at The site is very well done and worth the visit.

Monday, March 10, 2008

it's coming

How do I know that spring is coming

1) Seven Canadian Geese just flew over my office building
2) 12 Robin's counted on Sunday on a sunny day - they sang as Kyle and I built the last of the winter snow forts
3) You can see the rocks that line my driveway that have been covered by snow for months
4) The main streets are more rocks/pebbles than snow


Sunday, March 09, 2008


First I want to thank Sarah for noting on her blog that she had found a way to keep her son from taking toys on car rides. Sarah said she'd told her son that his favorite toy needed to stay home to sleep while they went out - and so began the easiest way to get my kids to stop bring toys in the car. THANK YOU!

Tonight I'm looking for another tip. Kyle has started to get panicky at night. He thinks that monster are coming to get him and that skeletons are coming from graveyards in town to our house. He's thought about it enough that tonight he asked me to close the blinds to his bedroom and then changed his mind and said that if we closed the blinds the monsters would know that we were home... I told him that he didn't need to be scared - that it wasn't real and that if it was something to be worried about, I'd be worried too. He decided that sounded ok and went to sleep. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and any words of wisdom they'd like to share.

Ok and now a scrapbook page...

And... here's a little friend I found in some clams I recently opened for homemade clam chowder.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

sex 101

When I was a child - say 13 - I asked my mom where babies came from. I didn't want to know about the touchy feely stuff - I actually wanted to know where they came from. I got a short conversation on babies and really, no answers. It wasn't until much later that I got any kind of information on it. My parents just didn't talk about that stuff with us. Everything was - down there - and was disregarded...

Yesterday I went for coffee with my parents and had the longest conversation (probably 5 minutes) on sex.

Backtrack - diddly do diddly do diddly do (Wayne and Garth style)
Two weeks ago my parents let the dogs out for a run and Sara started chasing the scent of a moose. She chased it for the next two days. Doc (her brother) followed. He won't leave her side. My dad eventually tracked them down after at least a 40 km hunt of the area and brought them home. They then figured out that she wasn't really on the run, she was looking to get some. Once they figured that out they looked for a friend for her to visit. And so began the courting.

Back to the sex talk.

They start telling me about Sara going to get breed and I'm like - um, that's foreign territory and I think you should cease and desist. They continue on - it wasn't like it was "dirty" - it was just different to hear them say anything about it. "Oh yes she's getting breed today, again." *giggles* (Like she's some kind of hoochie woofer) "Today she went to see an old man. He looked really old until he saw her coming and then he was dancing around...." ralph.... Ok so I'm not into the dog breeding scene. I know that dogs and everyone else has to do it and some of us even like to do it but lord knows I don't need to hear about the old man of a dog that was humpin' our dog.

Ok - so there you go. I hope everyone has now had their fill of dog humpin' and can carry on with their happy weekend. Back to the world of playdough for me.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

very smart

What is this? What could it be?

Well folks here it is. For all of you tired of chewing your cup to win a smart Canadian has invented the rim roller! These are available at Lee Valley Tools online and are quite inexpensive. I'm actually surprised that Tim Hortons isn't capitalizing on this and branding as their own. Google rim roller and you'll quickly find a place you can purchase these for yourself and your friends.

Happy rolling!

Have we had any winners yet? I'm up 2 coffees... the most times I've won in any year.

Monday, March 03, 2008


First, let me say that if you haven't already check out you should stop by for a visit.. They have great coupons for lots of different companies. All you have to do is pick the coupons you think you'll use and they mail them to you - FREE! I've used lots of coupons I've gotten off this site and continue to save a buck or two by visiting. On my most recent trip to the site and decided to have some fun.

Here's the challenge. Can you get better mail? Points will be given out for attempts and extra points for fun and creative mail that you actually receive and don't doctor in photoshop.