Wednesday, January 31, 2007

before i go to bed...

So I was looking for a little pick me up and I found this - check it out if you have a minute

And for any quesnelles that read here there is a stroller protest on February 13 to support the child care and resource centres - the province is closing the doors to these great facilities across the province and in quesnel we will be showing our support with a stroller walk... write a letter to your MLA and get the word out that these resource facilities are important


I don't know if any of you use this service already but you can get coupons mailed to you for things like cleaning supplies and diapers and new product items. Check out for this service. I use to get the coupons all the time and had forgotten about it until tonight when I started just surfing. Tonight I got some OLAY, TIDE, pampers and wipes and a couple of other coupons... happy surfin'


What is important in life?

I went to a women in business workshop this morning - some women turned it into a bitch session - while others had some serious and interesting concerns that they wanted to address with a larger group.

As we sat there talking (well me listening) I heard an older generation talk about the time they got to spend at home and others talking about the importance of a childs first years. It made me upset all day because if I could be at home I would be. It makes me sad that I have to work and hear Kyle tell me how much he misses me. I know twenty years from now he won't remember that - he will maybe remember that mom worked - but that might even be part of the haze. I remember my mom being home, and I remember spending lots of time with my dad on weekends. My dad work nights so we didn't really see him that much - we used to go hunting in the mornings so that was time together. Does that make me a worse person? I don't know I'm just struggling tonight.

Where is this going? I don't know. I just wanted to chat tonight and didn't really know where to go with it. I'm in no financial position to just walk away from work and I don't know that I would for sure. I will tell you what really makes me think though is that in a few short months I'm going to have to give half of my full time jobs monthly income to a daycare provider that I don't think is providing anything fabulous. And I'll tell you that I'm expected to do some pretty fantastic work for that money. My home based business doesn't make enough money for me to do that alone but maybe if I did it and forgot about the office I could make a run at it... that and farmers market... we will see

Well I'm going to sit here and list to "the beat" my favorite radio station and enjoy some JT - oh yes, you brought sexy back... (am I too old to enjoy him and his music... - alright I have to share this - I had a meeting today and felt old - I'm 30 - I don't think 30 is old... well not now that I am this age... but I didn't agonize over turning 30 - this wasn't that big a deal to me - but today a little newbie grad made me want to freak out - she insulted everyone in the room with her comments and then couldn't say more than four words without saying 'like' - I used to say like all the time and then one day (when I was 14) my dad said - April you sound like a retard - stop saying like, like, like... and I gradually got over it - unless I wanted to raz him and then I could pour it on - ahhh - I feel better now - that has been bugging me for hours)

Monday, January 29, 2007

caddy shack

i don't know if everyone has seen caddy shack or not but there is a pretty famous scene when 'poo' is found in a pool well it happened to us last night. We took Michael for his first adventure in the pool. We had a good time - Kyle went on the slide and Michael just took it all in. We were just splashing around when this girl is all - um, is that poo - I think that is poo - then she is over with her friends to the lifeguard - I think there is poo in the pool - I'm making my way out already but the lifeguard comes over and asks us all to get out.... like we'd stay. We never saw said poo and I'm glad we didn't...

So G-R-O-S-S... I kind of think the little boy who was playing near us did it and his parents didn't notice. When we were in the family change room together it sounded like he was trying to say it was his... and that he was sad he couldn't play anymore because of what happened... but I'm not sure. I know it wasn't one of ours..

When we were leaving the lifeguard gave us a family pass for another visit in the future - hopefully when there is less poo in the pool... (you can't spell pool without poo) I asked if we should be worried about the kids or us getting sick and it was like the lifeguard wasn't listening - she's all - well you won't get sick from chlorine - people drink that all the time and kids pee in that pool all the time... all the time - GREAT! Not like I didn't know that - like those swimmers retain anything but poo... none of us are sick tonight - well I guess andy was a little sick - hopefully unrelated. She went on and on about us having to get out of the water because they super chlorinate the water and it can cause rashes on some people - meantime I'm thinking like I wanted to stay in the water with a poo floating around... ok - so there is a little bedtime story for you...


In a lame attempt to make my pasty northern bc skin look more southern i'm testing out another moisturizing product that claims to make my skin look tanned. The product is called Touch of Sun and when you apply it you have to wash your hands thoroughly after to avoid getting orange hands - which I've had before and it SUCKS! I actually applied this with gloves because I'm so nervous about getting orange hands again.

I applied it and for being a moisturizer and tanning product it dried relatively quickly. I applied while Kyle was having a swim session in our tub. I smell kind of tan lotion-y right now but I don't mind that.

Olay has free stuff for us Canadians on there website. I've had them ship me stuff before and I've actually gone on to purchase with them as a result. Check out for some free stuff.

I will let you know how it looks tomorrow. The bottle suggests that I will see more dramatic results after multiple applications and minor results after tonight. We will see.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Thank you Aman at Telus. I had given up all hope of getting my wireless internet working. We bought a wireless router yesterday and tired to set it up more than 5 times and it kept calfing out when I got to the connect to the internet stage... ARG! I gave up... but I couldn't really give up and tried again tonight - 4 more times and then I thought - it can't be me - I'm doing everything this damn thing says to do - I'm not doing anything extra... so I finally give up using the CD for installation and try it my way - I plug it all back in like it has been part of my network all along and - BLAM - it works - well it starts to work. Then I keep getting a telus page - over and over and over and over and over.. you get the idea. I finally cave and call telus for help. I can tell that I was a simple call for Aman - but she did have to think a little bit to help me - turns out my MAC (this is the piece of information that lets telus know that you are loading something new up to transfer data - be it a new computer or a new router) wasn't installed - at all - the software that came with the router was bogus and did NOTHING! Aman, the telus angel, walked me through the final steps of this process and go sing it on the mountain - I've got wireless... so I come to you live from living room - why wireless... I know - right now I could be just as easily downstairs typing - it is more for andy during the day when there is no chance of being near a connection and it gives him another point of entertainment for himself and for Kyle who quite likes Elmos world.

Well - seeing as it is Saturday night and I have the night to myself now I think I will have a good dose of indigestion - as I typically get it when I have time to myself - freakin' fabulous! Night night - I'm off to get my tums and then browse around some sites...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


So Carmen tagged me to complete the below alphabet task that will allow me to, yet again, share more with you... to tag or not to tag... you know who you are - my readers - please complete this tag task if you feel the need and have the time... if not I will continue to read your blogs and still love you :)

A-Available or Taken: Happily taken - over nine years - I know, it is crazy

B-Best Friend: Paula

C-Cake or Pie: Um... pie - definitely yummy pie - I love real blueberry pie - not the out of a crappy can kind and lemon merigue - MMMMMMMMM

D-Drink of Choice: Steeped Tea double double, and peppermint mocha

E-Essential Item (s) Used Everyday: toilet - I hated peeing in the woods when I was a kid and can't imagine having to go through that again

F-Favorite Color: navy blue

G-Gummy Bears or Worms: gummies - but not very many

H-Hometown: Quesnel

I-Indulgence: Chocolate Long John - Cream filled from Quesnel Bakery - I've pretty much cut that completely out but it is my true indulgence

J-January or February: January - Michael joined us at the start of this month...

K-Kids & Names: Michael and Kyle

L-Life Is Incomplete Without: Family and friends

M-Marriage Date: June 29, 2002

N-Number of Siblings: 2 - brother and sister

O-Oranges or Apples: Mandarin oranges

P-Phobias or Fears: I'm more scared of things - I wouldn't say that it is a phobia or fear... just a nervousness and uneasiness about a number of quarky things

Q-Favorite Quote: I like a number of quotes - no specific one that comes to mind

R-Reason To Smile: There are always reasons to smile - the list is endless

S-Season: Spring

T-Tag 3 or 4 People: Well if you read the top you know you can choose to do this or not... I will be happy to read others and will post those who complete it... Carmen has completed this if you'd like to check it out

U-Unknown Fact About Me: When I was about 10 I saw a UFO with my dad.

V-Vegetable You Don't Like: Is horse radish a vegetable? I know that I don't like that - no other vegetables come to mind.

W-Worst Habit: I tell my family that I will be home at a certain time and then my meetings run late and I'm late for them - I hate it and I've tried to exaggerate my time and that usually works but sometimes even that is off. It comes back to me shutting my hole and gaining the ability to tell people that I have to go... I am getting better at this...

X-X-rays: teeth, hands, belly (with babies), ovaries, knees

Y- Your Favorite Food: Right now I like mixed green salad from Save On (ARG - damned cashier at save on) with cranberry sauce whipped on top... I'm a lame ass... I know

Z-Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Well if you read all that - thanks - when I started working on this tag Andy called me over to a little flood in our basement. It appears that water is leaking in from the wall... so tra la la an adjuster will be calling us shortly... FABULOUS! I'm super nervous about the whole thing - the leak is in a bad spot that is covered by cabinets and a sink... it definitely isn't the sink - which means water from outside is coming in... I will keep you updated on our little flood...

Monday, January 22, 2007

customer service

I bravely took Michael grocery shopping alone tonight. Kyle is pretty sick with this round of cold/flu. So Andy stayed home and watched Muppet Treasure Island with Kyle. I knew I was in for trouble when I couldn't find a cart with a seatbelt. So after shuffling four carts (deposit quarter - move to next line - deposit quarter, etc) I find one and start to shop. No sooner have I started to get some mushrooms then Michael is standing up and trying to help. He definitely likes to help and not listen. This routine of telling Michael to sit down and, please don't do that went on for 15 minutes. I finished the shop and headed to the tills. No one... no one at the light... I look and the express girl sees me and kind of nods and then says oh its open - so I start unloading - carefully because Michael is ready to bolt at any given moment. I put everything on the belt and she shows up and rings it through. She bags it as she goes and I'm struggling with Michael - desperate to keep him in the cart and not standing because I don't want him to fall. She puts everything onto the counter and then after getting my $40, leaves. She doesn't even offer to put my groceries in the cart, she doesn't say goodnight, or have a nice night - NOTHING! I'm I expecting too much... a drop of kindness to a mom who is struggling. So I do the balancing act of trying to support Michael while loading the groceries. Now sitting here I know I could have just picked him up and loaded and then reloaded him to walk out... but my brain got all mad after this scene. What makes me even madder about it is that it came from my favorite grocery store - SAVE ON! I can't even say that I will shop somewhere else because I won't... so rather than calling the manager I'm writing here for you to read - my faithful few.

I'm feeling less stressed about this situation now... and now I've been thinking about the grocery store it dawns on me that I would like to share my idea with you. I've been thinking about creating a cart cushion for kids. One piece in the front that could be used for the back as well. The piece would cover over the metal to protect kids from hitting their heads and from licking up whatever the last kid left behind. The cushion will have a cover that will be washable. I'm thinking of making some for farmers market and, well wherever else. The insert piece would only be replaced as it wore the cover could be replaced based on need or style. I'm thinking about pricing them for $5 each. I'm still narrowing down my insert supply and the price might go up as a result. Moms and Dads with babies, aunties and uncles with kid nephews and nieces would you buy something like this. Does $5 sound too high? Worse question - have you seen this somewhere... does this already exist... I'm thinking someone else must have thought of this - but I'm planning on giving it a shot anyway... no harm in crafting some and selling them at a fair or farmers market... that said I've never seen one - nothing even like it... I thought if I could cut a deal with IKEA or another family orientated company I might actually pay off my house and start to really save some money for my travelling years. Thoughts, expressions of interest... I'd love to hear... thanks... - oh and this idea is officially copyrighted... and now has intellectual property rights (I was actually given a letter from a lawyer once on these grounds - someone told me they owned a name I had used for an event - really it was completely bogus but I had to change the name and all our advertising as a result because he has claimed them as his intellectual property.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

canker sore be gone...

Thank you for the ideas on getting Kyle to eat veggies! I will definitely try using the big kid at school name and seeing if he decides he can eat it. Andy does have issues with some veggies, but not to the extent that Kyle has gone. He can sense a microscopic piece of green on anything. I've seen him look at something and decide - no green and then his tongue gets a hold of it and nope... it senses out the green.

I eat a lot of veggies so I thought that Kyle would naturally like them. Michael is pretty good with veggies - some nights he even ignores the rest and just picks out veg. Kids...

Jen - you being the teacher around these parts - I'm hoping you can help or suggest some reading on this - there is a child in Kyle's pre-school who has special needs. It isn't something obvious, but he tends to lash out at others (hitting, scratching, biting, etc) and he has an assistant with him most of his day. Kyle has decided he is a bad kid and I don't want him thinking that about anyone who is different. I've explained that the other boy is special and reinforce that he should try to be friends with him. Kyle got a pretty nasty scratch on his chest from him and, well since then he hasn't really talked about him. I know he is busy with other kids and girls.. (LORD) but I would like to read with him about these issues or discussing them with him. Any suggestions? Everyone can join in on this - I just thought Jen might have a resource with her school connections.

Well I'm going to scrap right now and watch a movie. I hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend... we took the boys on their sleds around the neighbourhood today - it was the most beautiful day we've had in a while. I hope to do something equally pleasing tomorrow. :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

diet program

Four miserable days ago I noticed that my speech was going in the crapper and that my tongue hurt. The next day it was to the point that talking (especially saying things quickly or loudly) and eating hurt. I made an appointment to see my doctor and felt like a complete whiner going in for something like this. My speech has been terrible - letters are blurring together - I sound like there something wrong - something even more wrong with me than usual... :) Eating is super painful! Every bite hurts - and all the snacky foods make it throb... so I've been forced to give up most foods and really I don't want to eat because the pain is terrible.

I had an appointment at 1:30 but my doctor got called to a huge motor vehicle accident outside Quesnel - 4 ambulances (at least) were used to bring people in. At 3:30 I called back to make another appointment and they told me to try and come in. I got there and he saw me right away. After his day (one c-section, all the MVA and a bunch of other stuff - not to much that he is one of two doctors working) he must have had a laugh at my mouth... I even told him that I was sorry for being such a weiner about this... he is all - no problem - April it is just a canker sore... it will go away... Frankly it can't go away soon enough! Just swallowing hurts.

Thank you for letting me whine on here... and yes I did have my cheese before I started.

What else - well it snowed a lot today - probably 6 inches throughout the whole day. Kyle is getting big and I can't believe that in eight months I'll have a kindergartener... lord - he is so kind hearted (and crazy... definitely crazy) - now that I'm back to work he is always telling me how much he misses me and then tells me things about his day. He made a girl friend at school - she is very sweet. He was telling me that she wanted to play games with him and that he wanted to play with her more than the big boys. That's a big deal because all he does is play with the big boys - these are simply the boys that are taller...

Michael is getting into walking. He is still crawling but he is getting to the 30% walking and 70% crawling - maybe even more walking... it is exciting to see him getting it.

Anyone else have problems feeding their kids vegetables. Any tips? I saw a thing on tv that said we should have two types of veg on his plate every day and that eventually he will simply start to eat them... I've tried hiding it - Kyle can sense green foods - it is the strangest thing. Meantime Michael would happily eat only veg and skip all the junk.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

One more thing...

I forgot - this week was Michael's one year shots - lucky him - they were terrible and we are still trying to get through the side effects. Here are his new stats:

Height - 30.5 inches (2 1/2 feet)
Head - 19 inches (around)
Weight... and this is why my back hurts - 24 lbs 2 oz... lord!

Kyle weighed 30 lbs at his 1 year check in and he'd been walking for 4 months - Michael is still figuring out the mechanics of it all - he walks 4-5 steps and then sits down and crawls... I'm not putting up a fight - take your time... it all goes by so fast

So there is my baby - er' I guess toddler update :)

And now good night.

Greyhound... a slow dog

Yesterday was January 12. I sent a harmless few christmas gifts to my sister and her boyfriend and yesterday they arrived... Now I would hate to say - don't ship with Greyhound because my package going to Dawson Creek made it no problem... so here is what I will say - don't ship with Greyhound if you are shipping to Calgary because apparently sorting is not first priority...

I'm glad the package made it - one because I spent a lot of time on the gifts I sent and two - Mel and my mom and my brother will stop calling me and giving me advise (yelling sometimes...) on shipping and insurance... Yes Mel you are not going to get to live down calling me on my 30th birthday and yelling (maybe not at me but in my ear) and then remembering (or having Sean prompt you) to say - oh yeah and happy birthday... I guess you at least called and wished - more than some :)

Happy belated birthday to Sean - sorry we didn't send a card - had I known the package would get there just a few days after your birthday I would have sent something in it - sorry the pants are soo long :) If Mel doesn't hem them I will when we come and visit.

Well my hands are singing - damned dry Quesnel - and I need to get some lotion. I have an hour now where I don't know what to do - kids are asleep - andy is at hockey... I guess I will try and scrapbook something. I'm trying to commit to more scrapbooking but I haven't succeed yet. Alright - I will grab a movie and do some scrapin' - nightie night my lovies :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

miracle phone

As I mentioned a few posts ago I fell behind my office. It turns out that when I bailed I also lost my cell phone. I didn't realize it until last night that it was missing. I was getting out of the car yesterday and heard it beep and assumed that it was sitting in my car... not under my car.

Last night I really started to look for it and realized that I hadn't used it in a few days and then it dawned on me that it must be out in the cold. So at 10pm last night I drove down to my office and started the search.

I'm standing in the back parking area with Andy's cell calling my cell and I faintly here... "It's time to put on makeup, it's time to dress up right, it's time to raise the current on the muppet show tonight." The dig begins. We've had a foot of snow fall since I fell... I dig and dig. The sound gets loud and then fades. Fading... fading - gone. I call again and I can't hear. I take a step and figure I must be standing on it. I start the dig again and it gets a little louder. It is beeping and the battery is dying... must find it... SOON - not to much that it is -20 and I'm freezing! I continue the dig and there it is - stuck in the ice - obviously driven over and pushed down as far as it would go. I start to pick away at with my gloves on and have no luck. I take off the gloves and give it a go with my fingers.. BRRRR - not advised to try. (I get home and Andy says 'why didn't you just grab the snow brush out of the car...' ) After a minute or so of picking and pleading it comes free.

I put it on the heater in the car and let it defrost. Last night when I started to charge it I thought it was really broken because it just didn't want to work - but this morning it had a full charge and was ready to go. AMAZING! So there you go - those little telus phones can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

scrap pages

As I promised in December - here are a couple of the pages that I did for my mom and mom-in-law. If anyone has suggestions on capturing better pictures from scrap pages I would love to hear them. I know I should have turned the flash off, but it was 2am Christmas morning when I took these photos and I just wanted to have reference copies for the time I get to put my book together.

These are just some photos we took before Christmas. The centre pic is Kyle's first skate... he had a great time.

I did two pages side by side on Michaels faces. I tried to have a photo from every month. The other page mirrored the picture layout. I wrote some words that described the pictures along the top and bottom of the pages.

Here is Kyle's first amusement rides. It was a crazy day and I will admit that I didn't want him to go on anything. I'm not very fond of rides and I'm nervous about the Billy Barker Days ride quality. I'm sure the machines are fine, but they appear to be the same machines that have come as long as I've gone to the festival... regardless, he had an excellent time and I was glad he enjoyed it. (I have to say that... right... :) )

I took about 40 photos of Michael eating one day and used them to line the top and bottom of this page. Each one is slightly different. The middle photos were my favorites. He definitely loves to eat! The monkey picture came from a book that I cut up. I've done this a bit with pages - cutting up books, calendars, etc to go with a page. I buy a religious day planner every year just for the pictures and then cut out all the pages to use in projects throughout the year.

Monday, January 08, 2007

christmas project

So I never said what I had been working on as a craft at Christmas and since it has come and gone now I thought I would share... (Mel - you would have gotten one and if the package never arrives I will make another... DAMNED GREYHOUND)

I went to a PG craft fair and bought a starry night charm from a vendor for $2 - and I thought if she is selling them for that cheap this must be something easy to do - so I started trying to figure out how to do it. I'm still working on the best backing and I will likely buy the kit I saw on ebay and I think it is fun and makes a great gift.

What I did was find photos of things I knew a couple of family and friends would like - 17-19 pictures and then I shrunk them down in word (office suite) - I then printed them on glossy photo paper and used double sided tape to adhere them to charm bracelets. I bought blank bracelets for about $4 each. Then I did 3-5 coats of clear nail polish. I made a few for my bracelet and haven't had any problems with them - the one I did for my mother in law had two fall off right away - so I know I need a better adhesive but glue just doesn't seem like an option since it will likely warp the picture.

I was just about to post a picture of some that I did and realized that it was copyright infringement... I will take a picture of one of the ones I did that was a personal photo and share it tomorrow. If anyone else has any cool crafts to try for next christmas gifts I would love to hear about it. I don't want to wait until December to try and get them done this year.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

hi ho

It's back to work I go tomorrow.

Today in a preemptive strike against my work I thought I would get Andy to help me move a few things around my office. I have two new staff starting in a week and I have a tonne of work to do before they show up.

We pull up to the backdoor and I get out. I take one step to open Michael's door and hit the ground HARD! On my tailbone - well more on my left hip - but closer to the middle. I shouted and I'm pretty sure I got a little bit of a concussion. I rolled off my back right away because I didn't want to rest on it any longer and moaned in the snow. There was two inches of snow and three inches of ice. I had a headache pretty much right away and felt nauseau. We went home because I just wanted to lie down. I called our landlords when I got home and asked what the protocol was on responsibility. I then took some advil.

I'm sore tonight but I know I didn't break anything - just bruised and some kind of head/neck thing. My headache is trying to chew its way back... here is to another soak in the tub and some advil. Should I see a chiropractor? Andy suggested it moments after I hit the ground... I haven't been to one in years and I'm always nervous about them.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

so smart

"Hey Bill, I was thinking about our new line of margarine that can compete with the big companies."
"Really Fred, what were you thinking?"
"Well I was out shopping last night and I started thinking about the people that buy margarine. Everyone does it, even celebrities... right Bill."
"Ok Fred, so what were you thinking?"
"Bill, what do you think of the new no name margarine being called Celeb?"
"Fred, I love it."

The night before...
"Sharla, I've got a big day tomorrow at the no name office, I hope you are making something good - something inspiring. I've been putting off the naming of our new margarine for weeks and I really need to think of something."
No answer from the kitchen.
"Sharla, are you listening to me?"
No answer. Fred begins to day dream. He looks at the beautiful no name plates on his table and a lovely vase full of bright flowers that he'd brought home for his beautiful wife. The table has been set with no name salad dressing and no name cottage cheese and... hold the phone, what is this - some Becel margarine has made its way onto his table... what is this?... what is this...
"Sorry dear, did you say something?" Sharla comes through the kitchen door into the dining room and finds Fred beaming.
"Sharla I've got it. I've got it." He kisses her on the face and continues to beam.

So the above I made up - I just thought it made for an entertaining way of sharing my grocery shopping moment tonight. I was looking for Becel and there underneath the Becel was the no name Celeb. Those darned creative no name people, how do they come up with these things?

Hope everyone is having a great day! I'm heading to the tub for a nice soak.

Friday, January 05, 2007

birthday pics

Here is Michael at his first birthday party. Grandma and Grandpa came over and shared some chicken tetrazini and Quesnel Bakery black forest cake, which is without a doubt the best on the planet!

This was taken before Michael realized that the thing on the plate was chocolate... I think being deprived of chocolate while I was pregnant has led to a total and complete love for it. I told my grandma that he liked arrow bars... she bought him a jumbo one for christmas - it was pretty funny.. he hasn't eaten it yet. (And neither have I... :) )

Here is Michael enjoying the chocolatey goodness and embracing his love for cake.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and welcome to 2007! I hope someone had a good time out on New Year's. We were laid up with sick kids and family. Michael has been kind of sick for a while - mostly teething (four at the same time) - Andy's mom got what we thought was food poisoning until everyone else started getting sick. I was thinking of Jen on New Year's and how I wish I could come over one year to play games and have some fun... it will happen. We drove home on Jan 2 in the flood of 2007 - the roads were terrible with more than a foot of water in places... we made it home... sick - but otherwise unscathed - I can't say that for some of the other drivers we saw three cars that had a very bad day.


Canada Post is only just starting to return my Christmas cards - Sarah - I sent you one and it came back - I guess I had the wrong Mackenzie family. I also got two others back that said they were bad addresses.

Greyhound is worse - we shipped a large package to Calgary on Dec 18 and today - January 4 - it has still not arrived. We've done nearly everything we can do at this point. Now we all just hope it shows up - somewhere... ARG! Arg again to crappy greyhound for loosing my sisters christmas gifts... boo greyhound - double boo...!


And speaking of the date - it was this time last year that I was sitting in the Quesnel Hospital enjoying my first few hours with Michael. He is one today and I will post some birthday dinner pictures tomorrow. Time definitely flies. Today also represents my first day back to work - well half day - I go back full time on Monday. I'm going to get to bed.