Sunday, February 27, 2011

can you say - productive

First we had a buffet breakfast at home, which simply means a little bit of everything was available - it was fantastic!  Yummy and fun... then we knew the sunny weather was going to be short lived and wanted to get outside so we went sledding downtown at Lebourdais Park.  We got to sled for an hour alone - hill to ourselves - great.  The guys had a great time.  We all took turns, or went together - awesome!

This afternoon Andy and I installed two new lights in our bedroom.  It took longer than I thought and now that they are up I'm thinking we might switch them.  Now that we got them up the first time it won't be as big a deal the second time.  And now since we took down the old lights we can move them to another part of the house - or possibly get one new one and switch out one old one.

Then it was onto dinner which was lasagna for the cheese eaters and a new recipe that I made up.  You see I really wanted turkey dinner tonight so I made it as a casserole.  Bottom layer stuffing, next layer cream corn, next layer ground turkey mixed with one package of turkey gravy, topped with mashed potatoes - baked in the oven for a little while and then enjoyed with cranberry sauce. Different anyways...  good different... definitely something I'd make again.

There is one more task to get through today, but it is getting late and I don't think we are going to take it on... need to assemble a closet... anyways - a fantastic sunday... sadly tomorrow isn't another day off... but it sounds like I might have some time off coming my way soon as we may just be lucky enough to have a few visitors at our house :)

Tomorrow is celebrate Canada's Gold Medal win at the Olympics day - so remember to wear your jersey!

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