Wednesday, December 30, 2009

rock band

Well I can't believe it - but I love rock band and guitar hero. I'm struggling with the guitar but I'm way better than when I started and I love playing the drums! LOVE IT! I got bored of the beginner songs in the beatles early on and am now working on the challenging songs - what a great, amazing, fantastic invention! Problems... well between this and the wii fit I don't think I'll be doing anything else with my evenings... oh well.... :)

Yes - it is a video game and I can't believe I'm on here gabbing about it. I'm such a nerd!

Have others been doing this for ages - am at the end of a trend? If you are amazing at it - share your tips... :)

Ok - I need to calm down...

And a final point - yes, swinging your hips and tapping your feet does help... it does... seriously!

oh - what did I do today...

Well we got a GPS for Christmas - that's right a GPS for our big town... so I got up the courage ('cause I knew it cost so much) to ask for an exchange. Today I went back with my mom to the store and picked out something awesome - we got rock band, and the beatles disc and hold for it... the aerosmith one too!!!!!! HOOOOOORRRRRRAAAAAYYYYY!

So now I'm going to get some wine and get singing - yippee!

Happy first day of being 33... yiipppeeeee!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


First, thank you, Jen, for the birthday wishes. Thank you also to Paula for sending me the fabulous calendar! I love you guys!

Tonight I've gotten good and partially drunk! Hooray. And... I watched dirty dancing - so things couldn't be better.
Why am I extra pleased? I'm extra pleased because my 32nd year has come to an end. It was one of my toughest yet, and there were points throughout the year that challenged me in ways that I never imagined... but I survived... and here I am at the start of my 33rd year. Here's is to a fantastic year ahead, full of excellent things - love, laughter, happiness, and good wine!

Cheers my friends! Cheers all around!


Monday, December 28, 2009

because I knew you'd appreciate this...

The cold that I have is working on leaving... hooray - but my brain must still be dealing with the side effects of being ill... the cold has dried my upper lip and lips so I've been applying lots of gloss/chap stick. In a moment of brainless I was about one inch from applying deodorant to my face - awesome.... I thought everyone might get a good laugh about that this morning :) Even I laughed... mostly I laughed because I didn't actually apply it - phew - disaster averted... now off to have some coffee...

Best wishes for a great day...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

what will help a cold...

That's right - it is time for cooking with ape...

Here is your fearless (ha) cook. This is a moment after me testing the soup and realizing that I'd actually done an okay job.. hooray!

So what did I do tonight... well this came about as a result of a heap of turkey being left over from dinner.

First warmed olive oil in big pot. Then added chopped up onion (1), celery (4 stalks chopped up - not minced - bigger pieces), a cup of mini carrots chopped up (bite size pieces or a bit smaller), a heaping table spoon of garlic (minced) and then all that went into the olive oil on low/med heat.

Then after the onions went transparent I added about 2 cups of chopped up cabbage. I didn't mix the cabbage in - I just let it sit on top. After about 5 minutes I stirred it together. I also added two packages of chicken bouillon (those pouches in the yellow box). Then I chopped up the left over turkey (2 cups-ish). Then I started adding boiled water (I had my little tea kettle going on the side for this). Over the next 10 minutes I added 18 cups of water that was pre-boiled. I also added another four pouches of the chicken bouillon. Once this was all together and I added two potatoes (cut into bite size pieces). Once the potatoes were in I've let it sit to get all flavourful - letting all the yummy flavours dance together. I'm letting them dance for about 45 minutes before I serve it. The potato will be cooked and everything will be yummy.

And here is something you shouldn't do...

The wooden spoon does not add any flavour to the soup... so it should be removed promptly.. :)

So that soup totally tastes better after it has sat for a while - here I am hours later and it is WAY better... so the tip here is patience. Patience in life, patience in soup making

hanging out...

i must be sick

Today I spoke my mind. It was wild.

First stop... I took the guys with me to Wal-Mart to return some duplicate gifts. We waited patiently and went in at the right time, had we been 2 minutes later we would have waited a long long time. As it was, stuff wouldn't scan but they took care of it for us. The problem was that the longer I waited, the more I felt blah... over heating, tired, worn out... but I had one more mission to under take. I had a question I wanted answered about my cell phone.

So someone is helping me, but is new and doesn't know the answer. She gets another person who immediately beaks off. I was advised that even though I'm listed on the account, I'm not the primary person for the account and can't do anything. Now if she'd said this with a smile I would have probably just said fine. Sadly, she was a total bitch about it. I actually couldn't believe it. I mean I wasn't robbing them, and I wasn't being rude. If I was being a jerk then fair enough - be a jerk right back... but I wasn't - I'm standing there sick and tired. So after she beaks off at me I just simply say - well you don't have to be snotty about it - and I turn and leave, actually saying the first thing that came into my head... usually I think of something after and then twist all day about it - thinking - gees I totally should have said X... I walked out of the store thinking she was going to chase me down and shout at me and/or curse at me but that was it... she didn't...

Now we are safely home, had some lunch and just hanging... Michael wanted to watch a movie, so we will tackle that next...

day three

This morning I woke up and thought the cold must be in retreat... departing for a better location. My nose wasn't dripping all over the place and I took that as a sign that things were on the mend. I walked to the bathroom and then quickly realize this cold is nowhere near leaving. I blow my nose and I start bleeding all over the place - great - now I'm a bleeder on the best of days so this doesn't surprise me, but it sucks. Then after it stops I blow my nose again and now I've got air going out my eye... like a stream of air is going out as I blow - what the hell is that... my body is re-routing air ways... not happy.

So it turns out that now rather than my sinus being choked full of all the snot in the free world it has gone back into my throat. Not only does it hurt to swallow it hurts to just breathe air because the passing of air by my tonsil-ish area is torture.

Through all of this I'm happy though - I'm the only one suffering. The guys are just stuck with me not wanting to do much - but really as long as we can play some games or play on the wii or watch some movies they are content. It is still minus a billion here so outside isn't an option anyway.

... later that day....

So we ended up (in true April style) making an agenda for the day..... I know... WTH... but we did... and this appealed to Kyle because this is what his day at school usually looks like. So we made a big list of to do's for the agenda and now we are getting through the list. I thought I was really getting sick about an hour ago but it turns out the heat was just set super high. I went and turned it down because I was going out on the deck to cool off (note that it is minus a billion outside so this is CRAZY) - thinking that I was getting fevers - I actually peeled off most of my clothes and then figured out what was up - I'm still half clothed but whatever.

And what else... well I've enjoyed coffee at the house for a couple of days in a row. Hooray for coffee - and so far I'm not having issues with coffee - no heart burn, no extra pain, no other side effects... you know what is giving me heart burn lately is some wine... there are certain kinds of wine that totally bring on heart burn... what is that... wine is supposed to be a friend :) Anyways - back to the agenda...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

a cold

For those who have called the house today, you will know that I'm sick. I sound like there is an extra large sized frog sitting in my throat... plus I'm sneezing A LOT and have the runniest nose I've had in ages... one box of tissue paper was smoked through today... crazy!

All that said whatever this is it is pretty much in my sinus only. I've got some ear pain, but nothing major and my throat doesn't hurt anymore... so I'm hoping this cold moves on.. I've got some time before I return to work and it would sure be nice to have a few days off where I wasn't feelin' crappy... plus I want to get back on the wii fit and don't have the wind to do anything right now.

I finished 'five people you meet in heaven" and I got say it was only okay. 2.7 out of 5. This is another great example of a book that starts well and finishes light. The chapters were big at the beginning of the book and tiny at the end. There were a couple of really good chapters, but I kind of feel like the book could have been another 50 pages longer. I've read far worse, and this book is a good example of breaking a reading rule. I recently heard that if a book is going to be good you'll know by page 22 - which means you'll also know if it isn't going to be good by then too... in this case I'd say if the book had carried on as good as it was at page 22 I'd be telling you that you must read this book... I'm finding this to be the same for eat, pray, love - you see I got through the first two sections of the book and really really liked the book - then I started the love part of the book and I've been less than interested in finishing it... I'm trying to though, want to move on to the next one...

2 hours later... and now my face is burning... gees - my lip feels like it is on fire... arg! Stupid runny nose... stupid, stupid, stupid.


Today is boxing day.

"Mom, what is boxing day?"

"Well today we get to go shopping and if people get in our way we are allowed to punch them."

See... I am a good parent.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Today was good, today was fun, tomorrow will be a better one.

So what does that say.. well to be honest, it was a very laid back kind of day. There was no rush to open gifts - it was very casual. My parents made it for lunch - we had lunch... my brother made it for dinner - we had dinner... opened some gifts and enjoyed each others company. I remembered that giving hugs was better than wearing my grinch costume... it was good.

What was bad... well there had to be some nuggets to share from today... and there were - there nearly wasn't... but one showed up at dinner. First, I'll point out that my mom started swearing. Now I know she's a big girl and likely swears more than I do - well maybe not that much - but she curses... and I've seen that grow over the years... but today, my dad actually made a face once when she cursed. She said both ass and shit in front of the guys and frickin' - which I don't mind as much - but I really don't want them to say it so I don't say it very often... (ok I really try not to... ) Then at dinner Michael was being fussy. It wasn't chicken and fries... turkey - WHAT? Plus I don't think he is feeling that well... but we managed to talk him into eating a few peas. My sister in law and my mom started to tell him to eat a carrot. My sister in law says something smart about carrots and rabbits eye sight and then my brilliant mom says - yes, you want to eat your carrots cause then you'll be able to see at night. So when the monsters come into your room you'll be able to turn on your eyes and scare them away.... WHAT! My mouth dropped open and I couldn't blink - did that just come out of your mouth and my (nearly) four year old just heard that... WHAT! At this point I changed the topic by saying he didn't have to eat carrots, just the peas... and please stop talking - just put some food in your mouth and stop talking.

And now... well everyone is gone. I've got the fireplace going, the guys are watching a movie and then we'll be heading to bed - or they will in about 20 minutes and then I'll be enjoying a glass of wine by the fireplace... what is important for me today is that I actually felt like I had the day off. Yes I checked my blackberry - twice... but I didn't check it incessantly... and I didn't feel like I needed to be thinking about work - I just thought about being with family and had a good day. amazing ;) I hope others had a great day and if you are lucky enough to have a few more days off I hope you'll enjoy them with your family and friends. Our love to you - my friends and family... hugs and kisses and cheers to a pleasantly finished day. xxoo

dec 25

Well after two visits on Christmas eve and some serious clean up we appear to be ready for christmas day. The guys were pretty excited. I said I saw Santa when we were driving tonight - it was a blow up christmas light one - and Michael nearly jumped out of his seat... WHERE, WHERE, WHERE....

Kyle is questioning all of the Santa stuff, seems to believe in Santa, but not... I don't know. The song that comes to my head is the Age of not believing.. I believe that's from bedknobs and broomsticks... I've always struggled with the santa stuff...

What else? Not much tonight. I had a big to do list today, and didn't really get anything accomplished. Oh well. We had fun today - I took the guys to the alvin and chipmunk movie - the second one - the guys really enjoyed it... I mean really really... it was ok - I didn't really pay close attention. This was my first trip to the theatre in ages and I've never taken the guys alone.

Turkey will be celebrated at my house tomorrow night, along with some yams, potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce... mmmmm cranberry sauce - LOVE IT! I hope everyone has a great day - free of stress - full of love - and I hope that love fills you up and it stays with you every day...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

wrapping, tomatoes, blahs

I let the boys help wrap presents tonight - I was thinking I wouldn't because then the cat will be out of the bag when it comes to opening the gifts - Michael likes to share what is inside before it is opened.. but what the heck - Christmas isn't supposed to be about gifts - it is supposed to be about loving our family and friends.... so they helped and it was fun... they had a great time.

I accidentally left a container of grape tomatoes in the car over night - well it is minus a billion here and they froze - well tonight I found them and then promptly dropped them all over the place. Now why is this anything to be interested in - well my musical side got a little excited about this because they made the nicest sound when they fell - so when I went back out to pick them up - I tossed them a little bit just to hear the sound again. Alright - so I'm queen of the lame... that shouldn't be news to any of my readers.

Blah... well that's just how it is... I'm taking vitamin D again to help things out because that has helped me in the past - and since the sun sets at about 3:30 and it is just getting up when I roll into work at 9 - the days are just TOO short... and I'm hoping vitamin D will do the trick. What would I like to do tonight - I would like to have a pineapple blizzard and some chocolate - can I have either - hell no - why... cause I'm still pretty much dairy free.... but I would totally love to binge (might be part of the short day stuff too.... ) but even that isn't possible because eating too much makes my side hurt.. ARG! So here I am - bitchin' and whining... yes, I'm sure that is just what you wanted pre-Christmas... alright - before I get worse I'll go
I love you - my friends, my family - I hope your day is better than mine and that tomorrow will be filled with smiles for us all.

Singin' Loud and Proud for Quesnel

Here is a youtube video of a community competition Quesnel is competing in right now... you can help us win $100,000 for a sports facility by voting for us....

Ok and one more video - if you feel like you need something to do.... A very cool video about the universe - this takes a few minutes but is worth the watch - or at least I liked it....


14 dozen cookies

Monday, December 21, 2009

the tooth fairy

I've been bugging Kyle about his newest wiggly tooth - it was definitely dead and gross and since he pulled the first one out I've been asking him to get on with the second one. Last night at dinner I bugged him because he was having pain when he ate and then (shockingly) he pulled it out.

He wanted to trap the toothfairy and asked me to put some special food for fairies in the bag with the tooth. Then he could show his own personal fairy to everyone in the morning, the following happened:

"Mom, you won't believe it."
I'm thinking... You got another couple of bucks for a tooth - awesome
I say "What, babe..."
"Mom,...." disgruntled voice...
"Mom, she ate the whole bag."

This stops me in my tracks.
"What do you mean she ate the bag?"
"Mom, the bag isn't there, so she must have eaten the whole thing."
That's right friends - Kyle's toothfairy doesn't keep teeth somewhere... she eats them.

So I try not to laugh.

"Why don't you take a second look?"
"Mom, it isn't there. She ate it. I checked."

Fast forward to tonight....
"Mom, the bag is here - I guess she didn't eat it after all. Can you put the money in my piggy bank?"

Ah, small joys.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

life without cell

So I turned my cell phone off on Friday night and didn't turn it back on again until late Saturday night - it then received about 70 emails and a bunch of other stuff... I did the same today - I'm tired and need a vacation. I have a couple of days this week and then - done... vacation time.... my body is in desperate need of a break - plus my mind is tending to wonder right now and worry... worry about all the stuff that happened this time last year and I have to keep re-assuring myself that I'm fine. I think with the addition of wine - I should be significantly better this year. I went to reiki this week and I know I'm off because my mind wouldn't settle... just keep going from idea to idea... she noted that I was like a dark cloud when I came in and left with a turquoise glow... sounds good to me - it did help!

Today was my annual diva lunch - and it was a fantastic treat again. I spend a few hours with some great friends I've met through work - this is our fourth year doing it. I got this beautiful picture frame that bends and rotates - it is pretty cool - I also got some yummy shortbread (my favorite kind), and then a raft of other stuff... spoiled - as usual :) It was a beautiful day though. We spent the afternoon shopping - but then at about 2:30 a headache that appeared yesterday rolled back in and has pretty much stayed at my side since. It isn't a regular headache - it is more on the surface of my head... like it hurts to touch my scalp in one spot, and then just aches.. oh and on top of that (listen to me whining..) my earring hole is infected - freakin' hurts - I took my earrings out while we were shopping today and it started bleeding - gross - it was terrible.. so ear infection plus all this stupid head pain - I'm pretty sure that is all connected to my jaw and that it is just making a statement right now... so I'm bulked up on tylenol - which is really keeping it away tonight and plan to go to bed early.

Reading: I've started reading the five people you'll meet in heaven - I'm enjoying it so far... easy language and enjoyable so far. This is from the author that wrote tuesdays with morrie - which I know nothing about... so this is all new for me... I think I'll probably read his other books though now.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Need something to do?
Visit Starbucks - they did this great "All you need is love" video thing - with people singing from all over the world - it is great!

Need something else to do?
Well I made butter tarts tonight - now I kind of made too much filler - just didn't have enough shells... but that's ok
Usually I follow my mom's recipe - every year - every year... and for some reason (and after a glass of wine) I decided it was time to look at another recipe....

So here is the recipe I followed tonight... just in case you have a glass of wine and nothing to do....
1 cup raisins
1/2 cup butter or margarine
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 eggs, lightly beaten
18 unbaked tart shells

Preheat oven to 450ºF. (that's right friends... 450 degrees - freakin' hot and yes I totally thought I was going to burn the damn lot of them... and because I totally overfilled them it smelt burned-esk....)

In heavy saucepan, combine the raisins, butter, sugar, syrup and salt. Heat on a warm stove at low heat until butter is melted and the mixture is warm. Remove from heat and add vanilla and eggs. Spoon fill tart tins 2/3 full. (First note the whole blending the eggs into the warm mixture - that means you actually have to do it properly and not like me - kind of rushing and not realizing the mixture had overheated a bit... darn it... and it also says - fill 2/3 - which I also didn't listen to - I filled them right up and I actually think that wasn't such a bad idea cause then the tarts are full of raisin-y goodness...)

Do not fill the tart shells to the top with the filling or they will spill over while baking. 2/3 full should be fine. (Yes, yes - see the recipe even reminded me to take it easy and did I listen - NO - because I'm a nut... and while I'm noting nuts - I would have totally put nuts into this recipe - more filler and maybe even currants - cause I like them too...)

Bake for 10 minutes (that's right - back for 10 minutes at 450). Reduce heat to 350ºF and bake for 5 minutes or longer until pastry is golden. Do not let the pastry filling bubble. (I'd love to know how you are supposed to stop this from happening - mine bubbled they still tasted yummy... cause I totally tried one) Let butter tarts cool completely before removing from the tart tin. (This is an important note too....)

What next... well I'm finishing a glass and watching Braveheart - because I was in the mood for some scottish-ness...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

and some photos...

Sushi - yum!

I judged a naughty gingerbread man competition :) - this was the winning entry. Big "O" Wedding Night (Yes... that's another gingerbread under the dress and in this scene it happens to be a female friend under the dress...)

A simple Christmas wish that did the trick for me. Smiles are extra important.

I'm one of those weird people that like the accordion - I mean I probably won't listen to hours of it - but I enjoy it... this is a shot from my last trip to Vancouver - these two olders guys seemed to be really into what they were doing. I wanted to go up and kiss them... watch out old men with accordions...

You should be able to make out a sun circle in the right hand side of this photo.

Today was a busy day. More tests, a site visit, coffee (mmmmmmmm - hooray), Christmas board party... I'm tired, but not tired... I didn't really get a great sleep last night. Tomorrow night is another event - a meet & greet event - same on Thursday night... Friday is a staff lunch... crazy week.

Favorite new product: Twisted peppermint - this product smells great! I love it! It is a 3-1 body wash, bubble bath and shampoo - now ordinarily I would have been worried about something that can be used as bubble bath and as shampoo - I thought it might be too bubbly... but it was great... and it made my head feel tingly... best product! BEST! Where is it - Bath and Body Works - right now it is $10 per bottle - and it is buy two get one free! WICKED!

Great IKEA ad... for those celebrating christmas IKEA is selling christmas trees for $20, if you do not celebrate christmas IKEA has great 5ft tree scented air fresheners for only $20... - love it! I want a 5 foot air freshener....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

stupid side pain

So things aren't any better on the pain front. My ultrasound was clear - or largely clear - doctor couldn't see anything. Then he makes a face and says so that means we need to look at other stuff... so bring on the crappy stuff... now I'm getting booked for not only a ct scan, but also a surgerical consult... so that sucks.

So what's my problem? Well initially I thought I'd just pulled a muscle because when I stretched I'd feel something that just didn't feel right in my side. I kind of wrote it off, (three months of writing off) and then it started happening more often and then it turned into when I ate that area hurt. Now it hurts all the time. It is a dull ache most of the time, kind of feels like the stitch you get in your side when you run to hard to fast - with the exception that it isn't happening when I'm running.... when I eat it gets worse...

Am I ok? Yes... the doctor seemed more upset about it then me. Of course he knows that I have anxiety and I think maybe wondering if I was going to have a fit, but I haven't... and I guess I'm just thinking this is going to go away.... just as quietly as it showed up... I'm stressed out and maybe that is a big piece of it because high stress also makes it hurt... so there is the lame update... blah...

Despite all that - I send you my hugs and kisses and for some (you know who) some extra lovin' - :)

Monday, December 07, 2009

and today...

Not really a magically Monday... I took the afternoon off to see the doctor and he moved my ultrasound up to Wednesday instead of January - so that was nice... and in the very positive news I took my brother to the doctor after my appointment and turns out they had his test results - and hooray - he doesn't have MS - so that is great news. They found nothing else significant with his brain - so that is great! He still has surgery ahead of him and some questions to be answered, but they ruled up something - so that is good news.

Anyhow - I'll share some photos later - I'm going to go work out and blow off some steam.

Kisses xxoo

Sunday, December 06, 2009

loblaws holiday giveaway

You can go to and scroll down to the Loblaws contest to win a basket of treats...
Just a little something for the holidays.

Since I'm here and sick we put the tree up. Still not into it...
So I had some rockets tonight - I guess I'm reverting to Halloween.

Night my lovelies! Here is to better insides tomorrow.


I'm on hold.
I'm starting to loathe westjet.

What now?

Well I started feeling sick at about 2am - now I'm really sick. How can I type.... I don't know - how can I sit on hold for 28 minutes waiting to make a change to my flights. There is only one other option for flights right now and I need to see if that can work between throwing up. My guts just ache and I hate throwing up. I want to blame food poisoning, but I gotta say that Kyle was also throwing up tonight and I was going to write about that horrifyingly disgusting experience (maybe you don't want to know - you'll be scarred to) and now I'm sitting here trying to adjust flights with a bucket in my lap praying for a break in the throw up.

What's that... 29 minutes and I'm getting service.

Now it is the battle of not throwing up while getting stuff dealt with... fudge.

So not only am I not getting a flight, I wouldn't have gone anywhere. They told me the weather is so bad that they aren't flying to where I'm going.

And back on hold... flamin' crap - people I need to throw up! 41 minutes - I got a five minute break from the crappy music - and WestJet - PLEASE just put the radio on - if I have to stay on hold for the length of time I have to stay on hold you should at least AT LEAST have good music. This could be my cranky, throw up side talking - but WTF! FFS!

Pain... maybe this is the last hurrah of my gallbladder cause now that hurts - stupid freakin' westjet - please just let me get off the phone... going on 50 minutes.... please

58 minutes....

62 minutes....

66 minutes....

71 minutes... and finished - now to continue throwing up

Saturday, December 05, 2009


So these little pez dispensers are actually jump drives and pez dispensers - you'll find them with piles of other cool things over at etsy... find these great things by click here


Well I leave tomorrow - not looking forward to the 4am departure from Q-town - blah! - so I'm trying to get some stuff done... we had a christmas party to go to this morning - so the guys got to see Santa and have some treats and a present. I gotta say I'm just not into christmas this year. I have no interest in decorating the house and we are usually decorated by now. I guess we'll put up decorations the week before Christmas now... since I'm not back home until Dec 14.

This afternoon holds a few to do items... minor kitchen clean up, guys hair cuts, finish packing (I'm actually ahead on this for once...), and I need to stop by my office and turn off my computer because it is messing up my home account - arg!

I think I'm just shocked that I'm going away on this training. I can't believe I'm going to be gone for so long and that I've got three flights tomorrow to "enjoy" - two hour layover in Van - which is fine because they have good wi-fi, then about 40 minutes in Calgary and then off to Saskatoon. I just wish starbucks was open early tomorrow morning so I could load up before I go...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

and back

Well I survived another road trip. Made it back to Q-town this evening after a longer ride home from Lillooet. The roads were ok - normal winter conditions, but there were some yucky spots. I got to drive back with one of my staff who grew up in Lillooet so I got to visit her homestead and also hear about some of the history of the community.

This is a rock face that is along Hwy 99 which runs from Hat Creek (near Cache Creek) to Whistler. Now there isn't a pull out where this rock is - so you need to find a safe place to pull over and then you get yourself in front of the rock. So we are probably .5 km from the base of the rock where I took this picture. And then you shout at the rock... and it echoes right back at you... so I totally yodeled... yodel-a-he-who... This morning, before we got going, I went and took a few more pictures and also got some more GREAT coffee.... hooray!

Next trip - I leave for Saskatoon for more training on Sunday... I have to leave Quesnel at 4:30am for my 7am flight... blah...

And now a couple more pics...

This is the view from the east side of the Fraser River about 5 km outside of Lillooet on Hwy 12... beeee-u-teeee-full!

Frost covered rose hip - if you click on this one you'll be able to see the tiny crystals shooting up off the rosehip

Monday, November 30, 2009

back in L-town

So I had a regional meeting in Lillooet today so I drove in yesterday and then plan to drive home tomorrow. Roads were great coming here and now the snow has shown up.... this morning you could watch the snow line shift - it was pretty amazing to watch.

I don't really have anything enlightening to say... other than Lillooet has the best coffee I've ever had. This morning I was treated (thank you!) to a coffee that was very very good - it was coffee plus a shot of espresso - I was nervous that my body was going to just have a melt down over it but it didn't - it was great! Did I mention it was great coffee... plus they had muffins hot out of the oven and they were yummy too! What else is great... well I got 20 minutes tonight to take some photos... now the first one is on route to Lillooet - this is around Clinton (a cute town that has a lot of antique stores that are worth checking out if you are into that...) and then some of my night shots...

Oh and my room has one of those old style tubs - so I totally brought bubble bath with me... enjoyed last night and plan to enjoy tonight too :)

And now for some evening photos of this beautiful town.... you can see how the snow has kissed the hill tops... and yet the grass in town is green :)

This kind of took my breath away. I really do like it here. I don't think I ever thought I was a mountain person, but I guess I am... there just seems to be something to take a photo of at every turn...

Friday, November 27, 2009

crazy week

This has been a crazy busy week and I'm going back on the road this weekend for another work thing - then back for a few days, then away for quite a while for training.

I'll write more later tonight, but before I forget, a great moment happened today. I've got a new disk in the car and I'm singing along when I hear Michael saying something very quietly. I call back and ask what's up and he is still quiet... what's up...
and then he says "Mom, I'm just singing along." Well then I started to get all excited... how are you singing along - you've never heard this song before... "Mom, we listen to it before nap time at daycare." WHAT! Now I love daycare...

He was singing "If I had a million dollars" - tonight we sang it again because I can't get enough!
Hooray! This isn't the first time he has sang a song with me - but it is his first barenaked ladies song!

More later....

Monday, November 23, 2009

hold on to your pants...

Alright... today was crazy busy and amazing... first we met Chef David Adjey - he was very nice and was kind of like Ron White - very comedic and fun! And then... that's right - we met Trevor Linden. We were like a bunch of school girls - it was wicked! Andy gave me four of his cards and a 8 1/2 x 11 photo... it was great! He shock my hand and was super nice. It was weird because we were the only ones that came prepared... most people just got Trevor to sign some piece of paper - not us... we all brought stuff.... jerseys, pictures, cards... everything!

Here is Trevor talking about the Stanley Cup run and his fractured ribs.

That's right - that is me standing next to Trevor Linden! Hooray! It was awesome!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

saturday night

The guys are out at Grandma and Grandpa's tonight as I'm heading back on the road for a quick trip to Vancouver.
Back on Tuesday... I'm sure I'll post over the next couple of days as I'm pretty sure I'm going to have photos to share... turns out that Mr. Trevor Linden is going to the conference I'm attending, if you can freakin' believe that... so Carmen - this time I'm definitely getting a better photo...

What else? I've been eating really well until tonight and now my insides feel like they want to escape... stupid fried food... damn you! I'm totally back on coffee - and I don't care - I love coffee! I love you!

Alright - I totally need to get off my computer... I'm spending way too much time on here... I completed a survey for Stats Canada and the woman asking me questions kind of laughed at my total usage for personal time... lord... ok - off to get Trevor Linden cards ready for the trip - going prepared this time.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


The vegetables got him...

Kyle was wearing this shirt when we ran into his kindergarten teacher who he still loves... she was telling us about stuff she's been doing and then she says "oh, kyle, what's that on your shirt and she reads vegetables are..." and then she goes silent... laughs but can't say evil... I think it is because she knows it is true... holy I could hardly contain myself though.

And in other news....

Jeff Dunham... yeah! Jay has great people on this week! Oh, but Jay didn't give Jeff enough time... booo - his stories were funny....

Dakota Fanning is on Jay too and she has the best shoes... seriously - did I just say that... yes, I did... sooo becoming a girly girl :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i squish you

Ok - so beyond our shannagins and fun...

Larry the Cable Guy is on Jay tonight and he said the funniest thing... that he didn't get the halloween candy he wanted and it made him as made as a mosquito in a manican factory... you can hear the silence in the crowd and then slowly people caught what he said... gees that guy is funny...

star date 20091118


Sitting, waiting for meeting to start - I bring the coffee for this meeting and I decided it was ok to have a mocha this morning... but I chose a (catch how lame I am here... ) grande soy decaf peppermint mocha with a little bit of lame on the side... and guess what.. it isn't good... it doesn't taste like coffee.. and now I wish I'd just pulled out the stops and gotten the drink I wanted.

That said, it is likely for the best that I didn't get real coffee or milk/cream or whip cream... ok - who am I kidding - I want to curl up into a ball in the corner of this room and cry... alright it is just that kind of day today. Well the meeting is getting ready to start...

I hope everyone has a great day...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I made the switch to the blackberry last week and have spent a week trying to figure it out. I've found a great site to get ringtones and stuff, but was wondering if anyone else has tips for a new user. Let me know :)

Tonight we went to the library and Kyle picked out a pile of books.. all non-fiction. So then tonight we read a sea monster book and I was surprised to read that the kraken was a real thing. That a squid with arms as long as a basketball court came out of the ocean off the coast of Newfoundland and tried to take down a ship (1873ish). The men on board cut two of the arms off and brought one of the arms to shore... no kidding... it also talked about giant octopus off the BC coast and that the largest one ever captured was right off our coastline... who knew? You should have seen Kyle's face when I said it was off the BC coast. He made this great face and then I could see his mind turning.. gees... we live there... gees... maybe we could catch one... so watch out octopus - summer 2010 may be the great octopus hunt for us :)

Final note - is it ok that I hate the new gap commercial for the holidays? is ok that I had a good laugh about the dork that falls at the end of the commercial after trying to ride a guy on the ground like a surf board?

Michael asked if we could put the tree up on the way home tonight (a house on our drive home has launched their christmas display and he is quite taken by it). I think I know why my dad left our christmas stuff to the last minute now - we usually put stuff up on the 22/23 and then took it down before new years... anyone else not feeling it this year...

Later that night... so I'm watching Jay Leno and they had the recent person kicked off of biggest loser... she looked fabulous - but she was wearing the wrong skirt - way too short - in fact they kept changing the camera view to avoid having the view... it looked like someone was trying to tell her not to stand at the end of the interview - but then she did - and well they tried to pan away... but they didn't do it fast enough... and there is my evening... screwin' around with my crackberry and getting flashed...

Monday, November 16, 2009


Nothing too exciting to report. A regular day at work - too long - that's for sure. One of my staff gave me some clarinet music, so he has tossed me a challenge... very kind of him... so now I'm going to try and learn it - of course he didn't give me something easy.. Clarinet Concerto; Mozart.. no less...

Ok before I run off and try to figure out how to play the concerto... I did want to share this great picture of Michael. Too much chocolate... I think this is what I look like after coffee... mmmmmmm coooooffffffeeeeee.... three days free... amazing... I totally miss it though...

Alright so after posting I decided I should go and listen to this concerto... holy crow... it is beautiful and reminded me why I wanted to play clarinet in the first place... that said... um... it is soooo beyond my skill level right now... and since I can't play clarinet tonight I'm going to go and grab my guitar and take a lesson on garage band....

Woohoo I tuned my guitar and played E, I'll be rocking it out to the Unicorn song in no time... yee ha! I love garage band!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

ice waves


Yesterday we made cookies... I need to ice them today. I think we got about 100... ish... all different shapes and sizes. Right now the guys are enjoying a movie that I can't seem to get my head around or maybe I'm choosing not to understand - flamin' Pokemon. Can a guy please explain this to me... what is the attraction? What is so cool about pokemon? (I will also accept a girls explanation if there a girl that gets it.)

We were going to go to Nazko today but the weather is calling for snow and I don't have winter tires on yet. Kind of sad not to go because I wanted to get out and take some photos. I'll load some stuff later this afternoon once we've got some of the cookies decorated and if I actually get my crafting going... my crafting mojo has made a few appearances but lately the mojo would rather have a glass of wine versus actually producing something.

Day 2 without coffee... I'm glad that I didn't have a cup yesterday (survived) - today I would like a cup, but bought some tea to keep me going... ha - flamin' tea... FFS...

Saturday, November 14, 2009


STOMACH - "Good morning, Brain. How are you doing?"


STOMACH - "Look, I'm just going to say thank you for staying away from coffee today. It will help us both in the long term."

BRAIN - *sigh*

STOMACH - "I know it is tough - I know - we've been here before, but let's just let it go... this beautiful thing wasn't meant to drink coffee every day - it makes her sick and crazy... she could hardly form words yesterday and was in a roller coaster mood at work... I don't think those people even knew what hit them yesterday..."

BRAIN - *sigh*

STOMACH - "I'm not saying no coffee ever again, I'm just saying we can't make a habit out of it. It can't be every day. Ok?

BRAIN - "Fine."

Brain exits, stage left, mubbling small words...

Friday, November 13, 2009

a laugh

Sex is like air. It's not that important unless you aren't getting any. anonymous

That was something Mr Tony Robbins - world renowned speaker and motivator - posted on Twitter tonight.... I just thought it was funny because he usually posts such serious stuff and then he posts this... maybe I'm the only the one who will find that funny...

Looking forward to Saturday... hooray for the weekend! Yippee!

And in case you are counting it is 41 days till xmas and 45 till my b-day... why is that important - well it isn't... but I'm putting it out there... can't say that I'm into christmas this year... I'm not impressed with the stores that got decorated early - I mean isn't Remembrance Day the signal for decorating season ... I guess it it ok to put up your Christmas stuff... I guess... but seriously - I think a month of all that is enough... and even that... well some years I've been extra excited about xmas because of family and being together... this year I just want to survive it and feel no stress... so ideally there will be little focus on the commercial stuff and it will just another day to celebrate laughing and love of our friends and family... and with any luck the break will include some wicked sledding and x-country skiing... see that is something to get excited about!

poor choices

BRAIN "Stomach, hey, what ya doin'?"


BRAIN "Stomach, come on.... pleeeaassseeeee, can we talk?"

STOMACH "I'm not talking to you... look what you've done... you've created a monster. Two cups of coffee today. TTTWWWOOOO!"

BRAIN "Look, I'm really sorry. Can you forgive me?"


BRAIN "Come on, I screwed up, I love you stomach. We are a team. Please. I need you."

STOMACH "Look - you gotta get control up there... she is running amuck because of you. Get her back in line, or I won't talk to you anymore. Do you hear me... no more discussion... this means no more coffee.... none - this has to stop."


more silence

BRAIN "Can I think about it?"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

and today...

How about some lasagna?

And now the kitchen is clean and I'm going to read some more Eat Pray Love in the tub... hooray!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So here is the business card holder. I bought the silver holder and then applied a couple of layers to get the art on top. One of my favorite paintings by Klimt - I also love the Kiss but went with this painting instead.

Tonight we spent the better part of an hour trying to build a lego thing that Kyle really wanted to build - it is crazy - all the parts and pieces... madness... but it is coming together. Sadly, after an hour we were not finished and the guys had to get ready for bed.

Now I am going to enjoy a movie and glass of wine (tee he he) and I might even get started writing... something finally compelled me to start really writing... a twig, a feeling... it has begun.

Wine notes....

While in Ontario I wanted to try wine from the area and found a (4)... I know for all you dry people that it like drinking sugar water but that is what I really like... sweet, yummy... drinkability ;) Anyway - the wine was from Pelee Island Winery and I've sent them a request to try and get my hands on some more... in the meantime I went to the local wine store today and picked up some wine from Salmon Arm, Larch Hills Winery - it is ok - (2) - so it is sweet, but not super sweet.... right now I don't think I'd be buying another bottle right away - but I will say that I like it better than the most recent Naked Grapes I drank.


Kyle helped make the crepes and make handy dandy signs for each of the types we made.....

a day off during the week.... booyakka

So far today we've made crepes - wildberry, apple, and peach and then I made mini pies - wildberry, apple and lemon... I'll share photos this afternoon along with a crafty business card holder I put together... but that isn't all... I've got another craft on the go for this afternoon... hooray! hooray for a day off....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what else...

Well making crepes has lag time... you see it takes about a minute or so per side... or just enough time to carry on with some reading - then flip a crepe and then carry on reading and flip a crepe and carry on reading... you get the picture...

And no, I'm not naked in this photo... or maybe I have discarded all fear and have started cooking in the buff.... ha

Eat Pray Love is one of the best books I've read... I'm thoroughly enjoying it.... I've laughed out loud and wanted to cry and wish I could find more books exactly like this...

what else do I have to do

Making crepes.... looks like this will be more than 100....


And another day with fantastic big "O" coffee. This morning I was a bit delayed in drinking it but having it first thing this morning kept my evening headache away. For those of you that despise coffee, well I'm sorry that I've been so pro-coffee this week. I've never had this kind of experience with tea and I definitely didn't get this excited about steamed soy.. which I enjoy, but seriously - how is soy a drink... pressed nuts - that alone should be a deterrent from drinking it... (alright it is a bean.. but please - a pressed bean... and I've had almond milk which is a pressed nut and unless almond milk is in a chocolate form it is terrible and even then people should read the label cause you might as well be drinking sugar water 'cause those are the first ingredients)

BRAIN: "Living high on the hog with coffee, man this is the life, why didn't the DEVIL convince April to jump back on the coffee train a while ago."
STOMACH: "Brain, you should just shut the hell up, coffee might smell fantastic, and taste great and the sounds of it brewing are enticing and it makes April think about all the people she loves who drink coffee... BUT... it is hurting her insides... and Brain, since you are on the inside I thought you should know..."
BRAIN: "Stomach.... can we live it up for a little while... pleaseeeeee?"
STOMACH: "Brain, you are the thinking part in this organization, use your skills... make the best decisions..."
BRAIN: "Um... Stomach - I think I'm going to ignore you for a little while... "
STOMACH: "Ok, Brain, but don't get all pissy later on when you start hurting and whining and twitting... hey Brain, btw, thanks for getting April off dairy, that has totally made a difference in this department - that kind of forward thinking is great for our organization."

Sunday, November 08, 2009

o.... coffee... i love thee

First, for my dear friend Carmen...

Mr Trevor Linden was in Prince George today for the grand opening of the hockey department in Canadian Tire. There were a lot of people there and it was really cool to see him. I wished I'd brought my bigger lens, but we didn't get any closer than this. There was a huge line up and really I just wanted to see him in person.. I didn't need to shake his hand or have him sign anything. Kyle was excited, but didn't know why... I explained that we were going to see a hockey legend and that was all he needed to hear... so there you go... freakin' Trevor Linden...

Then we did some shopping in PG... I got a Klimt art book which I'm going to pull apart and use for other things and then we were on our way home... oh wait... we stopped somewhere first...

EVIL - "Ok... time for Starbucks, it is the ritual and much needed fuel for the ride home to Quesnel."
DEVIL (see how evil is in devil...) "Yes, evil... it is time... I wonder what April should get tonight."
EVIL "Well she can't have anymore coffee... crazy... one was enough for a while."
DEVIL "Right... one was enough... you're right... I'm sure she doesn't want one... wait - do you smell that... oh that smells like coffee... mmmmmm."
EVIL "Stop that... right now... stop it... April, order a steamed soy."
DEVIL "Yes, April.. order the lame blah suck steamed soy... you go girl - order the crap out of that."
EVIL "Stop it... don't make me come over there... I'll kick your ass... she doesn't need anymore coffee.. DOESN'T!"
DEVIL "I know she doesn't need it... she wants it... but I won't stop you... she should definitely have that crappy sack of a drink... soy steamed... mmm that must be just as good... I'm sure of it - I'm sure she just loves drinking that CRAP."
EVIL "That's it - I'm coming over there to kick your ass... what's your problem... she was doing fine without coffee."
DEVIL "You call that fine.. you're letting her drink crap... her friends are laughing at her for drinking it... what kind of partner in crime let's anyone drink a crappy drink. That hot soy is like hot ass... just stop it ok - it isn't a real drink - suck it up and get over yourself.. it is a poor excuse for anything."
EVIL "Look... I know... you are right... "
DEVIL "What?"
EVIL "I know... I was hoping you would get her to drink coffee... what the hell took so long."
DEVIL "What? Is this some kind of trick?"
EVIL "April, get the soy... get it... get it... soy... soy... soy... soy... mmmmm you love that hot soy...."

And then out loud as I hear myself saying soy - it crossing my lips it comes out as a grande peppermint mocha soy... see I did say soy...

DEVIL "I WIN! You big loser... coffee wins again! Hooray, hooray!"

Ok so that's the first part of my story....

The second part was drinking this great cup of coffee.... because I know I really shouldn't be drinking coffee it is like a forbidden thing and today's coffee... I don't know... it just kind of chucked me over the edge. I took one sip and wanted to dive into my cup covering myself in coffee and the smell of peppermint. I wanted to make out with my coffee mug like there was no tomorrow - I didn't want that smell to ever come off me. So it will come as no surprise that I have a paper cut on my cheek from rubbing the cup against my face and that I must have tried to french kiss the lid 'cause my tongue is cut too...

I LOVE COFFEE.... may you never leave my side again... (I say this and realize this is a love/hate relationship and at some point my stomach will come in on the discussion about whether or not it is good for me.)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

must stay awake....

So here are the photos... took a little while to get them sized properly for blogger...

Beautiful Niagara Falls, when we drove in you could see the plume of water from outside of town... the wind was picking up the falls and dropping it all around the walking area... this is the smaller water falls

Niagara Falls, the big falls... very impressive and amazing... the sound of the crashing water was unforgettable

And here is the wet rat... the falls poured... I was drenched and I loved every second of it. I actually splashed in puddles and just lived it up... fantastic...

Here I am at my hotel... this is off my balcony.

The entrance to the building I stayed in at Benmiller - there were two buildings with rooms, which was about a 2 minute walk from where the training was...

Entrance doors to the Benmiller Inn... I just really liked the doors... big beautiful red doors... so I'm a weirdo - I've been called worse...

A lion guarding the entrance to the Benmiller

The forest around the Benmiller.. I went on a little photo expedition before class one morning.. hiked up a hill for this photo...

This photo was also part of the hike - the color of the sky and the trees... the setting was amazing...

And here was the sunrise this morning at 7am in London Ontario - beautiful! It is hard to believe that that was today. I was in transit for 16 hours... and with that I'm going to go shower and go to sleep... hope you enjoy the photos :)

stupid nonsense of someone who hasn't gotten enough sleep

I'm tired - T I R E D!

I went in to PG to look around after my flight for 45 minutes... getting more tired by the second.... but I've been tired for a few days - so what the hell. And then I'm thinking - gees - driving home is going to suck... so I stop to get a drink. Guess what I got... a very special treat... a grande peppermint mocha - my favorite hot drink... that's right COFFEE... I haven't had coffee in months - literally months... but man did it taste good - oh man - I was just living it up.. and then about 35 km outside of PG the coffee kicks in and relays a message to the part of my brain that is working...

COFFEE "Hey, Brain..."
BRAIN "Um... yes... hold on one sec, April needs to finish singing this song, then we can talk..."
COFFEE "Um... I don't know if this can wait, can you tell her to hurry up?"
BRAIN "What... what could be more important than singing super loud in the car?"
COFFEE "Well - you know - I'm great - I'm the most fabulous coffee in the whole world, right?"
BRAIN "Yes, coffee... she loves you.. she worships you... did you need an ego rub tonight or what?"
COFFEE "No, smart ass, I don't need an ego rub, do you know what else was in that yummy fantastic coffee tonight?"

A long pause...

And I blurt out... crap, there is chocolate in my coffee.... my first morsel of chocolate in 10 weeks...

So then I'm nervous... nervous that my guts are going to implode and I'm going to really regret this fantastic yummy coffee.... oh how I love thee, wonderful, fantastic, amazing, coffee....

I managed to get home ok - now I have the feeling that both coffee and chocolate may not have been the wisest decision, but what the hell... I'm living once...

Alright - and now I will post the photos...

another day in the airport

Well today has been (is) a long day. This morning in Ontario I got up at the great hour of 5am (2am in BC) and got ready to fly. I then boarded my flight at 7:15am (4:15am) and made it to Calgary, sat in Calgary for 90 minutes and then flew from Calgary to Kelowna, Kelowna to Vancouver and now I'm hanging out waiting on my next flight... about an hour away. I had great intentions of loading my photos - or some - of the trip but I packed my camera cord in my luggage and don't have it...

Let me say that my short visit to Niagara Falls was amazing and fantastic and everything I needed. I wish I could have stayed forever. I then headed up to Goderich, about three hours from Niagara Falls in a cab. We made our way through small communities and I got to fall in love with brick houses and churches - very amazing! The hotel (inn) that I stayed at was in a beautiful setting and we caught the tale end of fall - which you'll see in my photos. The rooms were big and it was a good stay. The time change kind of ruled my life and I didn't get enough sleep because by the time my body wanted to go to sleep it was nearly time to get up for class - but it was well worth the trip. I picked up a bunch of lessons that I can apply in my work and I got seven points towards my designation completed - now I have nine and I'm getting my next 10 in December in Saskatoon...

I should be in PG around 5, then driving to Quesnel and with any luck I'll load some photos tonight - going to try and stay up and not get too bent out of shape by the jet lag... I'm actually feeling ok today, tired, but I managed to sleep most of the flight from Calgary to Kelowna (actually slept through the landing... very uncharacteristic of me - usually there is panic... but my panic disappeared - I felt like a regular flier as soon as I boarded the Calgary/Kelowna flight... I just found my happy place... I think maybe my happy place went on vacation during previous flights... and off we went...).

Well my loves I'm going to spend the next 20 minutes surfin' the net, board my flight and get home to the family - I hope everyone is enjoying their saturday. Hugs, smooches and more hugs :)

Ok - one more story from the flights today... flying and adjusting to time has been brutal. This morning when I boarded the plane I immediately changed my watch to Calgary time - great.. initially I thought I'd screwed it up because I couldn't believe how long the flight was taking... I was right though. So I get to Calgary and am sitting there... I board at 11am... now I'm sitting on the plane and I can't get it through my head how I'm going to get to Vancouver for 12:15... how could that be... my brain was still pushing the clock forward... it really bugged me - I started thinking I was on the wrong flight and then I started thinking what was wrong with West Jet that we weren't on time... and on and on and then I slept - slept well... when I woke up on the runway in Kelowna the attendant notes that the current time is 11am something er' other and I let out this big "O" - that is how tired I am today... extra super honkin' tired... it may also be that I'm a little slow... but for today, let us just blame it on the lack of sleep.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Well of course I made it but just haven't had a second to say anything... I'm headed off to training in a minute but wanted to post that I arrived in Goedrich. I have some great photos to share - to be honest, I've been surprised by how beautiful Ontario is... I know to someone from here maybe they already knew that, but it really is now - loving the brick... love it!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


So I've landed - quick flight and I guess we just missed some winds coming in from the west.. so hooray for that. Calgary also has free internet so hooray for that too! My sister lives here and she is going to bust out here and join me for a drink before I leave for Hamilton.

Can someone tell me why YYC has giant stuff animals in the airport... I will post pictures tonight... it is too funny because everyone I've seen totally stops to look and then takes pictures with them... I'm going to pull out my little travel companion - mr. barker and get him in a photo...

Ttyl... :)

on the road...'er in the sky

So I'm on the road. I made it through my first flight from PG to Vancouver and now I have a short layover in Van. Vancouver has free internet so that makes it a great place! I couldn't believe that PG was a pay service... seriously... how can they justify that.... don't we pay enough for everything....

So I wandered around for a few minutes and now I'm preparing to board the flight and thought I'd update you on the adventure so far. I spent the first flight reading - not power reading - I was absorbing all the words - I'm reading Eat Pray Love and have now fallen in love with the book - there was a section that I could have written and now I am all consumed by the book and don't want to put it down... lucky me I've got a day I dedicate to reading a great book... my goal is to complete it for my arrival in Hamilton... I've got a three hour layover in Calgary - so I should get some reading in there too...

Alright - ttyl my friends and family - all my love! Have a great day!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

before and after

So this doesn't show the trim - but we've used the same color on the mantel - dark brown - for the window and floor moulding. I'm really pleased with it. The only downside to the change over is that the laminate is slippery... some spots seem to get ultra slippy - I've talked about getting a rug, but I honestly wonder why we put the laminate down if we are just going to put a rug on top... We also changed the following...

So now the hallway where all the bedrooms are, is connected to the living room - it sure makes a difference to the feel of things.

In uploading these photos I looked back at what the house looked like when we first bought it - looking at it now I can't believe how far we've come...


Today has been a ride... I had a high point in my day that was fantastic - I mean super duper fan-freakin'-tastic.. and then lows that made me want to turn into the hulk. Seriously I just wanted to start throwing things and explode in fury... and now I've had some sugar and I'm home working and I'm trying to feel better again... so since I never got to the photos I thought I would give a bit of an update on stuff.

one. Kyle lost his first tooth on Thursday Oct 29 - he pulled it out himself - he was very proud of himself - the tooth fairy was kind enough to leave Kyle $2.00 - the following day - he promptly told someone that he had gotten twenty five dollars and that person (family friend) darn near broke their jaw from it dropping so fast... because I'm extra stupid and would give my seven year old twenty five dollars for his first lost tooth... anyway - we cleared things up and everything was dandy.

two. Kyle was in the paper again. This time on the cover in last years costume - it was great! I'll send out copies for anyone interested.

three. Andy's parents are here for the next few days. Today we hung out in PG for a few hours and I was shocked and rather dismayed that Sears was playing Christmas music. I get it - cash in - make us all start thinking about Christmas now - damnit! But it made me just want to run away - plus it was playing ultra loud - stupid - more stupid nonsense...

four. I leave on Tuesday for Ontario - I am doing my best to try not to fret too much about this... trying...

five. Prince Charles and Camilla will be in Ontario at the exact same time as me - in fact, their itinerary notes them being in Hamilton the same day as me...

six. my tummy hurts from eating too many gummies

Friday, October 30, 2009

first some fun

Well I'd thought about going out tonight, but my stomach wasn't really into it... kind of thinking I let dairy into my life at some point today... I'm going to research the suspect food and find out...

So I'm going to load up my photos of the living room and a bunch more but thought I'd start with something fun. I think this is a warning sign for the area female horses... and no, I didn't photoshop this one... this is how it stands in Quesnel...

Please make up your own tag for this photo and share... :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A great halloween email photo my aunti sent me... :)
Sorry to disappoint those who searched for really boobies tonight and got this... actually I'm not sorry...