Thursday, March 31, 2011


The spring rains are starting... I hear they may be spring snow tomorrow - blah! Darn weather.  We still have snow on the lawn, but only inches now and there are lots of green patches.

Why am I blogging at 8am? Well I'm home with sick kids - Kyle isn't that sick, but his cough sounds so awful that I don't want his teacher to have to listen to his cough all day and Michael has the same cold, but isn't coughing as loud - he is more miserable than anything.. fine as long as their are cartoons on and things to do...

So now I'm setting up to work from home - a bit - and just hang out with the sickies for the day.
Hope everyone else is well.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It is windy in good ole Q-town tonight - so things are rumbling around outside, it is loud and then what I thought was the wind turned out to be something good... you see - my terrible neighbors are moving out.  They were throwing their stuff outside and loading.  I'm sooo glad to see them go!

Not really sure who's bright idea it is to move in the wind, at 9pm - but I don't really care.  Tonight they've been parking in front of our house and about 30 minutes ago the boyfriend/whatever is sitting in his truck, but it is dark and I can't see him - just notice the car - so then I walk into the kitchen and he has a flash light and he starts flashing it at our house - ROAR!!!! Good riddance!  Be gone you stupid M-F'er!!!!!!! Wasn't like it was the one time - it was over and over for five minutes!!!! RRROOOAARRRR!

Anyways - I'm assuming that since Friday is the start of a new month (30 days of April... hooray) they'll be packing and moving for the next two days and then we wait for the next nonsense to move in... of course - this time will be different... there is no way that I'm putting up with the nonsense that has happened with this family - no way!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

hair cut

Tonight Max destroyed things twice.  First time, he jumped and grabbed a bag of bread, tore into it and dragged out some bread to half eat on our couch - awesome.  (When I say -jumped up- he jumped up to the height of our dinner table - counter height - and drug the bread bag off the counter top and onto the floor) Then tonight we went to go and get Andy dinner and were gone a total of 20 minutes and come home to chocolate wrappers all over the house.  He had grabbed one of my work bags and dug into the chocolate bag - this, again, was put away, up high - and so he is covered in chocolate gunk and so... he got a hair cut - a big hair cut - tonight I figured out that I can give him a shorter cut and he can still have a cute-ish face - so that may be the end of the longer body hair look for Max the House Wrecker!

Kyle is sick with a cold.
Michael continues to like being called Jet.

Friday, March 25, 2011

really... really

And this from the Oxford English dictionary... 

The March update also adds new words from across the dictionary. These include initialisms such as OMG and LOL, and the acronym Wag; plus markers of modern life, from muffin top, n. to non-dom n.

Initialisms are now words... WHAT!!!????????

I call bullshit!  This is just lazy language and the end of english how can an organization like Oxford English Dictionary agree that OMG and LOL are words... surprised that WTF didn't make the grade.

ps... CARMEN - @trevor_linden - he is on twitter... in case you aren't already following him... 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

thursday night

Tonight I got to have two great phone calls... I got to talk with Paula and catch up on her pregnancy... hooray!  And with my sister and Nicholas on skype so I got to see him laughing and giggling.. hooray - again!

I love that there are so many babies in or nearly in the family right now.  It is also great to experience life as an aunti - totally love it!

Other things I love - Big Trouble in Little China - and on that note I'm going to go and get my fill since they are running it on AMC tonight and then hook myself with my other dear friend, Advilene :)  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

day 2

Alright - so tonight I'm still coping with the mouth piece... I sound like I've got a candy wedged in my mouth when I talk so I get strange looks - like I'm rude for eating while talking - awkward...  chewing is difficult and impossible to do without the guard in - which means I'm trying to chew with the guard in place and it is awful... it is soft food or liquid and the soft food is difficult *sigh*

Hoarding: Buried alive = cleaning time - it is always an inspiration!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's Tuesday night and thought I should do something special and bake some treats... I picked up BC Hydro's fun recipe cards - each recipe is submitted by a BC celebrity - there is even a Ryan Kesler recipe for Chicken Pot Pie ... this recipe cards highlight powersmart facts and what appears to be a good recipe... that's right - appears.  So what happened...

 This lovely recipe for some yummy chocolate, super banana-y, muffins and the recipe - as you can see - clearly says 7-9 extra large muffins - and now that I've made the recipe and it is smelling up the whole house - well apparently extra large meant more like mini muffin loafs - the recipe is giant!  So while I thought I was getting into an hour of baking... it appears that I'll be up for hours...

Other complaints.. while I'm complaining - the recipe calls for peanut butter - one tablespoon - but what it should say is one tablespoon per muffin and it suggests to simply put the peanut butter on the top of the muffin... except that the muffin is going to rise and when the peanut butter melts it is going to run all over hells have acre and make a mess - so this dawned on me but I also had some kind of hope that maybe the recipe was right and that it wouldn't make a mess - so I did one dozen (yes - a dozen) with peanut butter and one without - and of course... of course it is making a freakin' mess - darn it!  So I'm going to make the remaining dozens - that's right - I'll easily get 4 dozen muffins - I'm going to forgo the peanut butter.

sigh - did manage to use up all my browning bananas - so there is the silver lining..

update: 12:29am, can't believe I'm still up - soooo wanted to be sleeping by now... the peanut butter was a disaster - do not follow that part of the recipe - it basically burned to the top of the muffin and while it may end up tasting ok, it just didn't work... stupid, stupid, stupid!

12:31am - sneezing with new guard is awful - a new, different kind of pain

12:32am - sleep walker is lurking - i can hear him getting ready to make an appearance and probably tell me something like the jellyroll called me and said it was half past lunchfast

12:33am - watching cnn and listening to them talk about libya and the potential that the real reason is about oil - that there is some concern for people, but it is more about oil... makes me wonder about alberta...  dear muffins, cook faster so I don't have to think about oil prices, peak oil, usa interests and on and on and on

a new guard

And so today I went back to get my new guard for my terrible jaw.  It is not pretty and it is totally different than the last one they gave me.  It has metal pieces and it pinches and my 's' and 'c' sounds are shot.  So it is a few weeks at this stage and then onto the next stage ... whatever that is... sigh... it is definitely the end of hard food for a while trying to eat is painful - at best - let alone trying to eat something that needs a lot of chewing.  Having a guard is also causing my lips to dry out and they ache.

It is spring break here and so the guys get to be together at daycare and today they got a day at home which is nice - I know they love the chance to play together and have fun.  Kyle has also been teaching Michael how to play Star Wars on the PS3 and they are pretty into that.  Michael has asked to change his name to Jet, Kyle whined about him changing his name and so I asked what he wanted his changed to and he agreed that his name was fine - ha.  And now we are going to run out for some baking supplies and then we are going to play RISK... or something like it - Kyle is also really into chess (chest) right now - so I'm trying to learn that game all over again.  I was never good at Chess and I just have flashes of losing as a kid every time we set up to play.  Oh well - and now back to playing.

Friday, March 18, 2011


A long time ago, when the earth was green  

There was more kinds of animals than you've ever seen
They'd run around free while we were all asleep
And the happiest of them all was the unisheep

Monday, March 14, 2011


Seriously - why does there need to be photos of the man with the most toes, or the most deformed toes or any of that shit - tonight Kyle brought home his library books and he has to go to the most disgusting section to share.  Now I'm not that old that I don't remember pulling the same shit and being really interested in the crazy crap in the book... but man... that is crazy.. the whole book is insane.

I'm sick with a cold.

That is all.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

oh and by the way...


  1. 45 minute snowball fight - check
  2. Laundry 
  3. Lunch - gooey grill cheese and soup that no one liked
  4. Grocery shopping with visit from Kyle's friend who gave him trouble for not pulling his tooth out (he has a front top tooth that is hanging by a thread - literally - it nearly came out last night, but then stopped... his other tooth is nearly out behind the baby one)
  5. Grabbed a treat for being sooo good
  6. Watched a cartoon and now....
Off to clean a bedroom, do some more laundry and then go to Andy's last game of the season...
we will also continue to miss my sister and her beautiful baby... my evenings are not the same without baby snuggling... :(

Jen - heat helped me with ear/jaw pain - one of those bean packs you put in the microwave can be very helpful as it provides heat for a while - that plus advil... hope you get better soon

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Three cute boys
Michael (5), Nicholas (.4) and Kyle (8)


Sunday, March 06, 2011

the case of the slack ass blogger

I know... what's the deal - where I have a been?
Well between swamped and life.  I'll skip the boring details.  The fantastic stuff is as follows: my sister drove all the way from Calgary to Quesnel to visit and so we get to have her stay with us and hang out and chat and all that great stuff - she also brought my nephew with her - very cute, Nicholas.  He is 3 1/2 months old (that's right and she still drove here on her own) and starting to giggle and is just starting to figure out that his hands are part of his body and that he can hold and pick up things with them... it is fun to watch and great to have a wee-little person around the house.  He is very easy going and happy.

So she has been here since Thursday night and it has been great to have her here.  We are spoiled to have her and Nicholas.

Photos will definitely follow...

Love to all of you! xxoo