Friday, June 29, 2012

And because I absolutely keep forgetting to write this down

I've been meaning to write this down somewhere for the past 12 hours, and just never got to it last night and in fact, kept remembering and then forgetting.

Kyle received a silver academic award, which means he got all A's and B's on this report card - fantastic!  So we went outside to take a few photos.  I took one of Kyle by his favourite flowers, then David tried to take one of me but I was being cranky and didn't like that my flab was showing in it - then David and Michael went in the house and me and Kyle were sitting in the front garden trying one more picture of him.

He said he wanted a picture of me and him with the plaque (yes, he got a whole plaque to keep...) so we sat beside the garden. I tell him I'm so proud of him, that he worked really hard for this - we had a talk after the last report card and I said he really needed to focus on pulling off some great grades in the last semester and he says to me - Mom, this award is for you too because you worked just as hard to help me - well I didn't cry, but sitting here typing this right now gets me all teary eyed.  That kid has the best lines :)

So we took one photo of us with the plaque and I'll hopefully load that tonight.

Michael completed kindergarten and was a top star in his grade - his reading is great - he has read us green eggs and ham (the whole thing) a few times now and he just seems to be a machine for information - the teacher also noted that he was exceptional in his math skills.. hooray!  His little "grad" ceremony was great - his teacher was fantastic and it was just a good day.

David took the guys away for their first day off of summer - up to PG for adventures and fun... and yes - I'm at work - taking a break - writing to share with you... yes - I will take time off - absolutely - just not today.


Sunday, June 24, 2012


Poor Michael has some new thing and threw up on the grass this afternoon.  He begged for a slurpee about 4 hours after the throw up scene - I agree - we get to 7-11 and he needs to throw up before he has consumed anything.  SIGH.  The healthy part of the family (David and Kyle) drove out to Nazko for dinner and we've just hung out on the couch.  Watching your kids throw up is never great.  Blah.

Alright - well that's it for Sunday night updates - time to go check on the barfer - xo

I hope everyone else had an entirely better and healthier weekend than us :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

today in point form

Last night I had a dream about running - I'm hoping that I feel up for some physical activity tonight - still getting over Monday's disgustingness.

I got a grant today for $9,200.

I've consumed about 6 cups of water and 3 cups of vitamin water.

My face aches at my jaw line - it is stupid fun.

I am a big whiner.

I'm tired and need a  nap.

I was mad at colleague, but then realized that I'm only putting anger out so if I want to feel good and be happy I need to project that... still working on it.

I want to take more computer training.

I felt under paid when someone told me how much they make for doing what they do.  SIGH.
Under paid and maybe under valued.

I wish my nephew lived closer.

I wish my niece lived closer.

I'm thankful for learning about acupressure and even if it is only in my head that it is helping... I don't really care.

And there is my Thursday. - blah.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

damned guts

Not really sure what took over our house on Sunday night but my guts did a bender for about 24 hours... I came into work yesterday morning but could hardly even think straight.  I went home at lunch and while today is better - it still feels like a chore to just sit.  I'm trying to stay hydrated and tried to not meet people today... sadly got booked for a meeting this afternoon - so I'm preparing to sit through that... otherwise just trying to work and feel ok.

David also got a case of whatever I had, but his was a little milder.  Thankfully - the boys didn't get it - we are both convinced it is some kind of food poisoning since our reaction was nearly the same... amen to having three bathrooms!

The weekend - well we planted our little garden - we are now growing zucchinis, tomatoes, strawberries, swiss chard, beets, beans, soy beans, and radishes.  It is turning into quite the yard and home space - it is so great to see so much progress in such a short period of time.

We also had two little birds fall out of the tree in our back yard - ended up having them picked up by animal rescue - we have lots of cats prowling the backyard and I knew they'd be dinner and a nice lady was willing to take care of them and give them the extra days they need to get their flying feathers in...

And - my trip to Japan - while it looks amazing - may have some hiccups in it - a typhoon hit central Japan yesterday and has impacted many flights - it seems that they missed the storm and flew to the next destination, but maybe issues flying back to Tokyo... have to wait and see what the storm does... hopefully it will pass and all will be fine... I'm surprised it didn't impact their flights yesterday but they made it to Hokkaido just fine.

And now back to work - need to work on this year's edition of the magazine.  xo

Friday, June 15, 2012

a break

And so I'm taking a break to blog for a few minutes.  This week has been brutal.  Slander, mental abuse, and more highlighted this week.  One week ago today I thought I was going to have a great little weekend but before the weekend could start I was put through the machine - and this week has been a challenge.

Gotta say I'm disappointed in my travel right now - Bali was a blow out, China (didn't really want to go - just because it was rushed) didn't go, and now Japan is out... supposed to go to Nunavut in the fall - that's out... blah...  I'm not super sad about most of the travel being a wash - Bali was disappointing more than anything and a waste of money - Nunavut would have been great but I can't afford to waste my time at a conference that has yet to produce an agenda.. ok and I wanted to see Japan but I'll go on my own sometime... then I don't have to meet politicians and I can just see the sights - go with family versus work...

Summer... well we are heading to Cannon Beach for sure - I can't wait to go - I'd like to go head there tomorrow but school isn't quite out for summer - that said, Michael is done - he's been done for a few weeks now - tired of school, wanting more family time, wanting more play time - these full days of kindergarten really wore on him - he cried this morning when I told him he had to go to school... blah... tough to watch him cry - especially when I'd like to remove him for class and just play all day.

Ok and on the super upside... David is an absolute work horse.  He has built a deck, pulled out dry wall, set posts for a new fence, built a new garden - he is an animal for working.  I can't believe how much gets accomplished every day... and he is staying here permanently now... no more commuting - just life here - it is very exciting.

Ok and now a client is heading in so I best get back to it - xo - xo
Many hugs and kisses :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I might say that I'm an asshole - I know that I've said it before... many times... but I really really don't like being called one... sigh... especially six times +.... 

Is this a woman thing that I would allow this to happen... or just a me thing?  

My colleagues suggested that in future discussions where this kind of thing happens that I should say - 'you have two options - you can speak to me in a civil way or you can leave my office' - why do I find that so difficult to do - why is standing up to people so hard...   clearly, I also hope that this shit doesn't happen again... 

Blah.  Sorry there were no photos last night - just didn't get to it and left my laptop in the office.  I'm hoping to actually work on my favourite projects this afternoon which may afford me the time to load a few photos here...  


Monday, June 11, 2012

blog free for a month

And so I'm back after a month hiatus.  Definitely been busy and occupied with a variety of things, but today I realized that I missed writing - even if there are no readers - I just like writing and it is a great way to keep information.

My work - well it has been a learning curve, from being called an asshole in a conversation more times that I could keep track of, to diffusing situations, to having major travel and back to having no travel, from heated conversations and endless conversations - it has been a hectic month.  I'd love to go into more details, but really it isn't worth it - I, largely, love my job and will just carry on.  Chin up! :)

Life - my real life - is fantastic - we are busy with yard work and cleaning, gardening, photographer, driving trips - we went to Prince Rupert, Smithers, Burns Lake, Prince George (a few times) and have done all kinds of sight seeing in and around Quesnel.  We've seen piles of animals - moose moms and calves, deer moms and fawns, bear moms and cubs - and a crazy fox - it has been amazing.  I've seen parts of the community I never had seen and get to spend great time with David and the kids.

I'll share photos later today (hopefully) but just wanted to say a quick hello to my friends and family - yes, I'm alive - yes, I'm busy - and yes - I will continue to blog...

xo - my loves :)