Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Alright.. go...

6:45 - I hit the trail - run - not full out - but run - I'm definitely not back into my groove but I'm running again and that's good - good to get out and just wash away the work day with a run.

So I clip along ok - taking walking breaks - but far less than the weekend and I'm thinking about maintaining speed and not slacking off...

I roll in to the 5.2 km marker at 7:22 and I'm furious - how did it take me 47 minutes... I know... not only am I dyslexic - my math skills must be the shits... but about a second passes and I realize - wait - that's 37 minutes... woohoo!  So that is actually one of my top speeds doing the run - which is shocking - especially since I know it was in my reach to do better. Part of me is quite disappointed to not be running in the relay this month - I really thought the team I was on last year would get back together and run again...  sigh

That said I'm definitely looking forward to David being home and running/walking with him and the guys... I need to find some bikes for the guys so we can do the longer distances.. Michael actually asked last night about doing the trail on bikes.

And Bob (the washer) just launched into the hallway - if it isn't Luongo on the fritz it's Bob... blah.

Toddlers and tiara's was on again tonight - caught a few minutes of the nastiness and again I feel like a good parent.  :)


What... boobies rule?  Yes - this is part of our relay for life team fundraiser - the bracelets are comfortable to wear and are only $5.00 - so if you'd like to donate to my team - you can mail me cash-ola or chequ-ola's and I'll mail you one - shipping free - I have lots of different kinds including - I love motor boating, nice knockers and all kinds of other ones... 

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tuesday 10

This lovely batch of random questions were provided by Roots and Rings!
1. Who is your favorite talk show host?
Craig Ferguson!  
2. How do you style your hair on a daily basis?
Straightener... with occasional pony tails or clips... depends on how lazy I'm feeling
3. If you were stuck in your bedroom for a week, what would you need in order to not go crazy?
Outside of those basic things like food and water... well I would go crazy - unless if by bedroom you mean Hawaii in which case - food, water, David and the boys ... oh - I've totally gone off topic... oh well - that's where my brain is tonight - far, far away from here... 
4. What are the best non-reality shows on television?
Big Bang Theory is funny - don't really have a favourite show anymore... lost most interest in tv after ER left... sigh.. yes - it's been that long since I actually dedicated time to watching tv shows... 
5. Do you mow your own lawn and clean your own house?
What... yes... I share the load with my great family... ok - David and I do the work and the kids try ... Kyle is learning laundry... 
6. As an adult, what is the best part of summer?
The warm breeze - I felt it yesterday - I took me away - I needed it
7. If you could ask one celebrity one question, who and what would you ask?
I would ask Barenaked Ladies if they would please, please, pretty please sing our multi-centre song and help us raise the rest of the money needed to build the multi-centre - we need $7M - yes, $7,000,000 - and I re-wrote 'million dollars' to 30 million (the total) and would love them to help us sing it or give us permission to sing it... 
8. Post a picture.

9. How many books do you read a year?
Not enough - start and stop many - probably 10
10. Which national chain makes the best delivery pizza?
Um - don't eat pizza... 

Luongo (the fireplace) kicked on and blasted heat - it was fantastic and then... he kept blasting... and blasting until the carpet got hot... apparently the thermostat was set for 26 and it was at about 24.5 that I realized Luongo was overachieving after a long hiatus :)  (just like he'll do in Florida or Montreal when he gets traded) All good - the room is warm now - but I'm a whiner tonight - might go soak in the tub... might read ... printed a couple of pictures - so glad that family posts pictures there so I can steal and print them for the house (Mel - hooray - and thank you for the other printed ones you mailed).
Good night my loves - xo - hugs and snuggles

good grief

Fireplace hasn't worked in a few weeks.  It is quite sad because we love it and have spent the night in the living room to enjoy it and then one day it just stopped.

It has taken a few weeks to get someone to look at it and they finally arrived about 10 minutes ago.  And so they pull it apart - looking at all its little parts - blue flame = good... on button = good...



"Do you happen to have any double A batteries in the house?"



really... really... Luongo doesn't have batteries that work....


"Well we just want to check it."


Why Luongo?

All of the large appliances have names...  the washer/dryer were named first (Bob and Doug), dish washer is Jack (like Simple Jack... Tropic Thunder), and the new fridge is Fred.  Luongo doesn't run well, blows hot air and stopped contributing to the team - ... the fire place Luongo... just saying :)


Blue flame ignites...


He tries to make me feel better by saying - hey - "most people would never know that there were batteries in any of this - it's ok."

I laugh.

I tell them how I'm going to share the great adventure of this morning - that there was actually a whatchamadingdong screw in the back and the fireplace guys turned into fairies and went inside the fireplace so they didn't have to pull the whole wall apart and managed to find the whatchamadingdong and put it back in its spot... and then everything got hot - they were burning up - there little wings were catching on fire because Luongo got turned on so fast because he hasn't work in ages... and so they quickly escaped.  Phew.  Hate to see the worker's comp on that... sheesh....

F-ing batteries... damnit

Ok - off to work.


Monday, May 07, 2012

and today in the life of me

"Mom - come take my photo..."

Ok - I'm coming - hold on

"Mom, hold on - let me get ready."

*intense prep follows - Michael is now getting ready to hang off the monkey bars*

"Alright - I'm ready"


And as I start to shoot he pulls up his shirt in a effort to pull his pants down so I'd photograph him hanging with his gonch hanging out - awesome... mooning the camera - now stripping - good grief.

What else...
Well my day had a rough start but things improved along the way.  David sent me the most amazing flowers - it was shocking - the delivery girl laughed that they didn't even need the address - just told to take them to April and off they came to my office...

I mean - totally and completely spectacular!  They stand about 2 1/2 feet tall.

And then tonight - technology was abandoned and we headed to our park.

(Michael saw this via pinterest and asked for one... so we made it)

Below - (from the weekend) - when I first downloaded these photos I thought a ninja had sunk into the house - (see the back pack that looks like it has eyes... right - fine - so it is just me and I'm mental... right... darn it!)

And just something different (this also from the weekend...) thought it might look funny in the yard... no, David, it is not in the yard .... not yet - gotta go pick it up .. ok - I'm kidding... I bought the boy version, but I couldn't post that here... trying to keep it PG - stop laughing - I totally didn't curse in this post. (yes, I double checked.)

xo my loves - sweet dreams!

Sunday, May 06, 2012


Today was an emotional day.  Apparently two of the three of us needed to be emotional and a wee bit crazy - crazy to the point that I decided I was getting rid of the PS3 - I just bought it at Christmas time - but it doesn't help anything in life.  I'm sick of - can I play on it - I only have one game for it - and while we can enjoy our time on it, it - like all tech stuff - has become more than outside time - more than life.

Most of me wants to just sell it all - I love my rock band - love it - but we'd have more fun on a hike than we would playing the PS3.

So after a number of outbursts by Kyle - arguing with me about when I said he could play it next - because I said he could play on Friday night and then they didn't get to so when was he going to get to and on and on and on - and I finally broke - said it was all going.  

So it is leaving - I'll need to get a dvd player but that's it - all of it is going - I shouldn't have even bothered getting it.

And so Kyle has cried this evening a number of times because he is very sad that it is going.  We have had some really great times with it - but I know that our future is bigger and brighter than any good time that can be had with a piece of technology.  Sigh.. tough... very tough!

We had a birthday party to go today which was fun - played games, soccer, and saw an amazing cake and was shocked at how much food the kids could pack away.  We spent the morning gardening and then in the late afternoon I showed Michael some cool felt things I'd seen on pinterest (thank you, Carmen) and then he said he wanted to look - after 10 minutes he found a fox that he liked - and so - we built it.  Took longer than I thought but without a pattern and just looking at one online photo I think we did ok.

And now - I'm going to pack up the PS3 - sell it on Facebook - and go have a shower.

xo - xo my loves
hugs, smooches and love
may this week be amazing for all of us

and now - to go soak ... and wait - cuddle with Kyle - as he is yelling a request...



Last night was super moon 2012 and, of course, we had cloud cover (there was a meteor shower last night too).  I managed to get a few shots, but had to drive half way to Nazko to get them and nearly smoked a deer on the way - thankfully the idiot looked up about a second before he decided to cross the road - glad he looked.

Today looks like it will be beautiful - but - it's been like this every morning for a while and it tends to go 'yuk' around 11am... so I hope we will miss that part of the day and just have gorgeous sunshine.

I'm tired this morning - sleeping on the couch did nothing for me last night - couldn't sleep - tossing and turning and finally just getting up because I was sick of the couch and didn't want to sleep in the bed.  My legs and my right hip were not super pleased about the run yesterday either... they were screaming at midnight about 'how could I - and who did I think I was' and I had a really sweet headache, near migraine - but all of it went away and I'm largely pain free this morning.

Guys should be here in a few minutes, they have a birthday party this afternoon - a good friend of mine - so we will all go to that and then I'm not sure what.  We could go on another Cariboo Safari, or head to my parents or just hangout at the house... I'll see what they want to do.

I hope you have a fantastic Sunday with lots of fun and laughs and sunshine!  I'll post photos tonight as I got a great fox photo, some of the moon and a bunch of great family ones :)  xo

Saturday, May 05, 2012

do I look like a hooker...

Ambition got the best of me this afternoon - that plus a dash of boredom and a side of I really really really don't want to sit in the house today (ok and some inspiration - Ryan (trail runner blog on the side panel) is hitting a marathon run tomorrow and I thought while I'm in no condition for a marathon I could probably cut a quarter-thon this afternoon... - so I went off to do the river front trail - I ran/walked the first 5.2 km in 42 minutes and when I got back to the car I decided that I still had more energy and need for exercise and carried on - completing another lap (10.4 - woohoo - in 86 min -  Ryan will probably run the while marathon in that tomorrow... lol).

I get to the mid section of the trail and find a poor lady who has pretty rough road (river) rash - she fell in the river - climbed out - wet, cold, messy leg - so I lent her my phone so she could call for a ride - and then I carried on - she wasn't dying and didn't need 911 or anything like that... I get about 1 km from that point - clipping along - when out of the corner of my eye a notice truck pulling up beside me - initial thought - lord - I must look like phebi (feebee - Friends) running again - and someone is worried they let the 'special' people out for a run today and the truck is pulling up to cheer me on... ha... ok - now all jokes aside - I slow up wondering what is going on - and this old man has his window down and again my brain thinks - gees - maybe this old geezer needs help... well yes, he does... 'hey, do you need a ride?' - I say 'no, thanks' - seriously - I'm on the f-ing trail - blatantly - in my running gear - clipping along... he gives me this weird nod and then slowly goes away - crossing the street in front of me - and then all the training I hope my kids understand kicks in - and I run to the corner and get his license plate - because fear has now joined the run.  What if he loops back around the corner and tries to get you - I've put in more than 8km at this point and I'm not going to make much of a get away - especially against a truck - I text David the license plate - just in case - and carry on.  Freakin' creepy.  It bugs me the rest of the run - really bugs me.

I get back to the car and happen to see a cop - I ask if I should bother reporting it - she says yes - so I call it in - explain my little story and then go get tea.  I try to go for a drive and then don't want to ... so now I'm home - had a shower and am not sure what I'll do the rest of the night - while it is harmless - was harmless, it continues to bug me... rrrrrr (insert really loud angry pirate noises).  SIGH!  I don't want my running experiences to be tarnished by something like this - but it has. The worst is that it conjures up other things for me and that bugs me - really bugs me... and so I will sit here and ponder things and eventually - hopefully - feel compelled to make something to eat or at the very least - be compelled to go and by new drumsticks so I can play rock band.

I'll have more later - just wanted to vent here... blah.


safe, sound and a little bit damaged - but really - what's new about that :)
love to you!

Friday, May 04, 2012

i was just about to...

I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging - turns out that when I have a life and David is home I'm less inclined to blog... I think it speaks volumes about my life over the course of blogging for more than 10 years now... sigh.

And so - you should have guessed by now that David is making the trek back to Vancouver - sadly without me this weekend - our goodbyes are tear filled, but this mornings came with a new phone so we can FaceTime from afar and stay better connected.  Hooray.

And so ... what has happened - well I don't have much time right now - taking up my lunch to blog - but had to share one story from the past two weeks...

Turn on your imagination...

It is Sunday, quiet, beautiful - good weather for a hot dog roast - so we pile in the car and drive to Nazko for some afternoon wiener roasting and marshmallow browning.

We enjoy some yummy wieners and watermelon that seems to taste like orange because an orange sat just a little too close to the watermelon when we bust out the marshmallows - we cook many - many, many - and then the last round seems to be on the fire - Kyle has cooked six (6) at the same time... enough for all... and as luck would have it Michael buggers off to play and one of the marshmallows does a dive into the fire... so with five masterfully cooked mallows come to the table.  Grandma (yes, mom) takes one off - passes it - takes another off, passes it - then takes one off and says - to Kyle - while holding it up in the air - wow - these totally look like assholes...

pin drop

We look at each other.

Did she just tell Kyle that these marshmallows look like assholes...


We howl!  I mean - nearly peeing our pants - howl....

And then what does my mom say - well - I just haven't eaten this much sugar in a long time, that's what happens when I have too much sugar... so note to self - don't feed mom sugar - she turns into a cursing pirate...

More stories tonight... plus photos...