Thursday, June 29, 2006


Last night I took the boys for a walk. My brother lives under a kilometre away and I figured Michael could use the stroll. He, of course, fell asleep after a few feet. Kyle chatted my ear off the whole way there and back. I know to non-parents that hearing kids talk is a 'whatever' but for me it is so funny that he has all these independent thoughts and phrases.

Here are some of the outtakes from last night:

~ Kid approaches us and walks by

'Where is his mom?' - he proceeded to get a little agitated by it and kept asking me where this kids mommy was - I had to tell him I didn't know - not the answer he wanted

~ My brother has been sick for about 2 years (maybe longer) and the doctors can't figure out what the problem is - he has lost nearly 100 pounds and has stomach/intestinal problems alot.

'Mom, we gotta find uncle steve (he wasn't home when we arrived), we need to find him and take him to the doctor, doctor will take the bug out of his tummy'
He went on to tell me about my brother seeing the doctor just about the rest of the way home - he was kind of down that he didn't get to see his uncle.

The most common thing that comes up now is - where is his house? Like no one is allowed to be too far from their house or their moms... funny how things play out in his mind. With the warm weather we've had he's also decided that when the sun is out it must be hot. He wanted to go to the water park at 9am this morning. Instead we went for breakfast with Grandma.

Pics from the wedding later today.

Thanks to Aunti Jenni for doing the tag list :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Well Sarah, over at wyatt in the dell tagged me and I've completed it below.

I AM: Kyle and Michael's mom, and my husbands wife
I WANT: to win the lottery
I HAVE: ten fingers and ten toes
I WISH: (like Sarah) that I could stay home with the kids and hubby
I HATE: being unhappy
I LOVE: my kids and husband
I MISS: being in university and having great times with my friends
I FEAR: dying
I HEAR: Andy playing Zuma and the baby monitor
I WONDER: what each day will bring us
I REGRET: not finishing university with all my friends
I AM NOT: thin
I DANCE: when no one is watching
I SING: almost anything - i love singing
I CRY: about the stupidest things
I AM NOT ALWAYS: in the mood for sex
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: cookies, scrapbook pages
I WRITE: a journal for my boys
I CONFUSE: the letter b and d when I write sometimes
I NEED: to be a happier person and be less critical
I SHOULD: smell the roses
I START: crocheting and never seem to finish
I FINISH: this tag list :)

Photos of Jon's wedding soon! Dropping them off at Wally World today.

And Jen, Aunti Jenni, Mel - tag, you are it too - copy the list above and complete... thanks :)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

another one bites the dust

Mr. Jon Gardiner wed his beautiful bride Sheryl yesterday at 2:30. The ceremony was short and the reception was fun. Moments filled with memories of university days and Brendan hitting on assorted guests and family members. I will post photos once I get back to Quesnel. I will try and post a podcast type thing so you can see Brendan in action. (taped 30 seconds worth for those who could not attend)

On the illness front I can not seem to kick this thing. I am still sick. I was up at 2:30 last night getting even more sick. My body was completely out of control - damn thing - where is the return policy on that. Kids are good - enjoying time with yeye and nini. (yah yah and ny ny - think of saying why why, now use n instead of w) Lancomes tanning stuff sucks - it not only took more than five minutes to dry is looks funny - I have weird lines where it did not really take to my skin. ARG! I ended up buying nylons for the wedding so no one had to look at my weirdo legs.

Well I will go visit and be a good daughter in law. Aurevoir mon petit turkeys.

Friday, June 23, 2006

sick still

day 10 - my cold is still kicking around but my hearing is not as impaired - hooray! I'm now going through the motions of having queasy, barf periods and then actually getting up in the middle of the night to barf... I hate being sick! I am a complete wimp when it comes to barfing. Of course, the barfing has now lead to stomach cramps. My mom suggested that I might have influenza... I think I just have a bad head cold and because my ear was so bad it has screwed up my equilibrum causing me bouts of nausea.. and again for my sister.. NO I'm not pregnant!

So what else is new? Well I'm a fake tanner now. I've bought a couple of different products and have started lubbing up with the stuff. The first product I tried (can't think of name right now) made my skin all shiny, in a good way, but came off on my light coloured clothes (likely my dark clothes too - just couldn't see it). Tonight I tried the Lancome version - I didn't realize until I opened it that it was spray on - so I spent 10 minutes spraying - getting everywhere and it says right on the bottle - will dry in 5 minutes and here I sit more than 20 minutes later - NOT DRY! In fact, I can guarantee that even in 20 minutes more I will still not be dry... not too impressed... the color seems to be coming in nicely though.

I'm in Kitimat. Jon (CFTR) is getting married tomorrow. CRAZY! Andy had to go and do wedding stuff today so I spent the day with the inlaws. Let the fun olympics begin. I shouldn't really complain - today wasn't that bad... of course, I'm sick and pretty tired so I was willing to put up with just about anything. Kyle is happy to be with yeye and nini (grandpa and grandma). They bought him a kite so we played in a big park tonight - he didn't really get the point of it but had a good time running around. Michael is kind of sick too - some kind of congestion that has moved into his chest. Anyways I should probably run - need to do a few more things before hitting the hay. I also need to go and stand in front of a fan now and get this damn stuff to dry... LORD!

Nighty night bloggers :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

sun run 2003

Well since I talked about it I figured I could load up a couple of my sun run pages.

Oh Elvis!

There really is a nudie in this photo... I will prove it!

This doesn't make it super clear but you can tell there is nudity. It was without a doubt a hiliarious moment...

darn ears

I sit here tonight with one ear not functioning properly. I have another sinus infection with a side of ear infection. This time I appear to be the only one with it so I'm wondering if it is an allergy. It is cotton season in Quesnel and we live in the epicentre. Anyone else have a cotton allergy? Could I be on the right track? It feels like someone has punched me in the face and that I've been left with a pushed in face.

We had to go to Canadian Tire tonight and pick up some gardening stuff. It turned into a real score because they had 80% off their bulbs. I know it is late for this but I figure I can still get them in the ground and hope for the best. For $1.20 for seven bulbs of lily of the valley I was willing to try. We left and picked up McD's for Kyle. He has definitely picked up that McD's has all the 'Cars' stuff and no sooner had Andy started ordering than Kyle had his window down reminding the McD's girl that he would like a car, please. We pull up to her window and she asks which car he wants - Kyle has not seen the movie - and he says the red one. She passes it to him and he gives it to me for opening. While we drive between her window and the food window he starts kissing the car to death. Then he says, put it in the bag for later. He wanted to save the love for when he got home. It was quite hiliarious. The love of a toy. I can't remember loving toys or putting on such a show of affection for a toy ever. I'm sure my mom would have stories to tell - aunti jenni might have some good ones too :)

On a scrapbooking note - I finally finished my Sun Run book. I had most of the pieces together but hadn't stored them away. I also had a few pages to complete (start to finish). I walked/ran the sun run in 2003 - so why I haven't finished it sooner I don't know. But it is now in its own little binder on the shelf - complete - and I couldn't be happier about it. This was my first work in scrapbooking - as it is known today. I used to scrapbook everything, envelopes, letters, recipe books, - you name it and I was adorning things with journaling and doo-dads. Now I'm a 12x12'er and have completed Kyle's first year, our wedding, our trip to Taiwan and I continue to work on Kyle's and Michael's as I take pictures.

Friday, June 09, 2006

all i could say was wow

So I ran into a dear friend of mine (and one time roommate) in PG this week and she mentioned she had a blog. I didn't even think to ask about the name... but curiosity got the better of me and I started to think about it tonight. What would Carmen call her blog? So I started to search things like PG... she had mentioned the Oilers so I looked for that... and then it dawned on me - what was the one thing Carmen loved - had a true passion for... Trevor Linden. There it was slapping me in the face -

Carmen, you have out done yourself with your blog. It is great! I'm also seeing a whole new crafty side of you. I remember us crafting a bit in uni but... in a fair.. holy!

I hope you don't mind me bragging about you on my blog and I invite all my blog buddies to take a look. If you like scrapbooking, stamping, hockey or trevor linden, this is the place to check out.

As a result of checking out her blog I found out that I'm a strawberry pocky - and if you haven't had pocky - or don't know what I'm talking about go to a save-on foods or an asian food store and you will find it. They are great little cookie sticks dipped in 100's of flavours. I personally love blueberry - but good luck finding it - I saw it once and have never seen it again. Of course I don't exactly live in a city that carries such luxuries. I found it at T&T in Richmond.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

and then there were more...

I didn't realize there was a limit to the number of photos you could post on one entry. Here are some more photos.

Diapers $40, Happy Meal $4.39, Formula $19.97 (when I'm lucky) for a can, Optimus Prime $50 Ebay (don't ask.... arg!), being a mom of two beautiful boys... priceless ~ June 1

Kyle at Marmot Lake near Grandma and Grandad's house ~ June 4

Michael relaxin' in a hat ~ June 5

photos, at long last

Well my computer is still broken. I've written it off until my sister's boyfriend comes and takes a look at it. So until then I'm using the laptop and trying to muddle through all my files via cd... BLAH!

I did manage to get my photo files and as promised (for weeks) here are some treasures for you to ooohhh and aawwww at.

Michael in the jolly jumper, which (witch) he totally loves and Kyle monkeying around ~ April 21

Michael eating for the first time and as the stars would have it, wearing the same bib that Kyle wore for his first meal... May 3

Kyle and Grandma making cookies and snackin' ~ May 7 (and yes, for those who know my mom, she did hack all her hair off

Michael enjoying his breakfast ~ May 8

My cute little boys ~ May 12

"Mother.... I do not like yams." ~ May 15