Sunday, July 31, 2011

long weekend

Alright my fancy friends - first - happy long weekend!  Amen to an extra day off!

We are just hanging around town this weekend - no official plans... no travel, no traffic, hopefully few stupid people :)

In other news... I've been seeing a massage therapist and she has totally helped my shoulder and jaw - it has been fantastic!

Yesterday morning we went for a run/bike with the kids - it was great - hit it before the rain came back.  4.6km and we ran (guys biked) pretty much the whole thing.  I know this doesn't sound far but it is the first long run that I've done since the race in May.  I haven't really done any running (very little) since May - just been focused on training in the gym.

And now - another day of non-work - hooray!  And six days until Mel and my super cute nephew arrive! HOORAY!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

the day

So I mowed the lawn at our house, went to a friends house that we are house sitting for and painted one of their rooms - well painted the first colour - I'm going to let it dry and then work on the next colour in a day or two.. they aren't home until the 2nd so I've got a few more days to finish.  (yes... they know I'm painting - they bought the paint and all the gear... )

Then I tried to go to one of my favorite stores but they were closed early today - booooo - so I went to another store and found what I was looking for; for a necklace holder.  And now I'm going to load up the lawnmower and go do the other yard...

Nice that while it isn't blazing hot or super sunny it isn't raining... so that has been great!

nazko weekend

The boys went on a weekend escape to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Yesterday we took that chance to go to PG and just walk around and look at stuff.  We didn't really get anything, but had a nice day out. We did go to the casino - something we never do - and gave the government a small donation - casino's have changed so much - all the computer technology made it boring for us... so likely our last visit for another long time... plus I give the government enough money and why on earth should I give them more when I see so many programs getting little funding, but pet projects getting support (end rant).

I'm going to go mow the lawn and do some other things as I've got a weekend day all to myself.

On another note - I need to just say thank you to Andy - he finished the stairs on Friday while I was at work and well.. they are beautiful and I'm very happy it is finished - very, very! :)

We bought curtains for our bedroom and I modified and hemmed them last night - one side is installed and totally kept the sun out this morning and the other side is missing one bracket and then it will be complete - hopefully tonight...


enjoy the sun

Monday, July 18, 2011

baby makena

So here are the boys with Makena and Aunti Paula!

Update on Michael - he is better tonight and asked to go biking - we decided to take one more day off of cycling so he doesn't tear his knee open again - but it looks better and is just bruising and he is busy being himself and not favoring it... soo hooray for that!

I went to see my doctor about my shoulder today and he kind of laughed at me because my shoulder is in such a state - he offered a shot to take away the pain that he immediately knew I wasn't going to take it... but then I laughed that I'd be back later in the week probably begging for it - I hope that isn't the case... but we'll see.  He says I've got bicep tendinitis and that my trapeze is in rough shape.  Bicep is a take it is easy solution and no heavy lifting - lowering my weight for weight training to no more than 5 lbs and just take it easy and then massage for my 'trap' - which I have again tomorrow. But man - massage kicks the shit out of me.  I couldn't believe how sore I was from massage... but it did help, two days later... it was packing Michael home that set me up for more pain today.

xxoo :)
love ya!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


So we decided to go on the river front trail for a bike ride - I was running behind because there was a straight stretch and the guys took off in front.  Then this moron comes around the corner and honks at the kids.  They are on the path - and I think he was honking just to be funny... but it was not funny. They both thought they were going to get hit by a car and Kyle stops and Michael tries to stop and then gets thrown off his bike over the handle bars and on to Kyle's bike and onto the ground.  The guy sees this all happening and drives off.  ASSHOLE!  Then he stops up at the next corner and gets his fishing stuff out and proceeds to look at his car and while you can plainly hear Michael crying he just carries on... rrrrr...  anyway -I catch up and while he didn't need stitches his knee is torn up and very swollen.  Can he walk... hell no - and we are about .8 of km from home... wicked... so now I have to pack him back to the house (because of course I didn't bring my cell phone - wouldn't have done much good - had no one to call - Andy was at work) what's worse is that I tore something in my shoulder four days ago and packing him - while I did it in the moment now hurts a lot... a lot a lot... anyways - I manage to carry him and drag the bike home and then call Andy to complain and one of his co-workers over hears the whole thing and decides to come over and see us - so while Andy headed to PG for another call, the Quesnel day crew came to the rescue.  They cleaned Michael up and put a nice big bandaid on his leg - wrapping him and advising him to eat ice cream and read comics for the rest of the day.

Alright... now to have some more tylenol for my shoulder and hang around the house...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

and a couple of photos


I definitely watch food network but can't say that I've seen very many shows with Tyler Florence in them.  Maybe I just don't catch it at the right time of day.  We recently bought two cookbooks - one by Tyler Florence and one by Guy Fieri.  I haven't spent much time looking at Guy's book, but really enjoy Tyler's.  The book is called "Start Fresh" and most of the book has baby food and purees, but there are some great take away tips and the purees can be used as sides and blended with other things.  The book is laid out in an easy to understand way - intuitive even - and I'm really happy we bought it.

Tonight I'm making vegetable chips (from the book) and plan to make BBQ turkey meatloaf (minus the bacon), with mashed frosting - it is a fun idea for feeding kids, and turkey meatball stroganoff - that is the meal plan for this week - or part of it.  We are venturing into a new era of eating in our house - we've been endeavouring to eat healthier for a while, but we've really picked up our socks on this and have some plans for being health and fit (more than we are now) for later this year.


Sunday, July 10, 2011


Lucky us, Makena made an early appearance so we got to visit this morning before we left the Lower Mainland.  She is sooo little.. our boys were never that small.  She was pretty sleepy during our visit - so we had some breakfast and hit the road.  Paula looks fantastic and I can't wait to see and hear more about their family :)

Breaking the trip up by visiting Paula, Dean and Makena actually seemed to make the day go by faster... we stopped for lunch at Emory gas station just outside of Hope which is definitely my new favorite place to stop - scenic, easy access, quiet...  my jaw has been awful today and it feels like I've pinched a nerve because my neck and shoulder are sore... this doesn't help the anxiety issues... blah - so this plagued me throughout the day.  I was definitely glad to get home.  Being gone two weekends in the row is not great.  We cleaned up when we got home, which was nice and then the guys went to bed late, but that's ok - it is summer vacation for them and they deserve some fun.


Saturday, July 09, 2011


This has been a busy trip to Vancouver... yesterday we went to the beach and the aquarium and wouldn't you know it - Vancouver was celebrating the 125th anniversary in Stanley Park - this actually made the aquarium slower than usually, especially for summer time and we got to see multiple shows and see lots of fish and creatures.  The aquarium (for those who haven't been recently) has a 4D feature now - so part of your admission includes a movie where things jump out at you and they spray you, and they poke you... Michael decided he'd rather get a drink and see some fish so we went and did that and then Andy and Kyle watched the show.  Kyle didn't really like it - too much for him - too scary - so maybe it is for older kids...

The beach was pretty good, until my stomach started acting up.  We went as far South as you can go in Delta - on the beach, near Point Roberts.

Today we went to some Richmond garage sales - Michael found some plastic nunchucks and Kyle found some books from the Magic Tree House series that he absolutely loves.  We also managed to get an old school table hockey set with all the old teams - it is quite the set - for free....

Then we went to Queen Elizabeth park to visit Bloedel Conservatory - awesome, as always.  Michael also decided to take a quick swim in the water fountain above the conservatory.  He got pretty banged up on his leg - not paying attention and running on the edge and splash. :)  All good - kids gotta be kids.

Tonight we've hung out with our niece, Justine, and tomorrow we are heading to meet Makena - Paula's brand new little bundle of joy - who decided to join us early... she arrived on July 8 - Kyle asked when Auntie Paula was picking up Makena - like it was a trip to Costco... pretty funny.

And that is all for tonight - other than - my anxiety has been terrible and I haven't been feeling very good and my jaw is BLAHBLAHBLAH... xxoo - good night and love you!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

and back...

Tomorrow we hit the road to go see the boys and hang in Richmond for two days... or rather - rush around and try and do stuff for two days and then drive home... sigh...

Max goes to his new home in the morning and Jasmine seems to be doing better.  She was walking around the house (basement) - so we hope that she is improving - either way it is sad to see our long time pet not feel well.

And that's about it for tonight - I know - boring... hope to have more photos to share over the next few days


Sunday, July 03, 2011


While today is not Thursday - Thursday will be a big day.  Max will be joining his new home on Thursday - turns out a friend of Kyle's grandparents were looking for a new little dog to travel with them and hang out in general - they really hit it off with him tonight.

What else... well of course because Max is heading for a new family, our oldest pet is not doing well.  Jasmine is our oldest cat - she took up roost in our downstairs bathroom on the bath mat a day or so again.  She isn't really moving much.  Tonight I went and sat with her for a while - she is purring and fine with just sitting there - she did finally get up on her own and move, but she is wobbly - it is awful.  She is sitting in the living room downstairs tonight and I guess we will see how it goes.  She is 13 years old and has been a fantastic cat!

Anyways - the boys are still on vacation - we go to see them on Thursday and it sounds like they are having an ok time... and now - off to bed early since I only squeaked in three hours of sleep last night - decided that a panic attack was more up my alley last night - for five cents :)  xxoo

one more thing

And what I forgot to write about my trip is the creepy part... today I saw my first black widow spider - I've seen them in books but never alive in nature... it has creeped me out all day - every time I think of it I get shivers... awful.. I'd post a photo but I don't want to scare the crap out of all of you too ;)


Saturday, July 02, 2011

jul 2

This morning I hit the road to do a photo shoot in Lillooet and then drove home.  The boys are staying with their grandparents for a few days - we go back to pick them up next weekend.

It was plus 33 in Lillooet today - beautiful - sounds hot - and it was - but it was also great to be in a place that has summer.  The wind blows down the river and it cools the place off.  I got a tour of Xwisten - a First Nations guided tour - it was really good!  I didn't really know what to expect as I came to take photos and didn't think I was going to get the show they put on.. just for me to take photos.  The guide took me on a three hour tour including showing me how they hang salmon to dry in the wind - they don't smoke it - it dries in the high winds trapped in the canyon.   If you are looking for an authentic first nations experience - well it is great... and I got to take photos - so really - it was a great day... minus nine hours of driving :)

And that's about it.  Oh and Groundhog Day is on and it is just as funny as it always is! Hooray!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Wow - the City of Richmond knows how to put on a Canada Day party.  There are a couple of stages with performances, lots of activities, a 90 minute parade, men in kilts :) and line ups... phew - hour long line ups!  All good.  Happy Canada Day!

Fire man Kyle

Circus monkey Kyle