Tuesday, June 29, 2010

more sleepy

I need a good nights sleep - I think I will get it tomorrow night... I'm turning on sleep cycle tonight to see how good/bad my sleep is. I have lots of photos to share, but I'm lazy tonight and not plugging in my camera... so you will have to check back tomorrow night for adventure photos. :)

On top of that I'm running out of hard drive space - 22,000 photos will do that... even to my perfect mac... but my new mac is three times bigger for space. I'm waiting for my brothers arrival to open it and get it going... I've had it a month and I haven't even taken the tape off of it... see I can be patient... occasionally

Alright my lovelies I'm done like dinner... love to you!

ps. Do not roll both your ankles - it sucks - I have bruising on both feet and one of them is actually quite sore. I know - boo hoo for me - I'm an idiot - I shouldn't have been wearing stupid flippy floppy crappy shoes in the first place... this would have largely solved my problems...

Monday, June 28, 2010

sso tired

I'm going to be quick tonight - I'm tired and still have work to do.

1. My arms are no longer itchy. hip hip hooray
2. I saw four dead deer today and a dead horse. (tragic)
3. Kyle accidentally slammed Michael's head in the car door last night... later that night Michael accidentally slammed Kyle's head in the closet door... bitter irony
4. And that is it for tonight... I'm beat...

Love to you! xxoo

Thursday, June 24, 2010


So how's that itch.. not better... ok that's a lie - it is not as itchy tonight as it was this morning. I got some soop-ed up medicated itch stuff and my doctor suggested claritin - I said I'd taken it and she was like... oooohhh and that didn't help... hummmm, ok well try this goop and see if that works... I've scratched through a few spots though so the goop freakin' hurts... but it is worth getting rid of the itch.

And now... well tonight I'm doing some writing and trying to make cookies. Of course I can't just make a dozen cookies - I need to make a million cookies - I'm on batch 10 - maybe more... so there will be cookies a plenty for a while - not that anyone eats them around here but I like making them and a few friends like eating them...

And a show... well the crack shack was busted two nights ago and the cops came again tonight and busted a few more - they could sit at the end of the driveway and just wait for a month and they'd never catch them all - they just keep coming. Tonight two of the crack-tards are screamin' and yelling at each other - they probably cussed it out for 30 minutes... and now it is raining and I'm hoping that will shut them up... probably not... but it is worth hoping for... the upside... it is raining, which means there will be more puddles tomorrow! hooray!

On the scary front... I was baking the cookies and one of the area resident native guys came right up onto our deck tonight and asked if he could buy chips off of us... a number of things ran through my head when I heard his voice - where were my knives, what was he really after - I simply said no - which is the truth - no chips in the house - and he turned heel and left... now we actually talk to this guy on a regular basis because he is in the neighbourhood and he likes to talk but this is beyond weird and disturbing. I even had a heavy piece of MDF blocking the way onto the deck tonight which he moved out of the way to get on the deck... so I'm locking up good and tight tonight. I may even pull a performance of my dad off tonight (my dad has/had OCD about our house - he would check and re-check the locks in the house over and over again every night - I don't blame him and it is no wonder both my brother and I developed the same problem - we had an attempted B&E plus he was a fire starter when we were kids and that pretty much started us down the path of OCD)

And there is a night in the ghetto... hooray :) Good night my loves - hugs, kisses and all my love to you.

update... 5 minutes later... and now they are screaming again and... there is thunder... WICKED!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just another magic tuesday

1) Apparently the hedge in my front yard is something I'm allergic tonight. Last night we trimmed it and then packed all the left over limbs into the truck - this morning I wake up to an itch that will not stop. I've been scratching at it all day and even sitting here tonight it aches and I just want to rub my arms with sand paper... soooooo not fun! (I laughed a lot writing that because the perv side of me just finds it amusing that I'm complaining about itching because of my front hedge... at least I didn't call it a bush... oh there come the giggles again...)

2) The 5-0 were at the crack shack tonight - it was awesome! They finally nailed someone that comes and goes from there all the time. We pulled into our alley and saw the undercover crew waiting and what's funny is the car we followed in is a regular to the crack palace - so we didn't hang out for the whole thing - but Andy did watch as they approached with guns out... so thank you rcmp - can you come every night and then just take a match to the house and burn the sucker down - it would add value to our neighbourhood and make our community better.

3) Oh the itch won't stop - arrggggg!

4) Work stuff is insane right now - just when I thought it was going to get better... stress, stress, stress - but it is ok - I've been through WAY worse and I know the light is on at the end of the tunnel and it isn't an oncoming train... this time

5) I'm sleepy - so I'm going to go play with my new toy - the ipod touch and get some shut eye.. night all
Hugs, smooches and special little something something to make your day magical :)

Friday, June 18, 2010


Sorry friends and family... I suck - I took a brief hiatus from the blog... I totally miss writing here but have just been swamped lately... so yes, I'm alive, and just to prove I've been doing stuff for the past 18 days of non-writing I'm sharing some photos..

This is at the entrance to Spirit Ridge in Osoyoos - it is a spectacular resort! Great for families and couples... I was surprised by how much I liked Osoyoos - plus there are wineries everywhere... you could spend a month just trying out the wineries between Summerland and Osoyoos

Bridal Falls - this is just outside of Chilliwack - if you've never stopped here on your travels along highway 1 you definitely should - it is worth the 10 minute hike to the falls and beautiful all the way up...

More bridal falls - yep - it is beautiful here....

Dominion Observatory is just outside of Okanagan Falls - it is a windy road off the highway. They give a great free tour and they have some pretty cool gear - like this (photo) - around the site... you have to walk into the site from the road - so wear runners - and turn off your cell phone... you'll mess up their fancy gear with it on...

Other highlights... that have no photos...
- Kyle is getting ready for the end of grade 2 - hooray - looking forward to summer
- Michael is having fun at daycare and is really loving the water park - the weather has been good the last few days so they've been going
- Kyle and Michael took swimming lessons and Kyle is doing another two weeks of lessons in class right now...
- Summer plans... well nothing confirmed right now... planning to do one trip to Van in August - but still confirming dates and timing - what is everyone else doing?
- My sister is pregnant and due in November... and apparently getting married - this I didn't know... so Mel - are you getting married...
- My brother is coming to spend the summer with us - he'll be here in a week-ish
- I bought an ipod touch and LOVE IT! I have learned that apparently I don't sleep - my eyes are shut, but I'm in awake mode... all according to that fancy little sleep cycle program.. it is wild... love to hear other apps that people think are great and I should have...
- Work... meh

Ok - so there is the quick and dirty version - more photos, fun and stories soon :) Sorry for the delay in writing.

ps. No I haven't had any really great coffee lately... in case you were wondering... Starbucks is ok... but it will never match Piai

pps. My nails still haven't grown completely out - rrrrr - darn gel nails...