Sunday, July 20, 2008


Here I sit - two days into my vacation here is how I'm feeling:

Happy that I don't have to answer a phone tomorrow for someone else
Pleased that I decided to stick with the two weeks off and not cut it short
Tired, we went camping last night at McLeese Lake - it was good fun, and a pretty setting
Mad, because I got burnt on my back and it stings - it is fire truck red in a few spots that didn't get adequate sun screen
Worried, because there is a rash on my leg - not sure what is going on - if I've got some weird patchy burn or if something got on my skin and has caused a rash from my ankle to 7 inches above my knee and all on one side of my leg - you'd think that if it was a burn it would have burned my whole leg and not just in a patch...
Headachy - because I got a little too much sun - but not too bad... not as bad as I've been....
All that and still happy because hooray - I'm on vacation :)

Summer, summer, summer time

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