Sunday, February 05, 2012

tick tock

Spent a great weekend with the guys - had an overnight in Prince George and bought some treats - I'm totally going to miss them and am trying to just hold that part of me together because I don't want to be upset about that... they will be fine - I know they will.

The workaholic in me is having a frickin' meltdown and doesn't even know what to do about this whole going away without the phone, without the computer nonsense... every time I think about Wednesday I start to freak out a little bit more about what hasn't been done - but really - it is only a month - in the larger scheme of things and nothing is going to die because of me being away.  Sigh - very very sigh.  I'll be fine... I just need to get past the first few days without work...

Packing - well I've packed once - I've added a few little items and still have some bathroom items to pack but think I'm ready to go.  Any last minute items anyone thinks I absolutely need to bring with me?  I'd love the suggestions - rather hear it now rather than in three days when I'm not able to get it or do anything about it.

And that's it for tonight - took a break from working tonight to write this and just catch up.  I'll be on the blog and the Facebook - if I can get access while I'm away - otherwise - I'll be back in month - please take care of the place :)

All my love - my friends, my family! xo

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