Monday, August 11, 2008

look up

Well it's that time of year again - time to tilt your heads to the sky in the late evening and take in the best meteor shower of the year. Tonight marks the start of the Perseid meteor shower. Earth navigates through asteroids for the next couple of nights with tonight being the best night, but we continue through for two more nights... so get out there and check out the great show.

With any luck I might even have a photo to share tomorrow... we will see how lucky I am tonight :)


april said...

um - did i mention that i love my new camera... it can even take night shots.... i went too long though - ran out of battery.... so photos will have to wait... get out there and take this show in - it is great -

april said...

le temps est toute la pluie

boo hoo

no more shooting stars....
I did see a few last night - none captured on film - but I did get some cool shots - I'll post some tomorrow night