Friday, August 01, 2008


Michael and his buddy "Mom I love my buddy" - this is teehaa (pronouced te-aahhh) and she is the puppy my parents kept

Kyle trying to call the crocodiles out of the river near Enderby.... we will forever love Steve Irwin at our house

Some pretty daisies - this shot was taken in Richmond at my mom-in-laws house

Kyle on his first seadoo ride... yeeha... faster, faster

And here is all the broccoli that came out of my garden... needless to say I'm left wondering how farmers make any money on broccoli - when I pay .99 cents for a giant head of broccoli at the grocery store and I watered my plants for a couple of months and got this... this is all out of four plants... will I grow broccoli again?... probably - but I think I'll pay more attention to its growth and try to help it out a little bit...

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