Wednesday, August 06, 2008

wasn't it just a few weeks ago...

It was just a few weeks ago that I shared an experience with a gun and just for kicks - I thought I'd share another. Last night I was cooking a mushroom sauce (fancy for me lately....) pork chops and mashed potatoes. The kids were playing and I was just washing something in the sink. I look outside and there is big guy standing outside, lighting a smoke at the end of my drive way. Nothing out of the ordinary - people smoke - so I'm looking at him and notice in his other hand a gun.

I ducked behind the cabinets and asked the guys to go and play in their room. Then I went back to the window to see if he was still there. Still there.. still smoking. So I try to catch a glimpse again and make sure I'm seeing what I'm seeing. Then he starts to walk... and what do I do first... I call Andy and tell him to not come home because I don't know what the hell is going on and I certainly don't want him driving down our street into that... ok - wait - first I went and locked the basement door... ok - so then Andy says - um have you called the police... well no - my first priority was to make sure he was ok... gees.... ok - so I call the none emergency line and right away she's asking me serious questions. In five minutes a constable calls and asks for a better description and then I spot him - walking away towards downtown - but with someone... so the cop tracks him down.

Then 20 minutes (ish) later I see the guy walking again towards downtown. I hear nothing else - no phone call from the cops - and so I figure I've overreacted - no gun, he was packing something else and I was flashing to something I saw in Pulp Fiction - but talk about giving the general anxiety disorder girl a lot to work from... my OCD for checking the locks in the house went out of control (see Canadian Living magazine on newsstands now on OCD). Tonight while me and the guys are eating dinner the constable calls me back. He tells me that it was a gun. That I wasn't just seeing things and that I did the right thing by calling - that it is exactly the kind of thing they want calls on. He said when he met up with the guy in the park that he was with his son and his son had a gun as well. Apparently they were full replica guns for shooting small pellets at each other. The cop informed him that he needed to put it in a bag because it could be so easily confused for the real thing. That apparently he can get in trouble for packing a replica... so here we go again - what is the need for replica guns... I mean - come on - I wasn't terrified - but I was shocked - I mean what the heck! The more I thought about it last night the more it made me think of those giant guns you see in movies - I mean it wasn't a simple hand gun - it was one of those double barrelled type hand guns... what does it make me think - well because I'm my father's daughter it makes me want to move away from town and hide; but there is no hiding from the weirdos and people who think that sporting a replica gun or a real gun is cool... I get that people like pellet guns and paint ball - but there's a time and a place and the place isn't my GD'en front yard or a public place.... alright - so there you go - another adventure - ended well - guess that's all that matters... two too many for me though

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Jen said...

Frickin' heck. Hugs to you.