Friday, October 17, 2008


Just another day... not feeling fabulous and I happened to have a doctors appointment to chat about other things... so I went into the clinic (multi-floor) and look at the stairs and opt for the elevator. I pressed the button to take me to the top and down comes the elevator and get in and felt off - like I'd stepped into the wrong doors... and I had.

I get up to my floor and the lights on the floor panel go dark. Now I didn't immediately panic,... but, ok I did. Not crying or freaking out - just trying to figure what you do in this situation - if the elevator suddenly pitches down do I pull my feet up. So I stood anchored to a corner giving this all a minute because maybe the elevator is just having a bad day. After a minute and some frantic thinking about whether or not the elevator is sliding down I push the emergency button. Ring, ring, ring... we are sorry no one is available to answer your call. Not good... not happy. I hang up and push the button again. Ring, ring, ring, ring.... no answer. I take a step forward and attempt to pry the doors open - that's what they do in the movies - right... I manage to open it a few inches and see that I'm stuck between floors - trapped - and then it happens - the elevator slides. Blood pressure rising, fear beginning to creep in, walls closing... in... on... me.... I think I made some kind of barking help sound... I start pushing the buttons to revive the elevator - please.... open... PLEASE! I pry at the door again and it doesn't move this time - no glimmer of hope - no light and then suddenly there is a light - one of the buttons I've pushed is lit and I push them all and bing - the doors open and I throw myself out like I've won a flamin' marathon and run - literally - run up the stairs to my appointment -

Shocked that I've survived to live another day I wobble into the doctors office where no one is and finally someone asks if I had an appointment. I say I'm sorry I'm late I was trapped in the elevator... oh.... my knees are clanging together from the ordeal - so I get an oh... and that's it - I tell her I've been in there for eight minutes or so - more than enough for a lifetime... so I didn't panic but I'm pleased the elevator didn't slide to the ground floor.

So in an effort to educate the masses and myself - if you are caught in the same situation and elevator begins to slide and then fall dramatically you are supposed to lie flat on the bottom on the elevator to distribute the force more evenly across your body rather than having the full force on your feet/legs. While searching I also watched a video of a poor guy trapped for 41 hours... so now I don't feel as bad... but still not pleased. Still alive though :) hooray for that.


Jen said...

What an absolutely horrendous thing to happen to you. I'm sorry you had to go through that.

april said...

Thanks Jen :)
I'm ok, but it was definitely terrifying - I wouldn't want that to happen to someone else. It was not fun... what's kind of funny is that I retold my story to someone at meeting and she said that she'd used the elevator the day before and she'd said that when she used it she'd thought about what she'd do if it stalled or dropped... and 24 hours later I was the one stuck...