Friday, October 03, 2008

the weekend

11:20pm - hooray for the weekend

Michael is on the mend - his tummy is still trying to figure out how to adjust to eating again - so we will see how he does over the weekend. He went back to daycare today and they didn't notice any problems... of course - would they?

Did anyone watch the debates last night? I watched the Canadian one for a few minutes and had a great laugh when Layton started slamming Harper. The muddy side of politics isn't great - but man- when they know how to stick it to them and make them wear it around for a few days it is pretty funny. Just a bunch of big kids - of course - as I read in our local paper a few months ago - what are we teaching youth when we bully at the top of our countries government. Is bullying ok when you do it on tv?

I thought Dion did well - I thought he was clear and easier to relate to than I've seen him before. He didn't seem stiff and that is the image I had in my head. So I guess we'll see how this race goes. Our area has a just about 20 year old Liberal candidate, a female NDP candidate, our incumbent conservative candidate and a green party person who is in Vancouver and has no intention of coming into our riding - which is total SHIT - what the hell is wrong with their party that they'd do something like that. Not that I would have voted for the green party but what the hell... here is your candidate and she's too good to come to your area - well that's a great reason to vote green - we should all vote for her and make her move to this terrible part of the world... asses!


Jen said...

We had a similar issue in our city (similar, not the same) when there was the last mayoral election. What I thought was the best candidate was raised here, loved it here, worked here, volunteered here, was always here, but had moved to Surrey so he could afford a house for his family.

Federally, there's really no contest. We live in the riding that Svend used to be in. You might remember Gary was ticked when they changed boundary lines before Svend left so that Gary was no longer in this riding.

The gentleman that followed, Bill, isn't as...likely to make sure that he's in the middle of every controversy out there, but he still does a darn good job.

I'm glad Michael is feeling better.

Word verification today is "kyledg".

Have you talked to the teacher yet?

Take care,

april said...

Grade 1 situation... well on Friday we got a note home that teacher interviews were on Monday at 4:30 - we get 15 minutes - no longer - to chat about the situation - I'm already not happy - I'm away in PG for a few days this week though and we both want to attend. So we've moved it to the following week and hope that things will turn around.

I don't get a sense that he is getting any new information though - he use to come home and just blab about something or surprise me with a new word or sound or some information about something... She sent home a bundle of his stuff with the teacher interview information - it's pretty much the first of anything we've seen - outside of a few scraps... so we are in a holding partner for a few more days - what I've heard is that the school is a great place for bullies because the principal doesn't take control and that we should look at moving schools - that's from another teacher in the school district... we don't want to get into the cycle of moving him when we have problems though... and that is part of the reason I'm hesitating on moving him now... but we want the best for him and if moving him is the best thing to do... well then I guess we will be.

Jen said...


Well, if you're going to move him, sooner in the school year is better than later.

I'm glad that Quentin is in the daycare he's in. He's going skating twice a week, learning to sew (by hand), baking, all sorts of things. Even if they are also teaching him Pokemon and letting him play the video game and watch the movie. I knew I couldn't keep him from violent movies and games forever - and it is relatively mild.

His Kindergarten...well, he's starting to sound as if he's enjoying class more, but all they've been learning about (as much as he's told me) is patterns. We taught him about patterns over a year ago, so he was pretty bored with it to begin with. I can't quite figure out how much he's learning in the reading and writing category yet.

But, I've talked with parents in the neighbourhood and they all love the school. It's tiny so everyone knows everyone and looks out for each other. I'm a little curious because we just got the calendar for October, and I see no mention of report cards or parent-teacher interviews.