Sunday, March 08, 2009


I made it back to Q-town this morning. The time change has definitely left me in a fog plus flying this morning wasn't really great... I mean it wasn't that bad - better than the flight in, but I'm still just trying to get over it. Terrible.

So the photo I loaded last from the inside of the plane was the only photo I took on this trip. I did manage to get my photo taken with the Olympic torch but I don't get a copy of the photo for a couple of weeks - and to be honest I'd be shocked if it was any good. I was smiling like a dork because I was pretending to stride in to take the torch from the last person getting their photo taken... I do that - feel all ready and posed and the photographer says he can't see the damned olympic logo... right - cause that's what matters - so then I made a face - and that was it.

I'll share once I get a copy.

Now I'm home with the boys and we are just playing and hanging out. Well they are having a snack and I'm blogging right this second... and now time to get back to fun :)

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