Monday, March 16, 2009

what happens after a long day

Tonight we went grocery shopping and that is always a joy with the kids... stop doing that, don't run, don't touch that, no you can't have that, yes we have to buy vegetables, please stop (please being used in the presence of other shoppers)... so we do the aisle thing and I say I'll take the kids to the car while you pay.. ok - so we go outside... and that was the mistake - I'm so busy telling Michael to please hold hands that I just walk out into the parking lot - click the "alarm" off and open the door. The door opens and my first thought was... "we've been robbed" and then I hear someone laughing behind me and these two women are having a great laugh at me trying to get into their car... I turn and laugh along but feel like a giant ass... and try to make a quick escape - exit stage right... thank god at least it was the same car - as I turned and walked off to were we parked Kyle is providing me with notes on how the cars were different - and really the only striking difference is the roof racks - I'm so used to are car not having them that I honestly thought I was at the right car... so there you go - just another maniac monday

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