Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just another magic tuesday

1) Apparently the hedge in my front yard is something I'm allergic tonight. Last night we trimmed it and then packed all the left over limbs into the truck - this morning I wake up to an itch that will not stop. I've been scratching at it all day and even sitting here tonight it aches and I just want to rub my arms with sand paper... soooooo not fun! (I laughed a lot writing that because the perv side of me just finds it amusing that I'm complaining about itching because of my front hedge... at least I didn't call it a bush... oh there come the giggles again...)

2) The 5-0 were at the crack shack tonight - it was awesome! They finally nailed someone that comes and goes from there all the time. We pulled into our alley and saw the undercover crew waiting and what's funny is the car we followed in is a regular to the crack palace - so we didn't hang out for the whole thing - but Andy did watch as they approached with guns out... so thank you rcmp - can you come every night and then just take a match to the house and burn the sucker down - it would add value to our neighbourhood and make our community better.

3) Oh the itch won't stop - arrggggg!

4) Work stuff is insane right now - just when I thought it was going to get better... stress, stress, stress - but it is ok - I've been through WAY worse and I know the light is on at the end of the tunnel and it isn't an oncoming train... this time

5) I'm sleepy - so I'm going to go play with my new toy - the ipod touch and get some shut eye.. night all
Hugs, smooches and special little something something to make your day magical :)

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