Tuesday, June 29, 2010

more sleepy

I need a good nights sleep - I think I will get it tomorrow night... I'm turning on sleep cycle tonight to see how good/bad my sleep is. I have lots of photos to share, but I'm lazy tonight and not plugging in my camera... so you will have to check back tomorrow night for adventure photos. :)

On top of that I'm running out of hard drive space - 22,000 photos will do that... even to my perfect mac... but my new mac is three times bigger for space. I'm waiting for my brothers arrival to open it and get it going... I've had it a month and I haven't even taken the tape off of it... see I can be patient... occasionally

Alright my lovelies I'm done like dinner... love to you!

ps. Do not roll both your ankles - it sucks - I have bruising on both feet and one of them is actually quite sore. I know - boo hoo for me - I'm an idiot - I shouldn't have been wearing stupid flippy floppy crappy shoes in the first place... this would have largely solved my problems...

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