Tuesday, April 17, 2012

note to self

Mr. Hugh Culver - a wicked super smart British Columbian and master of time management and many other things emailed me great advise that I totally procrastinated on reading and then yesterday I read it and did something about it...  you see - he talks about getting those things accomplished that are taking up your time in your head that you could easily get done - allowing you to move forward... (you can listen to his free seminars and get free info all the time here - http://www.hughculver.com/ he is fantastic and it will be worth your time to sign up and listen to his advise )

I had a few of these things... that could be "easily" completed and then I could stop worrying about them...

1. A pile on my desk that I lovingly called - the reading pile - this pile continued to grow - I swear the newspapers were 'doing it' in my office.  Today I took the entire pile to the recycling bin and stood over the recycling bin and threw things out.  Shocking to me was a paper that I'd had for more than a year and when I actually read the damned thing I found out it was based on stats from the 70s and really weren't applicable anymore... blah... so lesson - read crap as it comes in or recycle

2. Email - I have gobs of emails that I was hoarding.  I kept telling myself (again) that at some point I was going to read them - and fancy that - hadn't... (thank god I didn't print them) so how do you tackle more than 3000 emails... well first I sorted them by who they were from and immediately deleted the ones I absolutely knew I was not going to read.  Then I deleted all the work related ones because my home computer - you got it... it's my home computer... and work is not my life... not any more... then I went through the rest of the emails and since last night I've purged more than 2900 and am working through the last of the emails tonight.  (update - 11:27pm - finished all the emails... only one left and it is a recipe I want to print... or somehow pin to pinterest and look at later...)

3. Photos - 100,000 (plus) which needed to be uploaded off my laptop and put on the new computer.  So that part is done... and now I need to sort the photos and purge some.  I plan to keep the bulk of them - just not in my main photo database as the kids need all the photos - past, present and future - I just don't need to be looking at them all the time... so this organization of photography is a long time coming and also helps with future projects - like the book writing...


and really... go look at Hugh's website - you won't regret it - he is awesome!

p.p.s - I did my taxes - finished... easier than I had even remotely imagined - hooray! hip hip hooray! (imagine pooh bear and the 100 acre woods gang singing when they were able to free Winnie the Pooh from the honey tree... that was kind of what I did... a little happy dance and song...)

Hurray for you
Hurray for me
Hooray, hooray
My money will soon be free

Dum da-dum da-dum da-dum da-dum
Now the time has come for proving
What paying my taxes did for me
And since I pledged to finish them
That's what I'm going to do

I'll be pulled and I'll be tugged
And eventually unplugged
We'll have a tug of war
To open Harper's door

Think deduction-age, think contribution-age
And out the money will go-age
For mind over matter
Will make the Government unfatter

Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho!
Heave! Heave! Heave! Heave! Heave!

And out came my tax return... yep - a wee bit of money back to me... amazing... really really amazing... 

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