Friday, April 20, 2012


Tonight I'm alone.  First night in quite a while.  I took my chance to run the river front trail which I shockingly completed in 40 minutes - I had to walk parts and also had work phone calls and great texts... then I did a little shopping at a big 50% off sale at Carvers - got to try on clothes and wander around - now I'm home - have some clean up to do and well... I'm not sure what else right now.

It has been a wicked long week - work was challenging (wow - that's polite) and held very few rewards - I had one rewarding moment but that didn't cross out all of the other things that were... challenging.

On my run I ran into a fox - he was packing stuff to his den - he kind of looked at me like - 'what -this is my trail too' - and off he went.  Running helped take away the challenges of this week and I'm thinking of hitting the trail in the morning too - just to get some extra work out time in.  I feel like I could have run longer tonight and only stopped because I got back to the car.

Ok and a few more things to smile about...

And ... David comes home tomorrow - hooray :)

Ok - off to do something... 


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