Sunday, April 15, 2012


David went back to the coast to work this week so we spent the afternoon farting around.  Fun points - I gave Kyle my camera while I worked on the car and Michael asked to be his subject.  So now I have a series of photos of Michael doing crazy things and also mooning the camera -multiple times... at his request.

I also let the guys walk to the park (its about three houses away) alone... I know they are old enough to do that stuff... but - well I get the scaredy-squirrel feeling - like I can't let them go anywhere alone... but all was good... and it lead to the following photographs...

Little bumble bees on our lilac shrub... (or is this plant called something else... I've heard a different name but it definitely looks like lilac flowers but smells like 'suntan lotion' - notes Kyle)

Helper #1

Lead wiener

Helper # 2 - hamming it up

Messing around at the park

Fun with shadows and timing

Wicked awesome action! Leaping Kyle.  No children were injured during the filming of this photograph.

Winter tires off - summer tires on - 4 tires on and installed in 56 minutes! Yeah baby!  
I know... Kal Tire could have done it in 30 minutes but what fun would that be for me - plus I'd have to pay for it... and this was way funnier - plus I got to teach the guys about changing tires.


Jen said...


I know how you feel about letting the kids go on their own. I think about what I did, and what I don't let them do yet, and then still hold back.

(Can you teach me to change my tires?)

april said...

Thanks, Jen! I would love to teach you how to change a tire - it is quite easy... I didn't mention that I messed up the first tire by letting the jack slip and then teaching the guys about what to do when that happens and then knew that I was doing well and moving fast so on the third time I jacked it up and then remembered that I hadn't loosened everything off first.. a critical first step... :) Maybe I'll make a video about it... maybe Kyle could narrate.

On the kid stuff - you are absolutely right - we use to tromp off into the forest and mess around for hours or the many many nights I walked home from my cousins house in the complete dark or the countless times I was left home alone... I haven't been able to even do that yet - and I know that by nine I was left alone... with siblings...