Wednesday, April 18, 2012

yep - I love them!

A big storm came into Quesnel tonight and rather than just give up and go home for the night after work we ran in the house, dropped off our stuff, grabbed what we needed and ran back out the door to hit West Fraser Timber Park before it really really started raining... here is the outcome of our adventure tonight... it definitely made my LONG day better...

Our new fun with photography is faces and body shape when you jump out of a swing... Kyle likes to go super high and then toss himself out of the swing.. so much fun!  He is free and I love shooting it!

He went across this one a couple of times... 

Monkey (a really long tall monkey)

I love this photo - crazy kids - well trained

More jumping out of the swing photos

This whole 30 minute adventure in the park turned my day around.  This plus some ACDC and Timberland seemed to clear things a bit.  I've postponed the photo review - don't need anything else bringing me down tonight - not after my day - so I'm going to crochet, read and journal (yes - I still write on real paper and not just on here... )


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