Sunday, June 29, 2008

anger just doesn't even come close

I'm trying to figure out if I've lost my mind or if there are really that many assholes in Q-town. I think I've mentioned that we won this great bag of camera gear and camera at an auction. I've been using the new lens a fair bit on my old camera as the other one is too big for me. I took it camping with us and took my first picture and the shutter stopped working. I reloaded film and it wouldn't load. I put it back in the car with the new lens on and the macro lens between the seats and didn't really think about it again. A couple of days ago I started looking for it because I couldn't remember where it had gone after camping. Nothing. Now we've noticed that a bag is also missing from the car. So what I'm hoping is that somehow it is lost in the house - we unloaded it and it has just gone to a different part of the house.... or worst case that someone took it out of the car and put it all in the backpack as they left. I'm pissed. I'm pissed that I've lost it and getting madder thinking that someone stole it out of our car - WHAT THE FRICK!

So I needed to put my anger somewhere - now I have off loaded - not feeling a lot better - but at least it is out - somewhere... I've been trying to think back to the last second I say it and I remember grabbing it to take a picture of a golden bear on the way home but didn't stop in time - that was about 13 km from Quesnel. That's the last time I can think of seeing it... here's to positive thinking and finding it in the house...

Wanna hear a few more reasons why I'm hating my neigbourhood right now - a couple of nights ago the neighbours behind us set off fire works at 1am - WHAT - then Michael started throwing up at 4:30am - then we went and watched cartoons and the neighbours beside me decided to come outside and beat each other up with 2x4's - I'm not kidding - I watched them - I hoped they hurt each other so I could get some sleep.... I hate my neighbours! They are fighting right now - I can hear them through the wall - what is wrong with these people - your selling drugs - why don't you take some and just pass out for the night so we don't have to hear your crap all over again. Oh right - that might impact profits... right - better to just yell at people on our street and all the other people that visit you.

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