Monday, June 02, 2008

a ticket to ride

A couple of days ago a hornet landed on my passenger side mirror. He stayed on the car for a tour of Quesnel. I'm not kidding. He rode with me from work to home and home to work and work to home and home to 7-11 to get a yummy slurpee and as I pulled into slurpee land he tried a different way to sit on the mirror and bit it - I actually stopped to see if he was ok. I mean really, that's a long fall for a hornet.

The garden is doing great. I'm shocked at the growth. The gailan, sui choy, and beets are up. The beans haven't made an appearance yet, but I think they'll be up soon. We are waiting on carrots and swiss chard -- mmmm - swiss chard - oh yummy yummy! We also put in a little fence (1 footer) beside the raspberries to make it look 'purdy' and planted some other plants - lily of the valley and some other pretty red one... seriously I don't know what it is called or how big it will get... it just looked nice but the label said nothing about what it might actually do... one line of instructions repeated in 10 languages and that was it.

Tonight I was attacked by mosquitoes - I was bit 4 times on my back, twice on my hands and once on my wrist.... ARG! Damned itchy mosquitoes! So watering was quick tonight. The guys were covered up and didn't have any bites... lucky guys. And speaking of the guys - Kyle is still terrified of getting stuff in his ears. I tried again tonight to clean his ears and got the screaming yelling version of my five year old. I told him I wouldn't clean them and he says ok - you can tomorrow and I say "no thanks" and he has a melt down... a complete and total melt down. Good times, good times :)

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