Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Alright - so me, the political junkie, got my fill again today. We had a special event happening in Q-town today - the opening of our Spirit Square - first one in BC completed. And so the Premier joined us to open the square. He did a great speech, followed by other good speeches by our local dignitaries and committees and then he made his way to our volunteer cake cutting station. He came over, cut the cake, and thanked me and another volunteer for our time. I did manage to get a close up...

Needless to say I was pretty pleased to get to shake hands. I know - I'm an oddity, but I just truly respect our politicians for the work they do. It isn't fabulous pay - but some get pretty good pay for what they actually do - they never get to take off their political hat - they are always a councillor, mayor, premier, minister... they don't get down time, people always complain to them, it must be rough every day and also a rewarding experience to represent a community. Alright - so there you go. Happy days in my life :)

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