Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ah.... a lesson in parenting

For seven years I've been playing the spelling game. When something doesn't need to be heard by sensitive ears I spell it... and today it all came back to me.

Today we are shopping and Kyle says to me -
"Mom, that is C-R-A-P...." (he is right... but wait one second... did you just pull an April... WHAT?)

I hold back my hearty laugh and ask him...

"What does that spell?" And the kid doesn't miss a beat.

"Mom, that spells crap."

Freakin' awesome. So if you are a speller of words learn your lesson from me - one day they will know how to put letters together into words and your spelling days will be over.

I did talk to him about why it wasn't a good thing to do; for the record. I also laughed later about him using the word correctly.

Now off to do laundry - trying to put together outfits for a week of being away. Off to 2010 games! Showcasing the Gold Rush area of BC!

1 comment:

M said...

That is truly spectacular! I laugh so hard when I see this kind of stuff!

Love you all so much!