Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well I'm a bit boring lately - sorry about the posts... no recipes, no photos - well not since the Olympics... I'll remedy that shortly.
Today Kyle went rock climbing for the first time - so that was exciting for him - he also played ping pong - it was a birthday party. So we took Michael out shopping and basically just wasted a couple of hours. Michael, as I think I've mentioned, has some speech issues - for example - slurpee is shlurpee and little is yiddle - nothing is nufing, and what is yud... it is actually pretty funny and since we love it so much we've started adopting the language - in fact, I've adopted it soo much that I'm now using it at work and some of my staff use some of the words. Nothing like starting a trend. (Ok - I know - I know - this is not good for the long term and we do correct him and work at strengthening all letter sounds...)

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