Friday, May 21, 2010

good morning

Hello world - I'm in Second Cup in Edmonton (one of hundreds - seems like Second Cup is bigger than Starbucks here) enjoying a lovely soy carmel latte and a muffin (the muffin sucks) - they have free internet if you give up your facebook account... I have to catch the train soon and managed to weasel a free umbrella from the front desk staff since I wasn't smart enough to bring a jacket. I remember looking at my jacket and thinking - take it, don't take it... don't take it - you'll be fine.. and here I am in a great big rain storm jacketless... but the umbrella helps :)

I enjoy this part of the commute. Looking at people - seeing what they are like, what they are wearing - I'm people watching.

Anyway - just wanted to wish everyone a good morning and hope that your Friday is amazing and for those going away for the long weekend - enjoy and have a great one - and for those who will be home - I have no doubt that I will have some amazing photos from the drive back to Q-town tomorrow.

Hugs & smooches - love to you!

ps. insecurity #256 - I'm wearing yellow today - this is a phenomenon... I feel like I look like a chicken - I'm working to get over it :)

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