Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Alright - so I've left a few details out lately... and I haven't had evening internet in a while... that's because we are moving. We are still living in Quesnel - we bought a house in Bouchie Lake (10 minutes ish out of town). The guys love it. We've seen deer every night on the way home and last night we saw a crane. We are sleeping at the new place (sans fridge/stove/microwave) and then eating at the old house at least for a week - we have new kitchen stuff coming later this week and with any luck we'll have most of the furniture moved by the end of the week and then I'm on the road again - off to Jasper for a conference.

What else.. well as my sister texted me... 'um, did you get a dog - send pictures' - well in fact, we did get a dog. I don't love him, I'm actually in full on dislike of him. He has destroyed multiple pairs of fancy shoes of mine and is on a rampage to destroy more. We agreed a long time ago that when we got a new house, we'd get a dog and so we did and so I'm learning to adapt to life with a dog. His name is (hold onto your creative seats) Max - Michael named him and has definitely fallen in love with him, he is a maltese/pomoron. Kyle wanted a lizard - I should have agreed. I'll post photos - just as soon as I take one of him - that's right - me, the photo taking fool, hasn't taken a photo of him - not one... it is that kind of hate/hate relationship. Anyway - I'll post a photo of him eventually - maybe...

Ok - so that was a brief update - I'll load photos as soon as I take a few and once I have evening internet at the new place.
Love to all of you. :)


M said...

He's a puppy, what do you think he is going to do? Are you replacing the shoes with a toy? Try spraying your shoes with this stuff called bitter apple, that should help, or if you could want to spend more more use tabasco sauce he will never chew them again! And if you hate him enough send him to me, Roxy would love him!!! Walter might kill me but I'll risk it :P

I love you :) Take care

Jen said...

Yay! Moving away from that awful house next door!

Boo! Puppy training sucks.

Many hugs!