Sunday, July 25, 2010

and today


Kyle has been asking to find a salamander (Mom, what does one look like? and since he hasn't seen one I feel like a bad parent for not introducing him better to nature). And I keep telling him that we will find one. Tonight I said let's go try at Bouchie Creek... and was I in for a giant surprise. We get down there and we find about a million little fresh water shrimps - and leeches... GROSS! I hate leeches - I'm all about nature and showing the kids stuff, but freakin' leeches.. ewwww! Of course, I totally let them poke around though and check things out. Max was starting to get crazy though so we decided to go into town and go to Baker Creek to see the fish.

We arrive at the house and give Max, the dumbest dog in the west, a bath. Then we went to the creek, and then we gave Max another bath. You see it was his first time in the creek and he kind of liked it. We splashed around a bit and cooled off, caught a couple of fish and released them... it was a grand ole time... then we get back to the car and I'm chasing Max and I finally catch him and am about to put him the car and as I'm opening the car door I under estimate my space because I'm holding this wet, slow dog and smoke myself as hard as I ever have right in the forehead. Black. Still standing. I must have let out some kind of weird yelp out 'cause the guys think that I've gotten stung by a bee... nope, just smoked myself in the head.

I ask Kyle to check my face, see how it looks, I'm checking for blood. No blood, just pain. So I drive us home. On the way Michael starts gabbing about the incident, telling me how he thought for sure that I was stung by a bee and then he says "mom, you are sure gonna have a chicken bump" - a chicken bump, a what? And then I put the lines together - a goose egg... lmao - holy I pulled over and had a laugh - that kid is sooo funny. So friends, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a chicken bump in the middle of my forehead tomorrow and laughs to last a life time.

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M said...

To funny, you need to be more carful your poor head! I'm upset today and not feeling good and I just needed to share that with someone.
Love you