Monday, July 19, 2010


Well tonight the guys are all sleeping in the tent trailer (that is for sale - FYI) - we built a fire tonight and they had hot dogs and s'mores - I ate blueberries and marshmallows - mmmm toasted marshmallows... mmm - so my favorite thing. We tried to go fishing at the lake (3 minutes or less from here) to find it is disgusting and you totally definitely for sure need a boat to make use of it.

So what am I doing? Well I'm in the house, getting ready to sleep and just wanted to send out a quick hello and also send out a fire warning. I'm sitting there tonight, roasting weiners (LOL) and I can smell something. I'm sitting there thinking about, what is that smell, man, that is familiar and it doesn't smell like weiner at all. I know, says my brain, that smells like the last time you washed your jeans in cold water in the sink... then my brain comments - that's funny - why would you be smelling that right now - it is at this point that I realize my pants are on fire. That's right friends - another first in the life of April, burning pants... the fire popped and it threw a chunk of a log onto my pants, small enough that I didn't feel it land, large enough to start my pants on fire... so I only blew on it once and then remembered that fire plus oxygen equals more fire and then put it out.

Lucky for me I had a fire man sitting across from me
Kyle - 'mom, your pants are on fire'
Yes, thanks, I can both smell and feel my leg burning
Kyle - 'mom, stop, drop and roll'
Wicked - glad everything they teach them at school has a practical use

Ah, yet another priceless moment.


Jen said...

That training from school didn't pop into your head immediately? Good thing Kyle was there to remind you. Next generation saving our butts already! Give him an extra hug from me for taking care of you!

Summer school idiocy is starting to wear on me. The thought of taking a boat into the middle of a lake to fish sounds rather nice about now!

Take care of yourself!


Jen said...

Sorry, I'd shut down the puter last night, went upstairs, and then realized what the next bit of advice should be...and it was so obvious too!

Quit lying!


Sorry, had to.

april said...

lmao - that is sooo funny

I will try to stop lying... :)