Monday, July 12, 2010


I can't believe how much a single hour of time change has done to me on this trip. I head home soon enough though.
Tonight I got to see baby elk dancing around and chasing each other - it was crazy. They are huge. Tonight I was also reminded of how lethal dairy is to me. I had this amazing vegetarian meal - I mean - AMAZING! - and I said no cheese - great... no problem - then she says we put a little milk in the mashed potatoes and I go - oh that will be fine - can't be that harmful - HA - I barely make it back to the hotel - I mean barely - my stomach was done and ready to kill me - it was all ugly and terrible and I'm still sick from it - four hours later.

It poured today and snowed - snowed like you wouldn't believe.

Anyway - I'm beat - and I got electrocuted tonight so my hand hurts and I need to just sleep.

(How did you electrocute yourself... ah - well I decided to force an electrical cord into an outlet upside down and didn't realize I was messing it up completely until I was getting shocked - awesome... gotta be a first for everything)


AmyQ said...

dude - I electrocuted myself TWICE while employed as a member of the Powersmart youth team at BC Hydro. Oh the irony. And it does hurt.
and snow? seriously...sounds like a rough trip.

april said...

Snow, snow - everywhere - today it is plus 2 and raining more than I've ever seen it rain in Vancouver - wicked - but hey - the conference has been ok and I've realized that I'm struggling with economics and the environment and need to get a better understanding of how these two can actually work together and still have everyone happy - I know - it probably isn't possible, but that is what is plaguing me today...

Had some good coffee though - pressed - my first time with pressed coffee - it is pretty amazing - if I'd had soy with it I would really really be ranting about it.

april said...
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