Tuesday, April 19, 2011

33 days

On May long weekend I'll be back out running.  I've been training for a short run as part of the Barkerville Rush Relay.  We have a team of 11 people who will be busting out 100 km's together - each of us gets a leg with the longest leg at 12.5km and shortest at 8km - then there is a team dinner in Wells.

The team is excited and getting ready for the race.  My training has been tough lately because I've been sick and just not into it. Tonight I ran 2 miles and had a stitch so bad in my side that I just gave up - well I actually tried to walk it off and then ran and then couldn't get rid of it and bailed... we head to the coast this weekend and I'm hoping that I'll be able to clock some quality km's for a few days.

I'm starting to think about other races later this year - set another goal or reason to stay in running.  I was so disappointed that I stopped over the winter - I love the activity and how it clears stress - but I totally need a goal.  I heard about a race in Vegas in december - 1/2 marathon... not sure about Vegas but I'm thinking of something between 10 and a 1/2 marathon - I've taken the 12.5 for this upcoming race and feel pretty good about that... hopefully I can continue to feel better this week.

Hope everyone is doing well - hugs to you!


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