Monday, April 11, 2011

the guard

Three weeks with a guard, three whole weeks - it made quite the impact on me - my jaw stopped cracking/popping/grinding - while I couldn't eat anything tough or crunchy, or well there were lots of things that just weren't working - I had considerably less pain and then...

"So April, we are just going to take the guard away today and give it back to you with alterations on Wednesday."


And so I've been guard less today - well since 1:30pm and I can't believe how useful it was.  My jaw has already started popping again and I've had headache after headache since I took it out.  It is disturbing that I need this crutch that causes me other problems... I guess the discomfort and loss of foods is worth it compared to this battle of pain and hurt.  So I get the guard back with alterations - which means they are making it easier (maybe) to eat... and then I don't know what follows - they've mentioned braces but it seems that the next guard is going to last for a while.  Never thought I'd say it but I can't wait to have my guard back.  I'm kind of scared to go to sleep tonight because I know that I've been grinding and clenching my jaw... sigh.... here's to tonight...

good night my lovelies!


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