Sunday, April 10, 2011


The good old Carib Theatre was running Hop at the matinee today and so I sucked it up and took the guys.  Over the years I've given up on seeing movies in the theatre - why - well I usually get nausea from the movie, or I feel like I've really, really wasted money and I'd rather sit at home and waste money than sit in a theatre.

Hop is a kids movie and is probably the best ones I've had to sit through in recent memory.  We sat through Alpha and Omega and I would have to say that was a new low.  The animation was fine, but the story, characters, - issues everywhere.. but Hop had an ok story line - something a little different and throw backs - like 'the Hoff' (Hasslehoff) participating in the film - a kin to the use of him in Spongebob Squarepants - but for a longer period of time.  As an adult there are significant issues with the film, but the guys enjoyed and Michael was asking if we could watch it again tonight - so it is a hit.

And that is about it - I'm still sick - I get the coughs at bedtime and when I get up - today wasn't great either, just not feeling great.  Oh well - still have to train - have a race in 6 weeks - ran a 10km yesterday and should be doing a short run tonight, but I'm bailing and opting for a lame night in front of the tv.


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