Thursday, April 07, 2011


Michael went to Ready, Set, Learn tonight, which is basically a starter program to kindergarten.  He is past this as he has been going to daycare for years and has been to strong start a few times.  That said, it was nice to be in the room where he will go to kindergarten and meet his teacher (even though she didn't bother to introduce herself and didn't wear a name tag - I know.. I'm complaining already).

Tonight's session (which was happening during dinner time - which is just PLAIN STUPID) was about... of course, food... we've had a long day, we haven't gotten dinner because I work until 5pm and the thing started at 5pm... anyways... we sing some songs and then she asks about food.. what is a food that is good for you - Michael says - shockingly he says salad - a food he has yet to really eat because there are vegetables in it... then she asks what is a food that is not yummy... well it is the usually foods that kids don't like... but not Michael - Michael has to be wayyyyy outside the box.  "Michael, what is food that is not yummy?"  Chocolate soap.

Now that might sound like a shocking answer - where would he come up with something like that... well it just so happens that one of my co-workers gave us chocolate soap for valentines day and one of my other co-workers fed her husband one and it became legend for the guys (they watched her do it) - we even went to her house and she had them in a bowl and offered them to the boys and they absolutely would not take any - knowing that she was a trickster... so that whole situation really had an impact on him...  :)

Anyways - I don't think we'll be back at it - during dinner time is just a bad idea and then he is pretty adjusted to life with other kids and learning and fun...

Growing up... *sigh* - how can he be going to kindergarten in just a few short months...

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M said...

aww what a smart little man! I miss you! You should come see me we miss you.