Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flu and head update

Michael totally rebounded - threw up and then just hung out.  Today he was back to his little old self and just carried on.  I absolutely hate throwing up and it completely wears me out so it is great that he can just come back from a lousy day.

Kyle... well he is ok - no concussion side effects to report, however, he now seems to have an ankle issue - that he bruised the front side of his ankle as it is bugging him to lean forward, he bruised up his shin, he has a good sized bruise on his butt and another bigger one on his back and his head is still swollen - sigh.  He is happy though and feeling good - so I guess we just watch and wait and carry on.

We had an entertaining afternoon with a visit to some friends - kids had a great time.

The weather is pushing towards winter here - we keep getting reports of snow and bad weather, but it doesn't show up - today was very nice for a few hours (managed to squeak in a run this morning - in the fog) and then in the late afternoon a wind storm came through, taking many of the remaining leaves.

I hope we get at least two more weeks of snow free conditions but I'm not holding my breath on it.
Anyways my loves - I'm calling it a night - going to watch a little Good Will Hunting and sleep, how do you like them apples :)

xo xo

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